Programming competition with 10000 RS (170$) cash price
This is a great news or everyone. I am about to host some competitions at this channel. Various competition about front end development, Android Apps, iOS Apps, python tools and a lot more. Also, our first competiton is about to get started within a month from now on front end development and will have a price money of rs 10,000, yep all in cash. There will be some more free stuff along with it. If you are a sponsor and want to add something more to students giveaway, do contact me at hitesh[at]hiteshchoudhary[dot]com
Watch this video for more details


Are you working hard to learn programming – ft. harrys app

To learn visit:
Harry’s App link:

Hey everyone, I know many of you are trying to learn programming or want to make mobile apps. In this video, I am featuring Harry, A student from my iOS development course. He has really worked hard to make it to the app store. He is from a non IT background and still made it to app store.
You should really watch this video to get a complete story about Harry and his app. Visit my site to learn about programming or learn it anywhere, just start learning.
Reach me out if you have a story behind an app.


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How to make money online
How to make money online is the most asked question to anyone who is making youtube videos like me or is in blogging industry. In this video, I would like to point you to actual ways to make money online.
Yes, it is completely possible to make money online but there is no magic that can make millions of dollars without skills and hardwork. You have to work day and night to make money online too, there is no secret here.
I have pointed a few ways to make money online like freelancing, youtube and affiliate programs.


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Maruti Alto K10 All Variants New Price Details

Maruti Alto K10 All Variants New Price Details

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Baking a Bitcoin GPU Mining Ethereum, Decred, Zcash

We took a 4 year old graphics card that burned up along time ago from mining Bitcoin and Litecoin, it was water damaged and we baked it. You don’t want to miss how this all worked. Why you missed this live no-one knows so join us again next time!

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One bad Day

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🎥 What camera do we use? AX53 🎥

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