Top 10 NEW FREE Android Games 2017 July

Top 10 NEW FREE Android Games 2017 July

1Durango: Wild Lands
Durango: Wild Lands Closed Beta Test is now available!
Join the world in advance to experience a massive sandbox open-world to explore, craft, build, battle, and more!

Download –

2.Still Here
An Innocent Exploration Game that feels like a relaxing morning stroll, it’s a 2D flight game set in beautiful dystopian world with lots of secrets for you to uncover.

Download –

3.Mafia Revenge – Real-Time PvP
Guns. Cars. Money. Power. Revenge.
Do you have the guts to pull that trigger?

Download –

4.Revolution Offroad : Spin Simulation

Download –

5.Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden
Ready for a true Fantasy RPG with a fantastic story?

Download –

6.Combat Squad – Online FPS
Get ready for an epic tactical multiplayer squad combat to test your skills and tactics against others around the world.

Download –

7.Iron Blade: Medieval RPG
The ancient prophecies were true. The Demon Lord Baal is set to return for his second attempt at claiming this world: The signs are everywhere, the darkness is emerging, the cultists are stronger.

Download –

BattleCore is the Next-Gen Fast-Paced Battlefield Style FPS game

Download –

9.WWE Tap Mania
Unleash your ultimate team of Superstars in WWE’s new, fast-paced game, WWE Tap Mania!

Download –

10.Yalghaar Game: Commando Action 3D FPS Gun Shooter

Download –


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Top 20 open World Games For Android 2017

Some good Open world games For Android

Top 20 open World Games For Android 2017

1.Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

2.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

3.Gangstar Vegas – mafia game
Playstore –

4.Mission: Berlin

Playstore –

5.The Shadow Sun

6.MadOut2 BigCityOnline

7.Nimian Legends : BrightRidge

8.Bully: Anniversary Edition

9.Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

10.Unearthed:Trail of Ibn Battuta

11.Assassin’s Creed Identity

12.Max Payne Mobile


14.Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

15.Lost Horizon

16.Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

17.Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

18.The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Download –

20.Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two

Music Credit
Luminox – BOMBA!

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Spanish – Top 20 Juegos Mundiales Abiertos para Android 2017

german – Top 20 offene Welt Spiele fur Android 2017

Russian – Топ-20 открытых мировых игр для Android 2017

Japanese – Android2017のトップ20オープンワールドゲーム

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Top 15 Next-Gen Graphics Android & iOS Games 2017

New best console quality next gen high graphics games for android & iOS 2017 upcoming l VinIsHere

Sup people, brought you another list games with amazing graphics that are available on mobile this are just new and upcoming ones of this year hope you all like the video.

Following are games name I mentioned in the video:-

1)Nobleman 1896:- made by forsaken the one who created heroes and castle, bug heroes 2 etc coming soon footage was exclusive beta gameplay.

2)Battle titans:- upcoming online multiplayer made by pixonic, war robots creator.

3)Eisenhorn Xenos:-

4)Durango: Wild lands:-CBT just got started just for Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

5)World war heroes:-

6)Dark Avenger 3:-Beta got over just a month ago its coming soon.

7)Wicked forest 2 :- upcoming New survival games with single and multiplayer just a test video provided by developer looks amazing.


9)Galaxy on Fire 3:-

10)Morphite:- another upcoming onegete vehicles, explore hunt in this awesome looking game.

11)Dead Rivals- Available in Philippines currently:-

12)Modern Combat Versus:-

13)Ocenhorn 2:- First was such a blast now second by just looking expect how good it’s gonna be.

14)Bullet Strike Battlegrounds:- the video is alpha footage its still in development beta will be started soon.

15)Shadowgun Legends:- of course one the beat fps ever made by madfinger is coming pretty soon.

