Share PC Internet with Android Phone[Reverse Tethering]

This Video will explain how to share your PC Internet to android mobile phone..
# Its an old tool and its named Reverse Tethering…

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how to share internet connection from pc to android mobile

How to share pc internet with phone (reverse tether).how to share internet connection from pc to android mobile.
enjoy your pc internet on your android device by this simple trick 100% working,this reverse usb tethering works 100% guarantee Pls read below
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download link:
All The Details With Procedure/Steps Are given in the Website ( USB tunnel app also available on same page)

How to share internet from pc to phone:

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How to share your Internet connection using your Android phone, share your android phone’s internet connection with PC or any other devices without USB Cable or Rooting. in other words, how to turn your Android Smartphone into a Wifi connection.

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Share your PC Internet Connection with Android via USB(With out Rooting)

Share your PC Internet Connection with Android via USB(With out Rooting) – This method will work on all android version,and devices

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Share your PC internet connection with Android Mobile Phone to connect to the Internet

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This small tutorial will show you how to share your internet connection
with your phone using an usb cable.

Note: Root methods can be found on xda or simply searching on Youtube. 🙂

Note: use the original cable provided by the manufacturer only, as that
will give best reliability.
using any standard usb cable works also.

Note: will work on rooted and unrooted phones also.

Tested on:

1. Unite 2 by me and Saptaparni Das
2. iball slide perfomance 3g q7271 by Athi Palam
3. A114 Canvas 2.2 by Deepesh Das
4. Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra by JV Zacarias

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This is meant for people who have no wireless routers or whose routers are otherwise not available at the moment due to various reasons.

That’s about it.

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NOTE: if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. no way around it.

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How to share pc/laptop internet connection without any software on android

Hello frnds to share pc/laptop internet connection without any software using cmd command…

Step 1 :- Open cmd command window with run as admin

Step 2 :- Run this command or copy from description

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=wifi key=1234567890


Step 3 :- Run 2nd command

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Step 4 :- Now open run command by Window+r

fill this command


Step 5 :- Now you see new local are network and indentifying for a connection

Step 6 :- Right click on ethernet and click on sharing

then share our network to local area connection

now check you wifi network on phone fill password 1234567890

and enjoy 🙂

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🙂 THanks for watching

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