How to Delete Location History from Google Maps on Android

Learn how to easily delete or clear your Google maps history on your Android device.

Google maps delete history/ change location (HINDI)

This video describes, How one can change, move or delete location from the Google Maps.
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Google phone location tracking and Location history/timeline

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Hello friends, I am Mohammed Shakeel and welcome to howENGINEERSdoit! YouTube channel, Here you can find technical videos related to CAD, especially CATIA, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Marvelous Designer and also other cool technology videos like Android phone, laptop, desktop tips and tricks, troubleshoot videos, Google product tips and tricks etc Catia V5 is a Mechanical/Aerospace/Architectural/MEP/Electrical Design/Analysis software. There is a lot that you can do with this software. In this tutorial series, I will explain well in detail the important commands used to model different Mechanical/Aerospace/Product/Ship/Building Elements/Parts. It is used in major industries like Boeing,Airbus,Dassault Aviation, Eurofighter,BMW, Porsche, McLaren Automotive,Chrysler, Honda,United States Navy,Alstom Power,ABB Group,Michelin,Nikon,Nokia,Suzlon,Procter & Gamble. CATIA (an acronym of computer aided three-dimensional interactive application) (in English, usually pronounced multi-platform computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)/computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systemes. written C++ programming language. 3D Product Lifecycle Management software suite, CATIA supports multiple stages of product development (CAx),including conceptualization,design (CAD),engineering(CAE) manufacturing (CAM).CATIA facilitates collaborative engineering across disciplines around its 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including surfacing & shape design,electrical fluid & electronics systems design, mechanical engineering and systems engineering CATIA facilitates the design electronic,electrical,fluid HVAC systems,production of documentation manufacturing CATIA enables creation of 3D parts,from 3D sketches, sheetmetal,composites,molded,forged or tooling parts up to the definition of mechanical assemblies. The software provides advanced technologies mechanical surfacing & BIW It provides tools complete product definition, including functional tolerances as well as kinematics definition. CATIA provides wide range applications tooling design,for both generic tooling and mold & die CATIA offers a solution to shape design,styling surfacing workflow and visualization to create, modify, and validate complex innovative shapes from industrial design Class-A surfacing with the ICEM surfacing technologies.CATIA supports multiple stages of product design whether started from scratch or 2D sketches.CATIA v5 able read produce STEP format files for reverse engineering surface reuse. CATIA Systems Engineering solution delivers unique extensible systems engineering development platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification and business process support developing complex ‘cyber-physical’ products. enables organizations evaluate requests for changes or develop products system variants utilizing unified performance based systems engineering approach solution addresses the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) users developing today’s smart products systems comprises the following elements: Requirements Engineering, Systems Architecture Modeling, Systems Behavior Modeling & Simulation, Configuration Management & Lifecycle Traceability Automotive Embedded Systems Development (AUTOSAR Builder) Industrial Automation Systems Development (ControlBuild) CATIA uses the open Modelica language both CATIA Dynamic Behavior Modeling Dymola engineering disciplines. CATIA & Dymola extended through domain specific Modelica libraries simulate wide range of complex systems automotive vehicle dynamics through to aircraft flight dynamics CATIA offers solution facilitate design manufacturing routed tubing,piping,Heating,Ventilating & Air Conditioning(HVAC).Capabilities 2D diagrams for defining hydraulic,pneumatic and HVAC systems used for the 787 series aircraft.Dassault Systemes 3D PLM FNSS Vought Aircraft Industries Anglo/Italian Helicopter company AgustaWestland CATIA V4 V5 Safran use CATIA,Eurofighter Typhoon,main helicopters U.S Military forces,Sikorsky Aircraft Corp,P3 Voith,Bell Helicopter,Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, has used CATIA V4,V5 V6,Dassault Aviation using CATIA currently working CATIA V6,BMW,Porsche, McLaren Automotive,Chrysler,Honda,Audi,Jaguar Land Rover,Volkswagen,SEAT,Škoda,Bentley Motors Limited,Volvo,Fiat,Benteler International,PSA Peugeot Citroen,Renault,Toyota, Ford,Scania, Hyundai,Tesla Motors,Rolls Royce Motors,Valmet Automotive,Proton,Elba,Tata motors Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
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Elitmus Preparation with 3 Best Websites

If you’re preparing for eLitmus you need not do anything but blindly study from these three websites.

