3 Apps to Tether Your Android Without Rooting

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This week Verizon and the FCC reached a big settlement that will allow Verizon customers to use their smartphones as wifi hotspots at no extra charge. Previously, Verizon had been charging about $20 a month for the ability to tether your data plan to other devices like laptops and tablets. So we’ve got 3 apps to help you get an internet connection using your cell phone, without any hacking or extra bills.

Easy Tether



How To Tether For Free Without Rooting – Works For Samsung and Motorola Phones

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12 Dangerous Android Apps You Need to Delete Immediately

Pay attention to the list of the most suspicious apps you may come across in Google Play. Delete them from your phone immediately to protect your personal data and extend the life of your phone.
Their creators promise the apps will optimize your device, extend the life of your battery and protect your phone from viruses. Some of them are even supposed to be lie detectors and defragmentation devices. In fact, all they give you is ads, and what they do is get access to your data and kill your battery. Considering the huge number of apps created every single day, not even Google can keep track and check the safety of all the new programs. So the security of your device mostly depends on you!

Music: Master of the Feast – Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400019
Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400019.
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Weather apps 0:43
Social media apps 1:31
Optimizers 2:02
Built-in browsers 2:32
Antivirus programs from unknown developers 3:01
Browsers with additional features 4:26
Apps for increasing your phone’s memory 5:43
Lie detectors 6:14
Defragmentation apps 7:00
Music Player 7:28
Battery Savers and Fast Charge apps 7:51
Wi-Fi apps 8:23

-There was a weather app that allowed the bad guys to avoid two-step authentication and easily get access to banking information of those who installed it.
-Social media apps suck up so much of your device’s energy and kill the battery too.
-Optimizers don’t make your phone’s system faster, they just slow it down and bring you ads as an added bonus.
-Built-in browsers are mostly slow-working and don’t have any protection from data interception.
-Hackers create their own antivirus apps, which can steal users’ personal data and even completely block the phone.
-You have at least two reasons two delete browsers from your phone: they slow it down, and require access to most aspects of the system, so they can even manage your calls.
-You won’t get more memory than your phone had initially, but will provide memory apps with access to your data.
-Lie detector apps are about as useful as crystal balls, but they kill your battery and get access to your contacts and personal data.
-Defragmentation apps don’t work like promised. They can only analyze how much space certain programs take up, use your phone’s resources and collect your personal data.
-You will want to delete this app because it consumes tons of data since it’s full of ads and causes a massive drain of your battery.
-Battery savers and fast chargers can’t really change the speed of your gadget charging, but can give you endless apps even on lock screen.
-If you don’t want these apps to get access to all your data, avoid them at all costs.

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(2017) Turn Your Android Phone Into a WiFi Hotspot For Free (No Rooting)

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Download PDANet+ and make sure you find a key for it to be unlocked!

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PdaNet+ – Android App Review (USB Tethering App)

(2018 update coming soon!)

In all of our years of playing with various setting on our phones, rooting, booting, customizing, and bricking, we have two solid contenders for the best tethering apps. This one is for USB tethering only.

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How to Get Free Premium Cable (World-Wide)

How to get free premium cable channels using a simple programming technique! This will allow you to get any premium cable channel from your cable company, whether it be Comcast, Verizon, Time-Warner, DirectTV, or anything else! Just kidding, this video is a joke. You can send it to your friends for a laugh!

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Hubsan Zino On Android Is Awesome – 3 Axis 4K GPS Camera Drone Under $400 – TheRcSaylors

Get A FREE Extra Battery When You Buy The ZINO Here – https://goo.gl/zyKdjC
The Hubsan ZINO really is an awesome 4K Camera Drone with a 3 Axis Gimbal that is under $400! We’ve been happily impressed with ours from day one, minus the Android issues we had in the beginning. Now all those are resolved and we’re out flying it even more! We wanted to share this great experience with you guys. What do you think of the Zino now that it’s been out for a couple months? Happy Flying!

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Revell 1/48th scale Bristol Beaufighter, one of the RAF’s most successful twin engined fighters. The TF.X version of this versatile fighter aircraft was used mainly for low-level attacks against shipping. It was armed with a torpedo and machine guns.

• Cockpit with consoles and instrument panel
• Gunners cabin
• Detailed tail wheel
• Separate ruder
• Tailplane with separate elevators
• Fully detailed Hercules engines
• Separate ailerons and flaps
• Detailed under-carriage with retraction struts
• Torpedo
• Decal set for No.489 Sqn and No.254 Sqn RAF

For more detils about kits, tools and paints from REVELL please visit:

Airbrush used in this video:
MR.AIRBRUSH CUSTOM – Supreme airbrush from Japan with the high-precision 0.18mm nozzle. (PS770)

MR.PROCONBOY WA PLATINUM 0,3mm, Version.2 (PS289)
I would certainly recommend this airbrush to anyone who is starting into the hobby.

