Single Activity: Why, When, and How (Android Dev Summit '18)

With the Navigation Architecture Component, developers have the tools to move towards a single activity structure for their app, but they don’t know:

— why they should move to that model
— when it is appropriate
— how exactly to take advantage of that structure and migrate to it

Navigation Architecture Component →
Testing Fragments →

Presented by: Ian Lake

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Testing Android Apps at Scale with Nitrogen (Android Dev Summit ’18)

Writing tests is a fundamental part of developing Android applications. Recent improvements to Android’s testing APIs make it straightforward to write tests, yet it is incredibly hard to run tests at scale. In this session we give an overview of project Nitrogen, the new Android test harness, which helps developers to scale their testing with support for test setup, execution, device management and reporting.

Presented by: Stephan Linzner & Vishal Sethia

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Fun with LiveData (Android Dev Summit ’18)

LiveData is a simple observable data holder that is aware of the lifecycle of the observers. It was designed to avoid memory leaks and null pointer exceptions between an activity or fragment and a ViewModel.

However, you can also use LiveData beyond the ViewModel. Components like Room or Workmanager also expose LiveData observables, and you can make your own data sources lifecycle-aware.

In this talk, we’ll deep dive into patterns with LiveData such as the different types of transformations (map, switchMap and MediatorLiveData), handling events and building reactive architectures as well as common antipatterns and code-smells to avoid.

LiveData blogs →
Samples →
I/O app →

Presented by: Jose Alcerreca & Yigit Boyar

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ConstraintLayout Deep Dive (Android Dev Summit ’18)

In this session you will learn best practices of using ConstraintLayout on Android, particularly covering tips and tricks in the Layout Editor and new features introduced in the 2.0 version. We will go over how to take advantage of those to create UI more efficiently.

Presented by: Sean McQuillan & Chris Sinco

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droidcon SF 2018 – Adventures in Navigation

Lyla Fujiwara

Adventures in Navigation

Take a spin with the new Android Jetpack Navigation Components library announced at Google I/O. The Navigation Components let you keep all of your navigation information in one place and include support for Material components such as bottom navigation, the app drawer, and the overflow menu.

Lyla and Dan will explore the basics and then dive into a series of more complex use cases. Learn about advanced topics such deep linking, conditional navigation, leveraging Navigation Component to simplify modularization for instant apps, using sub-graphs, manipulating the back-stack, sharing a ViewModel between navigation destinations and more. See what the Navigation Component can do for you!

Content and programming organized by Ty Smith, GDE/GDG & Mobile Tech Lead Manager at Uber & Joaquim Verges, GDG & Android Tech Lead at Twitch.

Big thanks to our video sponsor Asana –

See you at droidcon SF 2019! November 18-19 @ Mission Bay Conference Center. Get your tickets here –

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Winning in emerging markets (Plenary – Playtime SF 2018)

Emerging markets such as India, Latin America or the Middle East are the next growth frontier for developers, but to succeed you need to adapt. In this panel, apps and games developers will cover best practices for succeeding in these regions.

Moderator & panelists:
Jim Stern – General Manager, Cards Division, Zynga
Mark Panelo – Senior Director of Business Development, Kabam
Raj Ajrawat – Product Specialist, Android Platform, Google Play


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