Ingame Songs:-
1)Ehrling- Champagne Ocean:-
2)Jensation- Delicious:-
3)Ikson- Wander:-
4)Take it easy- MBB:-
5)Ivan B- Sweaters:-

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Top 10 Best Offline Games 2017 Android & IOS

Top 10 Best Offline Games 2017 Android & IOS, In this video we take a look at top 10 best offline games 2017 android & ios. This list includes best offline games 2017, best android games, best offline android games, best offline hd android games, best offline high graphics games, best offline open world android games, best high graphics android games, best insane graphics android games, best fps android games, best hd android games, best offline high graphics games, offline games for android, no wifi no internet, best offline games for android, android, best android games, android games, best android games 2017, 2017, offline android games, top, offline, new, hd, games, offline games for android, high graphics, high graphics android games, new android games, android offline, best offline games for android 2017, best offline games for android, new & more. Here is the list of top 10 best offline games 2017 android & ios. This list includes the top 10 best offline games of 2017 android & ios which players can play offline, no wifi games, no wifi, no internet, race, open world, fighting or fps, mysterious action, action-adventure, action RPG, open-world action-adventure and survival.

Tell us your favorite top 10 best offline games 2017 in the comment down below.

■ Intro : ExPe – Haven (ft. Xtract & Xtraction)

♦ List ♦

1 Nimian Legends BrightRidge
Android –

2 Racing Horizon
Android –
IOS – Coming Soon

3 Mordheim Warband Skirmish
Android –

4 DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak
Android –

5 Ninja War Hero
Android –

6 Death Behind
Android –
IOS – Coming Soon

7 Go To Street
Android –
IOS – Coming Soon

8 Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao
Android –
IOS – Coming Soon

9 Zombie Safari
Android –

Android –

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Top 10 Cinematic Game Trailers Android 2017 HOT High Graphics

Top 10 Cinematic Game Trailers Android 2017 HOT High Graphics

Hi guys here are some best cinematic game trailers
hope you guys like this video

1.Tian Xia (天下)

2.mabinogi heroes

3.Demon Hunter:The Adventurers

Download –

4.Blade 2
Coming Soon……..

5.Kritika: The White Knights

6.Demon Seals

7.kingdom under fire 2
Coming soon

8.Lineage M

9.Blade: Sword of Elysion

10.Sword of Chaos

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Top 5 Sexy PSP Games for Android 2017 | PPSSPP Emulator P:

Top 5 Sexy PSP Games for Android 2017 | PPSSPP Emulator

Hi guys
Here is the list of top 5 hot psp games for android PPSSPP emulator
some of them are extremely sexy and really hot to handle.

Music Credit – NCS

Alan Walker – Alone [NCS Release]

1.Mortal Kombat – Unchained (USA) ISO
Mortal Kombat Unchained (MKU) is one fascinating game with awesome features that are displayed throughout the game. The game is much

2.Dead or Alive Paradise (USA) ISO
Dead or Alive’s debut on the PSP brings the DOA girls back to the island with more of a focus on relationships and mini games from DOA: Xtreme 2.

3.Tomb Raider – Legend (USA) ISO
Lara travels across the world in search of a legendary artifact. The game is considered a restart for the series after the poor reception for Angel of Darkness. It is also the first Tomb Raider game developed by Crystal Dynamics after they took over the role from Core Design.

4.Brooktown High (USA) ISO

5.Queen’s Blade – Spiral Chaos (Japan)
An SRPG based on the Queen’s Blade visual combat books publish by Hobby Japan
Read more at’s_Blade_-_Spiral_Chaos_(Japan)/158523#FAt4PYigGtf0Irjz.99

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Spanish – Top 5 Juegos de PSP para Android 2017 | Emulador PPSSPP

German – Top 5 HOT PSP Spiele fur Android 2017 | PPSSPP Emulator

French – Top 5 HOT PSP Games pour Android 2017 | Emulateur PPSSPP

Japanese – アンドロイド2017のトップ5ホットPSPゲーム| PPSSPPエミュレータ

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