Sinester Plant 2 Nova Launcher Setup 2019 | RD PROJECT | Zopper Widget | Episode 09

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How to create Data Entry Form in Excel – Ms Office?

How to create Data Entry Form in Excel – Ms Office?
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Top 10 Best Latest New Technology CRAZY GADGETS 2019

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Welcome to a new episode of this series, today we count down our picks for the

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Gadgets List you have seen 😃


Keysy Key Card & Key Fob Duplicator

PUP Scan



Fuse Chicken Bobine Auto

Reeljuice 3X Portable Power Bank

Cloop Magnetic Cable Keeper

The Stone
The Story




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What Engineers Found When They Tore Apart Tesla’s Model 3

Oct.17 — Tesla’s Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there’s a major flaw in the car’s design that’s hurting Tesla’s profit margins. Bloomberg Television’s Ed Ludlow reports.
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Crash of Giant RC B 25 model from Ziroli plan – Maiden Flight disaster

Ziroli’s plans for Huge RC models are famous.
This model was built from planes and powered by 2 x 26 cc Zenoagh.
After extensive taxi trials the model took off perfectly and flew well.
Unfortunately the landing was made difficult by blustery cross-winds. the rest is history…
Feel with Tony the shock!
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How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

Experimenting with how small a home a mouse is able to fit through. But it didn’t go as planned. I had a lazy mouse, and a hard working invading shrew.

Update: Two days later, the shrew squeezed itself through the 16.5 mm hole:

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