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How to track people on Google Maps real time current location

How to see people on Google Maps (location) using google+ NO root

Come per rintracciare le persone su Google Maps in tempo reale

Como realizar el seguimiento de personas en Google Maps en tiempo real

Wie man Personen auf Google Maps Echtzeit verfolgt

Hoe je mensen op Google Maps real time te volgen


Ruhe zai Google ditu shang jishi zhuīzōng shǐyong zhě


Gūguru mappu de riarutaimuni hito o tsuiseki suru hōhō

Bagaimana untuk melacak orang-orang di Google Maps real time

كيفية تعقب الناس على خرائط جوجل في الوقت الحقيقي

kayfiat taeqib alnnas ealaa kharayit jwjl fi alwaqt alhaqiqi

Google Maps کے حقیقی وقت پر لوگوں کو ٹریک کرنے کے لئے کس طرح

چگونه برای ردیابی افراد در نقشه های گوگل زمان واقعی

कैसे लोगों को खोजने के लिए स्थान गूगल मानचित्र

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How to Clear Google Maps History on Android

Want to clear Google Maps history on your android? Check this article and view this video guide to follow step by step process.

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How to record clear Voice on android mobile like Professional Mic Audio Noise free sound @Audacity

Learn how you can record clear audio for your youtube videos. Learn basic noise removal with audacity software

5 Secret YouTube Tricks Which you should try Know Works Immediately in Hindi YouTube

These are 5 youtube tricks that every youtube user can try to make fun while watching youtube.

These are for everyone.

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How English sounds to non-English speakers

Read the script for ‘Skwerl’ here:

‘Skwerl’. A short film in fake English. As seen on QI.
A film by Brian & Karl:

Screenplay: Karl Eccleston and Brian Fairbairn
Directed by Brian Fairbairn
Starring: Karl Eccleston and Fiona Pepper
Sound and lighting: Thomas Jordan

Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston are a London-based filmmaking duo.

Made for Kino Sydney #47.
June 2011

Channel: Brian and Karl
Published: 2011-10-08 12:57:41
Duration: 4M6S
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Make Your Voice Sound Better In Audacity (EASY)

Make your voice sound professional and better using Audacity! – Please RATE!

Microphone I Use:

Quickly learn to make your voice sound clearer and better with the simple steps in the video.

► Photoshop CS6 Tutorials
► iMovie Tutorials
► Final Cut Pro X Tutorials

NEW iMove 2013 Overview:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beginner’s Tutorial:

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Vector Conversion:

Download Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 For Free:

My Editing Software
My Microphone
My Screen Recording Software
My Laptop
My Monitor

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How to Make Vocals Clear in Audacity : Audio Recording

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Making vocals clear in Audacity is very easy, so long as you’re using the right tools in the right ways. Make vocals clear in Audacity with help from an audio engineer and musician in this free video clip.

Expert: Joey Biagas
Filmmaker: Hunter Lemoine

Series Description: Recording audio on your computer doesn’t require a million dollar studio – it requires the right software used in just the right way. Get tips on audio recording with help from an audio engineer and musician in this free video series.

Channel: eHowTech
Published: 2013-02-18 14:30:28
Duration: 3M31S
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Make Audio/Voice Better – Crisp & Clear with Audacity!

▼ Expand for more info ▼
Audacity download link:

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In this video I’ll teach you guys how to make audio sound really good, crisp & clear!
Noise Removal
Bass Boost
Treble Boost
Hard Limiter(-4)
[NEW] Amplify(Go to Effect, Amplify, and just hit OK)
*Normalize is recommended after each step!

Any Question/Suggestions/Idea/Constructive Criticism…ANYTHING?
▼ ▼ ▼ Leave it in the comments below!▼ ▼ ▼


This video was not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My experience may differ from your own. Peace! ✌

Music Credits:
Desmeon – Hellcat [NCS Release]


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how to record your voice in clear way on android device in hindi.

Hello,friends this video for how to record your voice in clear way in android device in hindi. Very real method to record your voice in clear way on android device.

Learn how you can record clear audio for your youtube videos. Learn basic noise removal with audacity software.

How to record best quality sound on our Computer?Apne computer par acchi quality ki sound kaise record kare?Hindi video by kuch bhi sikho.
अपने कंप्यूटर में अच्छी गुणवता की आवाज कैसे रिकॉर्ड करे?

