Seicane Android Unit Review For BMW E39 5 Series

Massive thank you to Seicane for reaching out and trusting me to do a review with their product, hope you enjoyed watching!

Although this video is for the BMW version, Seicane do android units for all make and models so I highly recommend having a look!

Seicane 9 inch Android Unit For BMW E39 5 Series with discount:

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BMW Engine Plant in China

2017 BMW Brilliance Powertrain Plant, Shenyang, China.

The Shenyang location, which comprises the Tiexi and Dadong automotive plants and the engine plant including light-metal foundry, plays an important role in the BMW Group’s global production network. It contributes to the strategy of globally balanced growth, which includes installing production capacity in the respective regional markets.

BBA’s two automotive plants, Tiexi and Dadong, already produce five BMW models. With the expansion of its northern section, the Dadong plant will also have room for a sixth model, the new BMW X3.

BBA production in Shenyang builds vehicles exclusively for the Chinese market. The Dadong plant in the northeast of the city started production in 2004 and produces today the BMW 5 Series Long-Wheelbase Version. The Tiexi plant in the west of Shenyang went on-stream in 2012 and builds the BMW X1 Long-Wheelbase Version (including a plugin-hybrid version), the BMW 1 Series Sedan, the BMW 2 Series Tourer, the BMW 3 Series Long-Wheelbase Version and the BMW 3 Series Sedan.

A key component of the Shenyang location is the engine plant with light-metal foundry – the BMW Group’s only engine production facility outside Europe. The engine plant supplies the two vehicle production sites in Dadong and Tiexi with drive units for locally-produced BMW automobiles. A new high-voltage battery centre, which will assemble high-voltage batteries for plug-in hybrid vehicles, is currently under construction.

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Bmw e39 530i Snow Day Pt 1

Quick clean
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Cold Start Diesel Engine -40 Mercedes Benz vs. KIA vs. Renault vs. VW Touareg

Coldest regions of the world!
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Top 5 E39 BMW Modifications

These are my top five modifications for the E39 5-Series. This is one of the best cars of all time, but it can still be improved on. I have had this car for a while and these are the mods I have done to improve the car. Your top will vary depending on what you want out of the car.

My picks are wheels, brakes, spoiler, exhaust, and tune. With all these changes, a regular 5-series can look, drive, and sound tremendously better. I am very happy with all these mods and really think they improve the car.

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