“Refactoring an Android app” – Pair Programming Series Announcement

My friend Rakesh and I plan to start a small series based on the concept of taking existing Android code in a production app and moving from that into a full MVP solution with testing.

We’re also going to implement a better Helpers class, Dagger, ButterKnife and all of what you’d come to expect from a cleanly architected code base (hope so!)

SO JOIN US!! (in the next episode)

The SCJP Challenge and advice for bored programmers

In this video I talk about the need to keep ramping up the challenge and difficulty of what you’re learning. In that spirit I’ve decided to undertake the challenge of complete the SCJP certification:


In the video I continue to talk more about why you might be feeling like you’re stagnating as a programmer and what the possible remedies are

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Published: 2017-01-21 19:57:22
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Butterknife en Android Studio

Evento clic de un Boton usando la libreria Butterknife en Android Studio
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Retrofit from a beginner’s perspective

In this video I implement Retrofit successfully into a sample Android application. I go over all the concepts which I believe are involved in making Retrofit work for your Android app like I did with mine.

Should be very easy

Retrofit for Android: http://square.github.io/retrofit

No idea what to use for a thumbnail so here’s a picture of Jake Wharton

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Getting Ready for MVP on Android

In this video I demo how to build custom views on Android. This video is one of several videos to come in the effort for turning the way I write code on Android into the MVP design pattern.

I take a perfectly working UI component along with its initialization code and make it a custom view that I can plug anywhere.

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Introduction to Dependency Injection on Android (Dagger 2)

In this video I take a very simple use case for dependency injection and apply it using Dagger 2 on a sample project. I provide Shared Preferences and a Context object, and that’s about it!

“Caster.io – https://caster.io/” video about Dagger 2 – lesson by Donn Felker: http://bit.ly/2gSpG1d

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