Schedule Background Job Using Firebase-jobdispatcher in Android

From android Oreo onward there is strict limitations in execution background services. The android team block many broadcast receivers and limit the number of background task for improving performance and ensure extended battery life for the device.

Google recommend android developers to use Job Scheduler API for performing background operations. But the problem is that the Job Scheduler API is available from android API 21 and above. If your app target API 21 and above then you can go for the Framework Job Scheduler API. If your app support lower than API 21 then you can use the firebase jobdispatcher for scheduling background job.
The firebase Jobdispatcher available from android API 9 and above. For the Firebase Dispatcher the only thing needed is the Google Play Service, because it use the Google Play service for the background service execution.
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Introduction to Android Framework Job Schedulers.

The significance of JobScheduler API is now increased, because from android version 8.0 on wards google limits the use of background services and google recommends developers to use the JobSchedulers instead of background services such as an intent service.
In this video we are going to learn about some theoretical concepts of Job Schedulers.
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Idling Resource – Android Testing Patterns #4

Espresso does most of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to detecting when the UI is idle. But if you’re using any custom background threads or scheduling for long running jobs, you might need to add and manage an IdlingResource to tell Espresso when your app is busy and when it’s idle.

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Android Studio Tutorial – 51 – Create a Started Service

A Service is an android component that perform long running operations in the background. Services are categorised into two.
1 Started Service
2 Bound Service.
This video demonstrate how to create an android started service in your application.
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Android Firebase Push Notification With an Image

In this video we are going to learn about how to display Firebase push notification with an image. If you send the push notification with an image from firebase console, it will display the image only if the app in the foreground. The solution for this problem is to send a push message with only data field. Here we are going to use the advanced Rest Client Chrome extension for sending the data push message.
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258 Android RecyclerView + SQLite + JobScheduler + Volley Example |

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This Android Tutorial shows how to use jobscheduler service to insert data into sqlite database and load data from cursor inside recyclerview. Create an asynctask inside JobService and perform SQLIte bulk insert from the doInBackground method of AsyncTask. Load the data into a Cursor and from there into a RecyclerView using query method.


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