SAKURA School Simulator (by Garusoft Development Inc) Android Gameplay [HD]

This SAKURA School Simulator Game is a “school simulator game” which is made in Japan. The game is played in the small open fictional world “Sakura-town”. We designed the game situations as if it is in a mixture world.

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In SAKURA School Simulator Gameplay there is the both of the situations in the real high school daily life in Japan and the situations which is shown in Japanese animations that sometimes contain very fantasistic elements. The half things you might see in this game will be really shown in japanese high school.
In that sense, in this SAKURA School Simulator game, you can experience the simulated high school daily life in Japan as a student.

There are two ways to enjoy this SAKURA School Simulator game.
(1) Make friends and lovers through the simulation as a high school student in Japan, let’s enjoy the brilliant school life!

(2) Go on the rampage as you like.
Before do that, borrow the items from suspicious office. You can get those items easily if you don’t stop flying.

This SAKURA School Simulator game is not an action and shooting game and so on but a simulator. Although we made violent actions and elements valid, but there are no descriptions of blood in the game. The people in the game world will be only fainted but will not be die. The concept of death does not exist in this game
so that the fainted people will wake up next day, and they will hate you.

You can do the actions below in the SAKURA School Simulator game. You can, control and change 4 players in the same stage (The two are valid after watching ADS.) choose avator cloths talk to students and other people choose the sentense for talking make friends and lovers through simulations attend the school lessons buy something and use by yourself or give it to other eat in sushi-bar earn money at car restore shop(a ADS. is shown.) Drive a car untill be broken ride the atractions in the amusement park

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