Railway Alp psycho Live Test by Android Application for memory test & Concentration test

this video for Railway Alp psycho test or Aptitude test Alp psycho exam practice test application. in this application Memory test and Concentration test available in different practice set.


Only the Most Attentive 4% Will Pass This Test

Are you good at spotting details? Even if you’ve got no ambitions to surpass Sherlock Holmes, learning to pay attention to small details is no trifling matter. This skill can prove helpful in a variety of everyday situations.
Being able to notice something that not that many people would pay close attention to broadens your mind and overall improves your instincts and intuition.
Bright Side presents you with a quiz that’ll help evaluate your abilities to pay attention to the smallest things. Do you think you can pass all the tasks?

15 pencils 0:41
2 pictures 1:45
A bunch of pears 2:46
A beautiful parrot 3:44
A small fox 4:40
A fish 5:43
Peacocks 6:43
A beautiful landscape 7:43
Shiny small balls 8:46
A strange image 9:42
A cat 10:45
BONUS 11:48

Try to guess, what’s hidden in this picture. You have only 15 seconds!
You are exactly right! It’s a chameleon. They are the masters of undercover, right?

How many of these pictures did you get right? Did you manage to spot the difference in that cat picture?

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चलो खत्म करते हैं कौन किसका copy करता है और गलत भाषा प्रयोग करता है..?

some YouTuber use bad word in our Video.
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Secret to passing your UK driving test 2019? Tips for passing the driving test

Driving test tips – 5 tips for passing the UK driving test http://www.driving-school-beckenham.co.uk/secret-to-passing-uk-driving-test.html

How to pass the driving test? It’s a common question we get asked. Is there a secret to passing the UK driving test? There aren’t any secrets to passing the driving test and never have been. The best and only way to pass is to put in some hard work, practice and gain experience on the road. Learn from mistakes and take driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

We give our top 5 tips to help you pass the UK driving test first time (hopefully).

If you’re taking driving lessons and have a driving test coming up then good luck!

Thank you very much for watching our video and we REALLY hope it helps with your driving.

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Testing A *FAKE* 2TB USB Flash Memory Stick (SCAM from Wish.com)

I was browsing a popular online gadget and gift store and I happened across a USB memory stick that claimed to have a capacity of 2 Terabytes, at a price of only £11

Sounds too good to be true, right? So let’s check it out

Channel: AtomicShrimp
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Delhi Metro Noida Electronics City & New Bus Aadda

Delhi Metro Rail corporation two new routes open for public service from 9 March 2019.
1) Dilshad Garden to New bus aadda Ghaziabad in Red line. and
2) Noida City center to Noida Electronics City in Blue line.


Channel: Railway life
Published: 2019-03-09 04:24:54
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