Rider Group tracking using OsmAnd app on android.

Coming Soon! Our riding group tracking server for riders using our trail maps for the OsmAnd Android App. This video previous an new service soon to be available to customer of BackwoodsGPStrails.com.

Track the location of several riders in your riding group riding with OsmAnd. Monitor their location on the trails with a simple web based map.

Riding solo? Your wife can use this to monitor your last position out on the trails.

Riding with a group? Each member of you group can monitor the last known location of other group members.

step 5 setup vector and underlay maps

Step 5 installing snowmobile trail maps for OsmAnd on Android
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Published: 2017-02-23 22:59:26
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OsmAnd Snowmobile Trail Map Demo

Demonstration of a routing snowmobile GPS trail map on an android smartphone or tablet. Over 16000 miles of snowmobile trails in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. This map is available from http://BackwoodsGPStrails.com.
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Published: 2014-04-01 19:50:03
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OSMAnd App – How to install and load a GPX file

OSMAnd App for Android phone based bike computer. Free cycle navigation. How to install and load a GPX file.

Use your Android phone as a turn by turn, voice prompted satellite navigation bike computer.

This is the free download of OSMAnd from the Google Playstore.

Open source maps.

Showing you how to install OSM for free, and how to get a GPX file loaded onto the phone.

This is my only navigation tool I use on my Android bike computer. Doesn’t require mobile data connection, voice directions work when the screen is off which saves battery life.

Totally free, why pay for a Garmin?

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Errol to Dixville Peak ATV Ride

ATV Ride from the Errol General store in downtown Errol to the wind towers on Dixville Peak. Nice dust free ride just after a rain. Thanks to the Umbagog ATV club, Millsfield ATV Club and Metalak ATV club that built and maintain these trails!

Routing trail maps from BackwoodsGPStrails.com sure make it easy to find your way around the trails. Works on Garmin GPS and Android smart phones and tablets.

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Published: 2014-08-17 14:54:30
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