SnowDrift – Android Game – Mobile App Development

Done in Android Studio and Photoshop CS6

I created this project in the fifth semester of my studies. The task was to create a mobile app for android phones. Since I’m passionate for games, I decided to create one.

The goal of the game is to maneuver a snowball through an obstacle parcour using the position sensor of the smartphone.

For recording my smartphone screen I used the app “Game Screen Recorder”

Deck the Halls B von Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Used Tutorial:
“Spieleprogrammierung mit Android Studio” by Uwe Post

Winter 2016 / Spring 2017

🚗Top 10 Drift Games of Android and IOS Free and Offline Must Play in 2017

Hello Friends These are the top 10 Drift Games of Android and ios platform you can play these games for free
So enjoy
These are the games list and download links-
NOTE: [CarX Drift Racing is now online]
⏩CarX Drift Racing
Free 341 MB

Free 962 MB

⏩Real Drift Car Racing
113 MB

486 MB

⏩Drift Zone
56.03 MB

174 MB

⏩Thumb Drift-Furious Racing
62.89 MB

181 MB

⏩Drift Max
54.87 MB

159 MB

⏩Rally Racer Drift
38.25 MB

177 MB

⏩Drift Mania Championship 2
280 MB

1.50 GB

⏩Drift Zone 2
89.18 MB

242 MB

⏩Reality Drift
28.33 MB

⏩Car Drift [City Drift]
66.44 MB

🔘Free Fall
The music was provided by NCS

🔘My Heart
The music was provided by NCS
Different Heaven & Eh! De-My Hearts

Different Heaven-Nekozilla

🔘frontier [Argofox]

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Batman Begins – Motion Graphics Trailer – Hochschule Ansbach

Done in After Effects & Illustrator
Music: Carlos Estella – Intense Cinematic Trailer

Winter 2015 / Spring 2016

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Snow Drift Car Racing

Get ready for a real Fast racing 3d in endless real snow drift racing game! Snow Drift Car Racing game on android to become vehicles with fastest insane thrilling adventurous stunt action while enjoying Crazy racing game play and adventure of 3D stunts. One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based asphalt driving gamee on Google Play ever made! And it’s absolutely free fun games to play.
Enjoy the most addictive CSR drift action real drag fever racing game and go Head To Head against Rival racers in MMX track speed racing offline simulator Real Racing 3d with specially designed traffic crash effects to satisfy most deadly real time racing highway snow track adventure! Drift and drive thrilling car race with at top speed and feel the heat. Install now to enjoy this top car racing game of 2017!
Snow Drift Car Racing is #1 best strategy games to drive real deadly speedy vehicle SUV cars on crazy snow highway racing tracks with other traffic car racing vehicles. Real mobile asphalt racing ganess combines with stunning HD quality 3d graphics with addictive gameplay.
Snow Drift Car Racing presented with 5 challenging missions with fast racing addiction. Race with your superior racing thumb driving skills to beat enemies to become champion on 5 different exciting of racing car models. Tap on the nitro boost to experience the real thrust in the ultimate asphalt turbo car squad realistic racing game. Build your racing career by completing all the challenging missions before you beat all the speedy racers.
Become an elite street thumb racing game racer as a real craze of race addiction car drive. Snow Drift Car Racing game is a sport racing car game challenges the extreme driver to make their way on the freeway, and dodge the rival’s cars.

In Snow Drifting Rally fulfill your fever of drive turbo racing by refueling nitrous and earn cash to buy a new car. In Turbo Real Racing each level has to complete all laps without crashing your car. Only games for kids.
This game is all about adventure. Avoid accidents with other deadly drift racing vehicles and Get READY to astonishing physics, eye-popping tracks. This is the game you have been waiting for!
Now it is time to hit the roads with a car!
Prove that you are the best racer in the world!
Key Features:
• Stunning 3D HD quality graphics
• Breathtaking visuals
• Real racing car crash effects
• Smooth and realistic car handling
• Earn cash to upgrade different high-performance cars
• Multiple camera angles to enhance the view
• Smooth and realistic turbo racing game
• 5 different sports cars
• Easy to learn and drive
• Fast nitrous boost to speed up your race
• Realistic sound effects and best suited music tracks for races
• Challenging and engaging gameplay
• Free on Google play, just install and enjoy
How to Play:
• Tilt/swipe right to turn right and tilt/swipe left to turn left
• Touch brake button to slow down or reverse the car
• Touch boost button to boost the jeep speed
• Collect boost packs from the road and refill your nitrous boost
• Experience the thrills of real racing and drifting
If you like this game, please try other games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.

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Decay – 3D Motion Tracking / Visualization – Hochschule Ansbach

By Vanessa Muller, Laura Italia & Sonja Saup

Done in Cinema 4D (Ivy Grower), After Effects & Photoshop

This is a group project we created in the 5th semester for our visualization class at Hochschule Ansbach, Germany. This clip is part of a bigger project which is soon to come and deals with the topic of drug abuse in an uncommon way. Sound will be added during the final steps of production.

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2017 Smart Control App

2017 Smart Control App.

With the “smart control” app a host of electric drive information can be called up via smartphone, tablet or PC and functions such as pre-entry climate control or intelligent charging can be conveniently controlled remotely. The new model has more operating options than the predecessor. For example, two programmable departure times mean that intelligent charging and pre-entry climate control do not always need to be re-set for frequent journeys.

Always informed: the “smart control” app enables simple operation of many functions of the smart electric drive. smart drivers can see the current battery state of charge and the range before they set off or activate the pre-entry climate control of the interior while the car is charging.

The most important functions at a glance:

– Vehicle information: battery charge level, range, average fuel consumption, mileage, eco score, next service, tyre pressure.
– The vehicle functions departure time and pre-entry climate control: compared with the previous series two programmable departure times mean that these functions do not always need to be re-set for frequent journeys, for example the daily commute. The programmed departure time can be used both for intelligent charging (see below for details) and for the pre-entry climate control. If the departure time is set the previous evening, the vehicle has a perfect interior temperature the next morning. If the customer wants to spontaneously set the temperature before a trip for a vehicle that is not connected to a charging station this can also be done via the “smart control” app as long as the battery charge level is at least 30%. For further information on pre-entry climate control please see the corresponding section.
– Charging properties: during the charging process the charge level, remaining charging time, charging capacity, range, the current state of charge (SOC) and the charging profile (expected state of charge depending on the time) can be called up. In addition, the smart electric drive enables convenient charging with automatic authentication and cashless payment in accordance with the ISO 15118-defined Plug & Charge profile. When a contract has been concluded with an energy provider the contract certificate needed can be transferred to the vehicle via a charging station. The “smart control” app assists the customer with the contract conclusion by displaying the Plug & Charge ID. The current contract status in the vehicle is always shown on the “smart control” app. Furthermore, “intelligent charging” can be activated for a charging process. With the help of information from the infrastructure or – if this is not available – a tariff table specified by the driver on the “smart control” app cost-optimised charging of the vehicle is possible. The tariff table can also be used to select solar power from the customer’s own photovoltaic system as the preferred charging option, for example.

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