Smartwatch N8 Android 5.1 Recensione By PHONE FIXER

Un vero smartwatch con tutte le funzionalita di un telefono, wifi, bt, 3g e gps, fluido e scattante, consigliato!

IWO Watch 3 (clone 1:1 di terza generazione) Recensione By PHONE FIXER

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Montblanc Summit Smartwatch – Smart strap ditched for a full watch

Unboxing the Montblanc Summit Smart Watch: When High Dollar Meets High Tech

Buy this watch here:
-Steel/black bezel as reviewed here 117538:
-All steel 117744:
-All black PVD 117537:

Montblanc Smart Watch Tech Time Reference 117538 Hands-On Review.

Would you wear this or the Tag Heuer smart watch? Comment below.


Music: Chad himself playing the harmonica!

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Y1: Is This The Cheapest Rounded Smartwatch?! (India & U.S.A.)

To Buy (Lowest Price) –

Above is a promotional link that can be used to purchase the item and is one of the cheapest rounded Smartwatches I’ve seen which is also known as the RX9 Bluetooth Smartwatch I think you can pick it up at Gearbest too.

Warptech – Last Summer [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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Smart watch Lemfo Lem5

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IWO Watch 3 vs IWO Watch 2 Recensione By PHONE FIXER

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Published: 2017-05-13 10:53:44
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