Today we will learn in this video how to make your voice clear without any external software to your computer to help you see these videos very easily into your computer can make your voice clear
Stay tuned to learn anything and Keep Learning

आज हम इस वीडियो में सीखेंगे अपने आवाज को क्लियर अपने कंप्यूटर में कैसे बनाये बिना किसी बाहरी सॉफ्टवेर के मदद से आप ये वीडियो देखकर बहुत ही आसानी से अपने कंप्यूटर में अपने आवाज को क्लियर बना सकते है
कुछ भी सीखो देखते रहिये और सीखते रहिये

Aaj hum is video mein sikhenge apne aawaj ko clear apne computer mein kaise banaye bina kisi bahri softwere ke madad se aap ye video dekhkar bahut hi aasani se apne computer mein apne aawaj ko clear kar sakte hai
Kuch bhi sikho dekhte rahiye aur sikhte rahiye
निचे दिए हुए लिंक पर क्लिक करके हमारे विडियो को देख लीजिये
Click the link below to take a look at our video

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fix audio sound problem not working after upgrading windows pro 10 29 July 2015. Many other users also also facing problem after upgrading windows 10. in this i showed how to fix this error with 2 easy steps. After this i have already fix audio sound problem not working problem.
Method 1:

First Go to Notification Area → Right Click sound Icon → open Playback devices → Select your Speaker icon as default playback device. I have already select all these settings.

Method 2:

After default playback device Navigate to Properties → click on advanced → enhancement → check disable all enhancement
Reboot the system. After reboot I hope you problem will solved.

How to fix audio sound problem not working on windows 10 with 3 other working methods.kya kaise.

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Hello friends this video for Don’t forgot comment because they increase your views and subscribers no fake 100%WORKING.

How To Increase Subscribers & Views Fast Free on Youtube In Urdu/Hindi Tutorials

Hey Guys! Welcome to the New Tutorial of YouTube to Increase YouTube Views and YouTube Subscribers. In this Tutorial i will teach you how to increase YouTube views and Subscribers in Urdu Hindi.So let’s Watch the Tutorial and You Guys! Enjoy Watching the Secret Trick to Increase YouTube Views and subscribers. So Watch this Video Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi to Increase your YouTube Views and Subscribers. Don’t Forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Take a Sec to Share with your .

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How to achieve google openion reward 2017 in hindi.

Hello ; friends this video for how to achieve google openion reward. But friends this app is fake because didi not show google earnings reward but show your YouTube earnings. In hindi

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How to Reduce Background Noise In Android| Record Clear Voice

How to Reduce Background Noise In Android| Record Clear Voice

Hello Guys!!
Today In This Video I’m Gonna Review an Amazing Android Application By Which You Can Reduce Noise From Your Audio This Is Similar To audacity . But With This Application You Can Do Noise Reduction With Your Android.. There Are Other Many Amazing Effects Available In This application….

if You Are A Youtuber And u Don’t Have PC Then This Application Will Help You A Lot To Increase The Quality of You Voice And You Can Increase More views on Your Videos…. To Know About It Watch This Video Till End….

Music Credits:
Song: Distrion & Alex Skrindo – Lightning [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.


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Best Mic For YouTube Voice Recording | How to Record Clear Voice For YouTube Video | Zabel RC 01



Best Mic For YouTube Voice Recording How to Record Clear Voice For YouTube Video

YouTube Ke Videos Ke Liye Clear Voice Kaise Record Kare ?

Zabel Microphone with Pop Filter ( )

Our all videos watch here –

◊ Hello, all of you friends, I am Mr. Huzaifa

◊ Mere is channel ” Mr. Huzaifa ” par aapka swagat hai. Is channel ka sub name ” How to Hindi ” bhi hai. Yaani is channel par mai aapko Android / Internet / Android Applications / Android Tips / Computer / Blogging / jaise subject par How to.. ke title se ku6 basic baate sikhane ki koshish karta hu.

Iske lie Best option How to.. ke title se realted subject par screen record kar Hindi / Urdu language me video tutorial publish karna hai. Mere is channel par In subjects par related video tutorial maujud hai jisse aap asani se sab kuchh sikh sakenge.

► How to Learn Internet – (Internet se jude Android / Android Applications / Android Tips / Computer / Blogging / jiase subject ka Basic Knowledge or Tips)

► How to Learn Android / Smartphone / Mobiles – (Android / Smartphone / Mobiles ke bare me basic Tips or Knowledge in Hindi / Urdu)

► How to Learn – ( ke bare me basic Tips or Knowledge in Hindi / Urdu)

► How to Learn PicsArt – (Android SmartPhone se Photo Editing ki Popular Application PicsArt ka kuchh Basic Knowledge or Tips)

► How to Learn WhatsApp – (Android SmartPhone ki Popular Social Chatting Application WhatsApp ke bare me Basic Knowledge or Tips)

My Popular Videos
► How to make Simple Logo Designs in PicsArt Application – Urdu / Hindi Tutorial

► How to Convert Image to Text with Android / Learn OCR technology – Urdu / Hindi Tutorial

► How to Add Custom Fonts in PicsArt Application – Urdu / Hindi Tutorial

► How to Scan Important Document with Android SmartPhone – Urdu / Hindi Tutorial

► How to Take DSLR Quality Photo from Your Android Smartphone – Urdu / Hindi Tutorial

► How to Change Fonts in Xiaomi Redmi MI5 / Redmi 3S / Note 3 / MI Max – Urdu Hindi Tutorial

► How to become a WhatsApp Beta Tester free 2016 – urdu / Hindi Tutorial

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Greetings from me. 🙂

– Mr. Huzaifa – (How to Hindi)

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how to record screen and face on mac and android phone.

