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Tutorial realizado para la materia de programacion movil
Cristhian Chingal

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Metropolis (1927) restored version + subtitles

English, Spanish, French, Greek, hebrew, portuguese, italian, polish, turkish, serbian, slovenian, romanian, chech, dutch,

The New Pollutants Metropolis Rescore is a new soundtrack to the 2010 Restoration Version of Fritz Lang’s classic sci-fi epic Metropolis

The New Pollutants https://facebook.com/thenewpollutants are the musical duo of Mister Benjamin Speed http://benjaminspeed.com and DJ TR!P http://facebook.com/finddjtrip. They are thrilled to present their newly composed score to Fritz Lang’s classic silent film Metropolis. They perform the score live, accompanied by vocalist Astrid Pill & cellist Zoe Barry.

The original score was conceived, composed & recorded over a 12-month period & had its world premiere at the 2005 Adelaide Film Festival. The Metropolis Re-Score ran a successful season as part Next Wave Festival at ACMI in Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games & was performed at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival in 2006. They played it at the Sydney Opera House in 2010 & in Hobart for Mona Foma 2011, which is curated by Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes.

In 2011, The New Pollutants have updated & extended their score to coincide with the newly released 2010 restoration, which includes 30 minutes of newly found footage. This will once again premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2011. After the film premiere in 1927, Metropolis has been seen only in shortened or truncated versions, now it can be appreciated in its full glory, with a brand new score by The New Pollutants.

The New Pollutants Presents: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, An Original Rescore

“Seductive performance….Metropolis was a once in a lifetime experience… Speed and Hopprich’s score was a gift.”
(Adelaide Advertiser)

“Metropolis was outstanding. A tremendous performance at MOFO 2011. The people loved it. I have always loved that movie, but their score made it more exciting.”
(Brian Ritchie – Curator Mona Foma, Violent Femmes)

“I don’t think you’ll ever get a chance to see Metropolis quite this way again… it was literally breathtaking.”
(Empire Times)

“There is no doubt that this is a truly wonderful new score, which deserves to be seen as widely as possible.”
(Katrina Sedgwick, Director, Adelaide Film Festival)

“Integrated skillfully, extremely memorable”
(DB Magazine)

“The New Pollutants match, and in many ways surpass the genius of Lang’s vision, by making it vibrant, topical & alive.”
(Peter Wintonick, International Editor, Point of View Magazine, Festival Curator and Producer)

“The New Pollutants have risen to the challenge with gusto and devised a responsive, evocative and inventive score.”
(Clare Stewart, Sydney Film Festival Creative Director 2007-2010)

“It feels like The New Pollutants’ interpretation has always been the real soundtrack to the film, for the past seventy or so years.”
(U Magazine)

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Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: East of Eden (advanced level)

Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: East of Eden (advanced level)
Learn to speak english, improve your English Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, More and More Through Story and Subtitles: East of Eden (advanced level)
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Motivational Speech Titled: SLOW DOWN. Speaker: Mr. William Garcia

Slow Down is about modern day life, its distractions, speed and addictions and a way to take control by simply making a choice to pay attention to being as we are and as everything is without judgment. William has also originated a concept called “Arttextry”. Arttextry is the marriage between ‘art’ and ‘text'(thought); the relation and reflection of one with the other.

Our high quality, full color Arttextry posters are produced in a Heildelberg Showcase facility with Heildelberg 5 and 6 speed masters with in-line UV coating and state-of-the-art direct-to-plate systems presses.

Hung on a wall in your room, living area or office, Arttextry posters may be proudly displayed as they serve as a daily source of positive inspiration.

The ‘art’, tastefully done be very talented local artists here in Miami, will draw you near to read. The ‘text’,quotes from the recently published self-help book entitled Now O’ Clock and authored by William Garcia, will inspire you to “Think”, to “Be” or to “Do”.
About my book Now O’ Clock; The title of the book “Now O’ Clock” simply reaffirms what each and every one of us experience every living moment of our lives—the present. Now O’ Clock is an inspirational self-help book that takes my readers on a journey from now in ‘time’ and towards their own and last inevitable ‘now,’ sometime into the future. It is about “Time” as being the pure essence of life and about life as being a “Doing” proposition. There is our relationship with “Time” and “Modernity”,—modernity being a driving force that mostly serves as a big distraction from doing “now-to-life”. We really need to slow down.
There seems to be no time for ‘now,’ when ‘now’ is actually all there is and all we have. The idea of tomorrow is only an expectation of an imaginary ‘time’ to come. “Now” is as real and as fleeting as it gets. We need to realize that we do not run out of ‘time’, we simply run out of ‘life’. And then, there is life’s most powerful and intriguing paradox: We live our entire lives in the span of an instant; yet, a lifetime is not enough time to tell or do it all. Life lasts but an instant and so, it is always Now O’ Clock.

To purchase an Inspirational Arttextry poster for yourself or someone you care about and to get a copy of Now O’ Clock, visit my web site arttextry.com.
Now O’ Clock can also be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/author/williamgarcia.

I am also a Certified Life Coach. I guide fortune 500 CEO to move from Mind to Manuscript by overcoming“Thought” blocks and becoming published non-fiction authors for the first time.

I do this through deep listening and mindful conversation in The Present Positive Tense. These conversations are followed by clients taking the action steps that lead to the fulfillment of being published.

It would take a thousand books to tell the entire story of our own individual lives. However, most of us have at least one special story we would like to tell or a lesson we would like to teach. For some, the greater part of that book is already written in your mind; for others there may be some pages already written or even a completed first draft. Now, it is a matter of turning the books in your mind into manuscripts and for the others, it is time to finish what you started.

Through “thought- sharing” in powerful dialogue, we find ways to get inspired and motivated to achieve your writing goals. Applying the highest and best use of your energy in “Time” is what makes the task seem easy, quick and even pleasant.

Here is a quote that may inspire you: “Once you have made the first step into a mile towards your goal, there will always be less than a mile to go”.

For a free sample session, email me at, presentpositivetense@comcast.net. You choose what you want to talk about and then let me know what you want to take away from the session.

Thank you.

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Aakasame Haddu Telugu Full Movie || Navadeep, Rajiv Saluri, Panchibora || Ravicharan Meripo || Anand

Watch Aakasame Haddu Full vMovie / Aakasame Haddu Movie Starring with Navadeep, Rajiv Saluri, Panchibora, Nasar, Rao Ramesh, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Suman Shetty. Direction by Ravicharan Meripo, Producers was Ravicharan Meripo & Nimmagadda Venugopal, Music Composed ‘Mantra’ Anand

Plot :

Narayana (Rajeev Salur) is a topper in a college. His principal (Rao Ramesh) sponsors him and he gets selected in a campus interview. Once he comes across Priya (Panchi Bora) and loses his heart in first sight. He tries to attract her in different ways but could not succeed in his mission. He neglects his studies and ignores to concentrate on his main project work.

At one stage, Priya tells him that he hates him and asks him to die his own death.At this juncture, Karthik (Navdeep) meets Narayana and start suggesting him that he should prove himself that he truly loves her by concentrating on his studies. Later, Narayana joins a company to do his project work on the advice of Karthik, where Priya also works, rest at climax

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