Russian Car Driver (Truck Simulator) UPDATE! – GPS Map, A.I. & More

iOS: Not available…

What’s new?

– Added navigator (in the mode of cargo delivery)
– Added pause buttons and map to the main screen
– Improved traffic behavior
– Added multitouch to the map
– Added daily bonuses
– Added the ability to choose the player’s starting position
– Added manual / automatic transmission selection
– Added manual saving
– Bug fixes
– Minor corrections

🔴 LIVE: Bangabandhu-1 Launch: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch & Landing of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 Mission

NEXT: Cygnus CRS-9 Launch: Orbital ATK Antares Launch of NASA Cygnus CRS-9 to ISS from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Iridium-6 (51-55)/GRACE-FO 1-2 Launch: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch & Landing of Iridium-6 (51-55)/GRACE-FO 1-2 Mission from Vandenberg AFB in California. LATEST: Bangabandhu-1 Launch: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch of BTRC Bangabandhu Satellite-1, the first Bangladeshi satellite. Insight Mars Lander Launch: ULA Atlas V Launch of NASA Insight Mars Lander. Previous: TESS Launch: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch of NASA Planet-Hunting TESS Satellite Mission. CRS-14 Launch: NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon Launch of CRS-14 Cargo Mission to ISS. CRS-14 Berthing: NASA SpaceX Dragon Installation To Nadir Port of Harmony Module of ISS. Iridium-5 Next Launch: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch of 10 new Iridium Next Satellites into Orbit. Starman Driving in Space after Successful Heavy Falcon Launch SpaceX Real-time Updates. Live coverage of SpaceX Elon Musk’s Starman Driving a Tesla in Space after Successful Heavy Falcon Launch
Latest: the countdown and launch of SpaceX’s first Falcon Heavy rocket from pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
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5 Parking Garage Solution You Should See

Amazing parking garage solutions ideas for your car. These five ideas will impress you.


5. Gaze Box
4. IdealPark
3. Living Room Garage
2. Car Tent
1. Smart Parking Solution


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Euro Truck Driver 2018 – Top 25 Features That Should Be Added

The game will come soon. Here are my top 25 features that should be in the game.

The original videos are linked below:

Driveshaft Spinning:

Emergency brake:

Cab suspension:

Seat adjustment:

Tight Roads:

A.I. overtaking:

Opening windows:

Parking Assist:

Level Crossing:

Random Events:

Real/Extra Lights:

Truck height:

V8/Turbo sound:

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