Fire Emblem Heroes Lukas Solos Developer Maps with 0 Damage

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Lukas is busted af

(๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ Bridelia Solo! -C & L- Bound Hero Battle! {Infernal} | Live Streamed 【Fire Emblem Heroes】

Cecilia and Lilina Bound Hero Battle was reran and I actually did it but due to having no good time to release it, I’ve had it delayed till now.

I did not want to make a stream entirely around this given it’s a very simple and easy FEH BHB. :[

This is still my standard Bridelia solo team of Bride Cordelia, Olivia, Ninian and Azura.

Infernal BHB C & L did not take too long and was very simple to get all the right criteria for a simple Bridelia Solo.

Unlike last time this is a true solo in Infernal Cecilia and Lilina Bound Hero Battle. 🙂

★Grand Hero Battles + Bound Hero Battles★ Fire Emblem Heroes occasionally has events for Special Maps that give us the chance to battle Heroes or Villains for the chance to recruit them, along with feathers and even sometimes orbs! Below are all of such a battles I have on YouTube and they include all my brilliance/screw-ups. Fun! 🙂

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FEH Warriors Maps Grinding Guide! SP + Levels – Advice and Tips! |Hero Help #6| 【Fire Emblem Heroes】

The Fire Emblem Warriors Maps are great for SP Grinding and Leveling but how do you make use of them best?

Hopefully I can answer all of that and help you guys maximize your stamina and convert them into Hero Merit Feathers, SP, Experience and more!

So this is a SP grinding guide and Level guide in its completion. This is a very complete guide as to what you can do to Auto-Battle Grind.

This might not help everyone but I hope it helps some with the Warriors Special Maps!

★Hero Help★ is one of my on-going series aimed at teaching everyone the various specifics of Fire Emblem Heroes! The playlist containing the rest of the episodes are below. Please enjoy! 😀

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Arena Duels #26 – Soleil & Siegbert Atk Tactic Mixed Offense! [Arena Showcase]

What’s up guys and welcome to my Arena Duels series, in this series I showcase different units in Arena. In this video I use a team of Soleil,Reinhardt,Siegbert & Inigo!

🎬 Full playlist of Fire Emblem Heroes: Arena Duels!

🏡 Check out MY FEH Resource Hub for Tier-Lists, Send home Guide and more! 🏡


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Obstruct Carrot Lance Donnel (True Solo) Berkut Infernal GHB | No Refinery [Fire Emblem Heroes]

Hi Summoners,

Another Donnel True Solo video, this time Donnel goes back to his farmer roots and takes up arms with the Carrot Lance+ (No Refinery)

Obstruct FTW. Obstruct was used to keep the enemies condensed at one end of the map so they wouldn’t wonder around and attack any of my filler units. I easily could have instead used bulkier Allies so if one did wonder into range the AI would till prioritize Donnel, however i felt this way was more interesting.

How often do we get to use Obstruct?


5* Donnel +10 | +SPD/-RES
Carrot Lance+ | — | Aether
Steady Breath | Obstruct 3 | Attack Smoke 3 | Distant Defense 3
Supports- Summoner S

3 x 3*Lv1 Gunter


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[Fire Emblem Heroes] Lukas Solos Infernal Michalis GHB

Lukas’ set:
IVs: +Def -Spd
Merges: +10
Weapon: Slaying Lance+
Assist: Swap
Special: Bonfire
A: Steady Breath
B: Quick Riposte 3
C: Spur Atk 3
S: Close Def 3

Wrys don’t need no skills.

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