RPi3 with Android Things and B4A. Camera 2 API with OpenCVforB4A

First tests with a Raspberry Pi3 running Android Things. OpenCVforB4A drawing a circle to a preview image obtained from Camera2 API. Everything quite slow yet but promising

Android Things with Raspberry Pi 3

Introduction to Android Things and how to setup your development environment, that is what is the video about, I’ve used Raspberry Pi3 and an Android things Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit to show you some demos from the android things website m these demos is the Blink app and the weather station demo

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Here are the links
Developers kit and where to buy
Starting with Raspberry Pi

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The Best Android TV Box? 2017

On this video i will share with you guys what i believe to be the Best Android TV Box for 2017 in 4 different categories:

– Best Hardware – http://geni.us/NvidiaShieldTV
– Best Price for the Performance – http://geni.us/MinixU9H
– Best TV Experience – http://geni.us/WetekPlay2
– Best Budget – http://geni.us/BeelinkGT1 & http://geni.us/MiBox3

The individual reviews of all machines can be found here

Wireless Remote Control Comparison: https://youtu.be/n3BR4f620Oo
Gamepad Comparison: https://youtu.be/BeLzvLFP2Kk
Mini PC´s Win 10: https://goo.gl/yMTbDE
Mobile Devices: https://goo.gl/cJCbWH

With the help of this great community, here we are back for a season ending.

As usual all the choices are my opinion but based on all the experiences that i had with these machines and hopefully will help to decide which box is the right for your self.

Also i would like to hear your experiences down bellow on the comments so that we can get a nice discussion going on and that it helps to build the Best Android TV Box 2017 Video.

Hope it helps
Roberto Jorge 👍

Latest Android TV Boxes Reviewed:

– Nvidia Shield TV
– Minix U9-H
– Wetek Play 2
– Xiaomi Mi Box 3
– Beelink Gt1 / GT1 Ultimate
– Minix U1
– Zidoo X9S
– Ugoos UT4
– Ugoos AM1
– Dolamee D6
– Nexbox A95X
– Probox Air Plus
– Beelink SEA I
– MyGica ATV 495
– MyGica ATV 1900
– Wetek Hub
– Yundoo Y8
– MX Max
– Tronsmart Vega S95
– Wetek Core
– Himedia Q10 Pro
– NexBox N9
– Ziddo X6 Pro
– Ziddo X5
– Ziddo X1
– MX IV Tellos
– MX III – G
– Probox EX2 Plus
– Tronsmart Orion R68
– M8S Plus
– Minix Z64 Windows 8.1
– Minix Z64 Android
– Minix X8HPlus Andoid TV Box
– Xtreamer Wonder Andoid TV Box
– Wetek Play Andoid TV Box
– Beelink iOne Andoid TV Box
– Probox 2 EX Andoid TV Box
– MX III Andoid TV Box
– MX IV Andoid TV Box
– Minix X6 Andoid TV Box
– Ziddo X9 Andoid TV Box
– M8S Andoid TV Box
– Bluetimes RK3288 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Phantom MX4 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Fantasy A8 Andoid TV Box
– Rikomagic MK12 Andoid TV Box
– Ubox RK 3288 Andoid TV Box
– Mobie Solo Andoid TV Box
– XS Box Andoid TV Box

Windows Mini PC´s:
– Beelink BT3 Pro
– Minix Z83-4
– Minix NGC-1
– Minix Z64 Windows
– Beelink BT7
– Beelink BT3
– Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus
– Wintel Dual OS

Portable Devices:
– Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet
– GPD Android
– GPD Windows 10
– Chuwi Hibook 12
– Xiaomi Mipad 2
– Cube iWork 10

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adaptar cooler tv box android

O ideal e colocar um cooler e um dissipador decente,mais corta a case original, e muito complicado, muita atencão ao solda os fios e acoplar dissipadores. atencão parafusos, dissipadores não podem encosta na placa, qualquer erro pode danificar seu box tv. talvez cases e cooler do Raspberry Pi seja compativel ?????

Dissipation Panel for Raspberry Pi



case for Raspberry Pi https://www.banggood.com/pt/Clear-Enclosure-Case-BoxCooling-Fan-For-Raspberry-Pi-3-Model-B2-Model-BB-p-1141864.html?rmmds=mywishlist

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Android + RPI Speedometer

The video shows a bit improved version of what I had done before. There are two magnets glued to the opposite sides of the wheel. Nothing sophisticated.
Already tested. The biggest bottleneck is that the sensor is vulnerable and magnets can accidentally be dropped out.
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What is Android Things? – Gary Explains

Read the post: https://goo.gl/BIKWbM

Android Things is Google’s new Internet of Things (IoT) OS. Based on Android it allows developers to use their existing skills to move into IoT. What is it and how does it work? Gary explains.

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