Screwed Androiod 8.1.0 for the Nexus 6

This is a review of the unofficial Screwed Android for the Nexus 6. I am very sick so please be easy o me on this one. But if I didn’t get this put now, it wou;d be another week before I get it out. I ran the time out on my camera going over the kernel settings so I want to thank all my Subs and Give it a thumbs up if you watch it, it helps..

Here is the XDA link to the thread. You can get all your download links in the OP.

SiXrom (Penguin rom) Android 8.1.0 Nexus 6

This is a review od Frankie T’s SiXrom (Penguinrom) for the Nexus 6 which is AICP/LOS based instead of the normal AOSP base SiXrom used to be. It morphed into Nephilim Renowned AOSP and then to this. Plaese make sure to thank AICP and LOS for the base and Frankie T for putting thisd thing togaether and working out the buggs.

Frankie wanted me to give Thanks and Credits to AICP roms. Here is their link

Also,Thanks and credits to LOS team and their link is here:

As for the rom download link, for right now, do a search on AFH for “” without the quotes. You can just search “six_shamu” and it will pop up but I am giving you the whole file name to mae sure you get the right one. Once he has established where he wants to do the posting at, this is where you can find it.

Use Open Gapps arm 8.1.0

Frankie T’s Google plus communities:

My Google Plus Community Hayes Tech and Rom Reviews

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🔴 LIVE: TESS Launch: NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch of Planet-Hunting TESS Satellite Mission

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Dirty Unicorns v12 Oreo 8.1 for the Nexus 6 “Review”

Dirty Unicorns v12 Oreo 8.1 for the Nexus 6 “Review”
Doing this review old school this time. I started my channel out with screen recordings and I wanted the true colors to show on this review.
This is a full Review of the latest build of official Dirty Unicorns which is in Oreo 8.1. The only thing I forgot to bring up in the review was the camera and it works great.
The wallpaper I used for the Video opener is by “Neff Star” and can be downloaded directly from the DU Google Plus Community
Here is the link to Dirty Unicorns web site for your download link

This is the link to my Google Plus Community Hayes Tech and Rom Reviews for more rom reviews and other really cool links and information.

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nexus 6 glass only replacement u can say it to broken glass change or repair it is full process that how to open motorola nexus 6,its battery,back panel,display folder,side bidding and then removing broken glass after this how to clean digitizer/display,applying loca glue and put the glass perfectly
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Channel: Technical Ustaaj
Published: 2016-09-17 18:18:04
Duration: 29M15S
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