Play Mobile Legends and Android games on your Desktop

Ganito maglaro ng Mobile Legends sa Desktop.

Ito gamit kong malupit na pang ML

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SELL Compilation sa UpStake Nganga

Compilation ng mga SELL orders, ganito katindi. Makakabenta kaya? Check mo to.

Ito yung blog ni John Clarke –


I used a Canon M50 to record this mounted on this
tripod –

Music by KODOMOi

#UpStake #UPDCToken #UpStakeEdge

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Aldous, Asar na Asar sa Pinaggagawa ni Zilong!

Ito ang ikatlong mission ni Zilong na hindi nagtagumpay dahil binabantayan siya ni Aldous. HAHAHA

Zilong at Aldous, naghabulan sa mapa.

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GOD OF FANNY IS BACK | BEASTMODE! – Top Global Fanny by Z4pnu – Gameplay, Build & Tips

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (or simply Mobile Legends) is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Moonton. The game was released worldwide for Android on July 14, 2016 and later for iOS on November 9, 2016

Player : Z4pnu
Highest Rank : Mythical Glory (1320 Stars)
Emblem : Custom Assassin Emblem (Bravery, Invasion, Bounty Hunter)
Battle Spell : Retribution
Full Build : Endless Battle, Bloodlust Axe, Blade of Despair, Rose Gold Meteor, Athena’s Shield, Antique Cuirass


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Time to NERF this Hero!? – Top Global Gusion by FF GOFEN – Gameplay, Build & Tips – Mobile Legends

60% Lifesteal | Unkillable Gameplay Leomord – Top 1 Global L̶e̶o̶m̶o̶r̶d̶ Thamuz by W.FrogsヽSiam10

Give me my SAVAGE! – Martis Agressive Gameplay – Top Global Martis by Lynx.Tamago – Build & Tips

New King of Fanny? – Top 1 Global Fanny by CursedbyCupid – Gameplay, Build & Tips – Mobile Legends

Talo na, Nanalo pa | Epic Comeback! – Top 1 Global Gusion by Z4pnu – Intense Gameplay, Build & Tips

Gusion Cyber Ops | God of Gusion – Top 1 Global Gusion by Z4pnu – Gameplay, Build & Tips

The darkness can also be a friend | Perfect Duo! – Top 6 Global Alice Gameplay by Eternal | Mɪꜱꜱ

Tower Dive to get SAVAGE! – Top 3 Global Claude by SFI•Prince – Agressive Gameplay, Build & Tips

Nothing can stop me | Epic Comeback! – Ex-Top Global Karina by Z4pnu – Gameplay Build & Tips

45% Spellvamp | God of Cyclops – Top 1 Global Cyclops by им Betosky – Gameplay, Tips & Build

RRQ Lemon.Cube – There is No Safe Place for You! – Ruby Unkillable Gameplay by Lemon.Cube

EPIC TEAM BATTLE! – (Execration vs Ark Angel) – Gusion Top 1 Global by Z4pnu

Z4pnu (Gusion) vs Shinmen Takezo (Karrie) – Battle of Streamers – Mobile Legends


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Kids Who Wasted Thousands Of Dollars On Gaming

Online gaming and in-app purchases can cause a lot of trouble. Coming up are lots of kids that wasted thousands of dollars of their parents money on online gaming!
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BPI How to transfer funds using QR code para iwas 10 pesos charge

Guys ito na gawin nyo kapag magtransfer kayo sa unenrolled bpi accounts for online transfer para safe and secured. I think ginawa to ng bpi para mawala yung human error sa pag input ng 3rd party account numbers for unenrolled transfers via bpi mobile app.
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