Setup Your Child’s Kindle to Control Their Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop

In this, our third video on the Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop, we set it up for kids to use with an Amazon Kindle. If you have any other device such as an iOS Apple Device, Android device or Kindle, they are similar in setup. For this video, we do this on our girls’ Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. Watch and see not only how easy this is, but some neat things you can do with this amazing little toy. The Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop is a premier coding toy, teaching kids the basics of programming and code as well as robotics. And let’s just be honest, with 4 great packed out apps on the mobile stores out there, this baby will keep your kids busy for a long time!

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Turning on Wonder Workshop’s cue for the first time!

Check out the awesomeness out of the box, featuring Wonder Workshop’s newest robot to the family, cue! You will be able to see what the experience is like from the first time you turn it on, set up calibration, and prepare to choose your first hero avatar! I’ll stop it there, because choosing your avatar experience is part of the fun! Enjoy!
Channel: TopTechEDU
Published: 2017-09-21 14:54:16
Duration: 5M3S
Views: 2081
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NIA THE CODING GIRL meets DASH Robot from Wonder Workshop (, shows you how to control dash through the GO app and play xylophone.
Channel: Nia The Coding Girl
Published: 2017-11-06 05:18:13
Duration: 9M19S
Views: 198
Likes: 11
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cue in action the robot toy by wonder workshop

hey guys today we get to see a toy in action on are episode his name is cue he is a robot you get 4 avatars to choose from at the beginning after that you can mess around with him i show things you can do with him in this episode don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe we did better then my minecraft episode so hope you enjoy.
Channel: Ninja Break
Published: 2017-11-05 01:32:10
Duration: 5M45S
Views: 1212
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Dash, the robot, tries to help (ft. Launcher)

Dash is a useful robot who is looking for a way to help the humans in its life. What can you do with your Dash and Launcher? Post your trick shot video and tag it with #wonderleague

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The Creamery in San Francisco

Channel: Wonder Workshop
Published: 2015-11-16 19:34:50
Duration: 1M26S
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Meet Programmable Robots, Dot & Dash – Episode 71

Sandi and Andria demonstrate the capabilities of the OSMO and a couple of programmable robots, DOT and DASH.
Channel: PATINSProject
Published: 2015-12-09 20:16:17
Duration: 14M47S
Views: 24767
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