Hello friends this video for how to record face and SCREEN on android phone.

Learn how to record your screen from your mobile device, any iOS device including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and even Windows without jailbreaking it.

Broadcast your mobile device to Chrome, Windows and Mac and then you can record/capture the screen.

Record your mobile device using Quicktime, Screenflow, Reflector 2
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How to Clear Google Maps History on Android

Want to clear Google Maps history on your android? Check this article and view this video guide to follow step by step process.

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How To Restore Whatsapp Messages in Just 3 Steps

Check more details about backup & restoring Whatsapp messages on

Accidentally Deleted Your WhatsApp Chat History and messages? Here in this video, you can find out how you can retrieve your deleted messages and chat history from your Whatsapp Messenger.

Check out the three steps on how to restore Whatsapp chat easily.
Step 1: Uninstall Whatsapp
Step 2: Install it again from Google play store
Step 3: Confirm your number and it will show you restore option

Confirm and your all Whatsapp chat history and messages will be restored in few minutes.

For your information : WhatsApp conversations are automatically saved automatically every day at 4AM (your local time). Backup files are saved by default on the phone’s internal memory, but only given that there is enough free space. You can also manually back up your chats at any time. Source :

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Published: 2017-02-25 07:17:11
Duration: 1M52S
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How to Delete Browser Search History on iPhone and iPad

In this tutorial you will learn how to delete browser search history on iPhone running on iOS 7.

Every human and every device has a history. Luckily for devices, if you want your iPhone to act as brand new, it’s possible to do so by deleting browser search history. When you need to sell your iPhone or give it away to your mother, here’s what to do.

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Step 1. Go to Safari app. When we start to tap now anything in the search field, the app gives us numerous suggestions based on our previous searches and enquiries. We will completely erase its history!

Step 2. Tap “Cancel” to exit search interface and tap the “Bookmark” icon at the bottom of the screen. It leads you to the “Bookmarks” menu.

Step 3. Tap “History”.

Step 4. At the bottom of the “History” menu, tap “Clear”. Confirm the action by tapping “Clear History”. Your Safari app has now all its memory erased.

Step 5. To make sure that you leave no traces, tap “Bookmark” icon again and tap the icon with glasses. Here is the last evidence: your favorite bookmarks!

Step 6. Tap on any bookmark and swipe it to the left until you see “Delete”. Tap “Delete”. Perform the same action with any trace of yours in the browser that is left and does not come with iPhone’s factory settings.

Step 7. Alternatively, you can perform the same history cleaning along with other deletions of data via “Settings” app. Tap “Settings”, then scroll and tap “Safari”.

Step 8. Scroll down a bit. Tap ” Clear History” to clean up your history. Confirm your action.

Step 9. Tapping “Clear Cookies and Data” forces the applications or webpages to land on your device as new, forgetting prior execution.

Step 10. Scroll until the end of the Safari menu and tap “Advanced”. Tap “Website Data”.
Make sure there is nothing left in this section. Our precise cleaning did not leave any traces.

Result: Now your iPhone’s history is crystal-clear and ready for a new life!

Channel: iPhone, iPad and Android Tutorials from HowTech
Published: 2014-09-15 08:17:02
Duration: 2M27S
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How to Clear History And Website Data in iOS 9 Safari on iPhone or iPad

A detailed video on how to clear Safari history and website data in iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad. Also watch out how to enable “Do Not Track” and block cookies in iOS 9 Safari.

Here are more details:

Channel: iGeeksBlog
Published: 2015-09-29 09:01:10
Duration: 8M21S
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Compress & Extract Zip Files Using Zarchiver

Full details available on

Looking for compressing and extracting files solution on your android device? Well, Zarchiver for android is the best solution for android that can help you compressing and extracting files on your android device.

If you are looking for how to make a zip file using android, you are at right place. Zarchiver app for android also lets you to extract and open zip files or any other compressed file format. So you will also learn about how to open zip files using android in this video guide.

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Duration: 3M30S
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How To Turn Off YouTube Autoplay on Android

Want to know How To Turn Off YouTube Auto play on Android? Check the easiest way to prevent autoplay feature of YouTube in this video directly from your smartphone.

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Published: 2017-03-25 10:41:47
Duration: 48S
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