Reaching Unbelievers Through Mobile Apps [UPG Tech 2016]

Do you want to use your mobile device to reach the lost? In this talk, presented at UPG Tech in 2016, Johnathan shares 3 steps for using your mobile device to reach unbelievers across the world. He explains how specific apps can help you connect with new people, build deeper relationships, and ultimately share the Gospel with the lost. As Johnathan says in the presentation, “we want to take social media beyond broadcasting what is going on today to connecting with a community of people so I can be able to share the Gospel.”


Facebook [Android]:
Facebook [Apple]:

Instagram [Android]:
Instagram [Apple]:

Pokemon Go! [Android]:
Pokemon Go! [Apple]:


Facebook Messenger [Android]:
Facebook Messenger [Apple]:

Glide [Android]:
Glide [Apple]:

WhatsApp [Android]:
WhatsApp [Apple]:


Bible [Android]:
Bible [Apple]:

Jesus Film Project [Android]:
Jesus Film Project [Apple]:

I Am Second [Android]:
I Am Second [Apple]:

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Reaching Unbelievers Through Mobile Apps

Have you ever wondered how your mobile phone could be used for sharing Gospel? The mobile phone has saturated our lives, and it provides the perfect platform for evangelism and discipleship. We simple need to harnass its power. In this talk, Johnathan Pulos, the Project Director for Missional Digerati, discusses 3 key principles for using your mobile device as a tool for reaching unbelievers. He also gives practical examples of apps you can integrate in your ministry today. This talk was presented at the UPG-Tech conference in 2014.

* Weibo iTunes (
* Weibo Android (
* Bonfyre iTunes (
* Bonfyre Android (
* YouVersion iTunes (
* YouVersion Android (
* Church Online Platform (
* Abide iTunes (
* Abide Android (

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Bonfyre App – Mobile Event App

Bonfyre is a private social communication platform that is creating a new level of employee engagement around events, project teams, employee groups, learning programs and more. This unique focus on human connections is helping organizations leverage existing investments in events (conferences, meetings, incentive trips) and employee engagement programs – leading to more actionable intelligence, productivity and revenue.

Events are about people connecting… shouldn’t your event app be too?

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New app makes the transport industry transparent

Swedish road freight companies that abide by work environment legislation, taxation regulations and environmental agreements have had a hard time surviving on a market where illegal transport operators can perform the same services at a much lower cost. A new app being developed at Lund University in Sweden makes the entire chain of transport visible to consumers.
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