Android Developer Live Q&A #38 – Clean Architecture, Kotlin, Java, TDD

Welcome to my livestream Q&A. It’s live, and it works best when you ask questions. I mostly do this for beginners (although I’m happy to chat about advanced topics with more senior devs), so if you’re a beginner, ASK SOME DAMN QUESTIONS.

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Clean Architecture in Android with MVP Presentation Layer

See how to design a simple, decoupled, testable clean architecture for Android, using MVP for the presentation layer.

You can get the code used in the video, from the following repository:

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droidcon NYC 2017 – Reactive, Clean Architecture and Android Architecture Components..

Reactive, Clean Architecture and Android Architecture Components, a solid formula for a MVVM based architecture.

Lucia Payo, N26

Reactive development that links long-lived objects with pure functions is hot for good reason. Clean architecture helps with the separation of concerns making our code unit testable and separated from the framework. The recently released Android Architecture Components, and more specifically, the LiveData and ViewModel, make it easy to connect to the framework. If we mix this three and add some sparks of Dagger on top we get a solid formula for a Model-View-ViewModel based architecture. The talk starts with a reminder of the characteristics any good architecture should have. This characteristics include: testability, separation of concerns, modularity, among some other good practices. The next step is to cover the three layers from clean architecture: – Data: This is the layer that keeps the entities. We’ll show how to create a fully reactive data layer that serves the entities in streams. – Domain: This is a connection layer that holds the business logic to create use cases. We’ll show how to make it stateless and 100% free of framework code. – Presentation: This is the layer where the new LiveData and ViewModel classes come into play. We will show how to transform the use cases from the domain layer into view specific models using the new android architecture components. The goal of the talk is to provide insights and guidelines on how to build a solid MVVM based reactive architecture. There will be links to meaningful resources that will cover the topics of the talk, like a GitHub example project and blog posts.

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Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2018

So we got Top 5 programming language to learn in 2018 and if you are just here for list, here we go:
#5 C#
#4 Swift
#3 Java/Kotlin
#1 Python
but this is not just about it. You are on youtube to watch more than just a list. In this video, I have backed up this list with my logic and little research. There is also a section of honorable mention too.

Check to learn these programming languages. Apps are also available for Android and iOS platform.

Download app from Google play store and Apple App store

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System Design: Messenger service like Whatsapp or WeChat – Interview Question

This is a system design interview question asked at companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many startups: How to design a messenger service like Whatsapp, WeChat or Facebook Messenger?
I will guide you through this interview question, give you talking points and point out the right questions to ask. A quick and easy explanation even if this is your first system design interview question.

=== The resources I mentioned in the video ===
High Scalability Blog:
Hired in Tech:


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Super Cleaner Video – Master android phone cleaner app

✏Junk Cleaner:Clean junk files.
✏Cache Cleaner: clean up useless application cache files.
✏Phone Booster: Optimize memory and speed up phone.
✏Game Booster: boosting speed performance and smartly frees up memory space.
✏Antivirus: Virus detector and virus cleanup.
✏1-tap Battery Saver: Power are up to 60% and extend battery life.
✏ CPU Cooler: Cool down CPU temperature.
✏App Lock: Lock up your private apps.
✏ App Manager: Batch operations of apps.

Top 3 Best Cleaner & Speed Booster for Android (FREE) 2016-2017

Are you looking for the best cleaner & speed booster for android which are free to download?If so then all the top 3 best cleaner & speed booster for android shown in this video are the ones you are looking for.Simply because they are the best according to me that you can download completely for free.I would like you to try out all the 3 apps mentioned in this video.I really hope that this video helps you to get the best free cleaner & speed booster for android.

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The top 3 best free cleaners & speed boosters for android are(in the order as shown in the video):

All-In-One Toolbox(Cleaner) link:

All-in-one toolbox can easily clean junk files & system cache to temporarily free up some space on your smartphone.It can even boost ram to make your device feel fast & smooth.The best thing about this app is that you get a toolbox in which you get tons of options in one app such as CPU cooler,batch install,batch uninstall,backup,restore,app2sd,boot speed-up,file manager & lots more.You can download even more plugins from the Google playstore for this app,which will definitely be helpful for you.

Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner link:

The best thing about this app is that its download size is only around 2.9 MB which is really great because you don’t want your cleaner itself to be of 30 MB and eat up all your internal storage.With this app you can clean all your junk files & boost your ram with one tap.You also get an app manager using which you can uninstall unwanted apps & backup important ones.You can even disable pre-installed apps & move any movable apps to your SD card.It also features device information,where you get to know more about your device,its configuration,its battery,its sensors & lots more.Overall it is a tiny little app which will help you to clean & save lots of space in you device.

GO Speed (Clean & AppLock)

This app has got features such as memory boost,junk file cleaner & app manager just like the other two apps shown in this video.This app is also quite small in file size.Overall this is a very good app that you can download for free and clean up some space used by junk files in your internal storage.

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HOW to FIX – has stopped error 2016

Found a way to fix has stopped error. Just follow the video and it should work! Like and subscribed of this helped also share. Might not work the same way for different phones but give it a try! THIS MAY DELETE YOIR CONTACTS SO BACK THEM UP. !
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How To Tell If Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Fake (Samsung Galaxy S5 Clone)

I was recently scammed, so I thought I would share some insight on what to look out for, before buying a Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Top 10 USES of OTG Cable that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

We will explore what you can connect to an android phone with otg cable? Hard drive , pendrive , LAN cable whats more? Android can do many things with otg (on the go).
Usb Mouse-
Usb Fan-
Memory card reader-
Usb Gamepad-
Usb Light-
LAN to usb-
Hard drive-
Note-All phones doesn’t support the LAN/Hard drive feature which is shown in this video.

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Disable Clean Master BoostCharge Screen on Android

See how to disable the clean master lock screen or BoostCharge screen on android after the App is installed in a minute.
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