Air Compressor also used in this video:
SPARMAXArism Viz Air Compressor

Please visit SPARMAX website:
You can directly contact SPARMAX team for more information about product availability & sales @ info@sparmaxair.com

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Thanks for watching!
All the best!

I am not being sponsored or paid to promote this kit, paints, tools and to make this video! Thanks!

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World’s Most Expensive Drones!

8 Most Expensive Drones!

Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts
Sources, Courtesy & Attributions:

Walkera Voyager 3
Walkera Voyager 3 is a drone developed by a modern technology company Walkera. The drone has GPS and GLONASS dual-navigation copter allowing incredible user experience.
Cost is 900$!

DJI Mavic Pro Drone
DJI Mavic Pro Drone has a flight time of 27 minutes and a flight control range of around 7 km. It has physical stabilization with 3 axis gimbal, 4K video resolution and has a maximum speed of 65kmph in sports mode. Cost 999$.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro
DJI Inspire 1 Pro is a quadcopter which provides Birds Eye footage. This drone has a lens of 15mm and 45mm focal length and has a single battery of 6S 5,700mAh 22.8V Lipo battery. Its propellers are around 14 inches long and has a distance of 18 inches between the propellers allowing it to move freely. Cost 3,000$.

Aerones Firefighting Drone
Aerones Firefighting Drone is a unique and innovative drone by a company called Aeroness Limited. This drone is designed with a purpose to outperform and at the same time assist the firefighters. Compared with the ordinary drones, this drone can fly up to a height of 300-400 meters and weighs around 55 kilograms.
Its Price may be between $3500 to $6000.

Matrice 600 Pro
Matrice 600 pro is the largest drone made by the company DJI. It has a 6-rotor system and was built for heavy lifting performance. It has pre-installed arms and antenna which reduces the time required for setup of drone for the purpose of lifting. Cost $4,599.

Freefly Alta 8
The Freefly Alta 8 comes with a 360-degree camera which offers a circular view. The drone offers the TITH quick release functionality which allows incredible speed, flexibility and creativity.
The Cost of an Alta 8 is $17,000.

DJI Inspire 2 Cinema Premium
DJI Inspire 2 Cinema Premium is a high valued and premium drone which has a space of around 19 inches between the propeller arms allowing the drone to move around freely. The drone has a flight time of around 27 minutes and has a flight control range of under 7 kilometers. DJI Inspire 2 costs around $20,500.

E- Hang 184
Talking about most expensive drones in the world, E-Hang 184 tops the list. Created by a Chinese company EHANG, this drone is valued at a whopping price of $300,000.

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MATCHBOX Restoration No 32b E Type Jaguar 1962

This little car was an iconic British Classic crying out for a makeover. Well, it got one! With its high gloss metallic paint job and new looking tyres, wheels and windscreen, it has become a sight to behold. This video is the first to showcase my ‘Diamond Class’ Polish machine. Baremetal eat your heart out!

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‘Paradise’ by Misael Gauna.

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Hubsan H117S Zino [Teil 3] Flugtest und alle Funktionen [DEUTSCH]

► Aktuelle Coupons und Angebote fur den Hubsan Zino findest du hier https://drohnen-einsteiger.de/hubsan-zino/


Der Hubsan Zino ist wohl eines der Highlights der Drohnen 2018/2019.
4K Kamera, 3-Achsen Gimbal ordentliche Flugzeit und noch viel mehr machen diese Drohne interessant.
Und der Preis ist uberschaubar.

Das Review vom Hubsan H117S Zino teile ich in 3 Teile auf.
Hier Teil 3: Der Flugtest und alle alle Funktionen

In Teil 1 gibt es den Packungsinhalt, die Vorstellung und erste Informationen.

In Teil 2 fuhre ich ein Firmware Upgrade vom FC, Gimbal und Kamera durch


Music: TheFatRat – Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)


Alles rund um Technik Gadgets

Alles uber Drohnen

Alles rund um den Haushalt

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10 FAILED General Aviation Airplanes

10 airplanes that didn’t quite make the cut. Remember, every failure is a step towards success.

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To see the original videos, follow the links below:

Beechcraft Starship

Lear Fan


CMC Leopard

Diamond D-Jet

Piper Jet

Cessna Skycatcher

Mooney M10

Extra 400 / 500

Adam A500

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Best app to get earn paytm cash with proof || simple task || earn lots of cash in 5 minutes

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