Free Unlimited Hotspot Tethering without jailbreak or root iPhone 654 all Androids Update 6 June

Hey there, get it here iOS 11.4 Update by PedroRodriquez as of June 6, 2018

FREE WiFi Hotspot/Tethering for ALL Devices (PDANet+/Foxfi) NO ROOT

Thanks for Watching!! If Foxfi and PDANet+ are blocked on your Play Store, use the following links to check and download them:

Foxfi Compatability Check:

Foxfi Installer:

PDANet+ Installer:

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Free Unlimited Hotspot Tethering without jailbreak or root ( iPhone 6,5,4 / all Androids )

Free Unlimited Hotspot Tethering without jailbreak or root ( iPhone 6,5,4 / all Androids ) T-Mobile, At&t, Claro, Metro Pc and all carriers
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Free WiFi Hotspot for ALL Androids, No Root Required

Turn the audio up. This video details the app FoxFi which allows for all Android devices to be used as WiFi hotspots free of charge and without needing a root. If you have a data plan on your phone but not a hotspot plan, then this is for you.

-Sprint customers will need to download it from the link below.
-This will not bill your phone company whatsoever.
-HTC users might need to try Bluetooth instead.

Previously this used to work on all phones but nowadays it does not. It works on a couple ICS phones and doesn’t work adequately on really old phones, also it DOES NOT work on HTC Phones anymore. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I didn’t develop the app. Don’t be angry at me, because as for myself, I cannot use it either since I run 4.0.

FoxFi Download Link
NOT AVAILABLE. Search “FoxFi Download APK” on Google and the very FIRST LINK has the download.

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How to enable WiFi Personal Hotspot or USB Tethering on an iPhone-easily sharing Internet

Read more/comment at

Demonstration was done with an iPhone 5 with Verizon LTE, and a laptop with Windows 8 and Internet Connection Sharing temporarily enabled (turn off sharing when done).

1080P video was recorded with another iPhone 5.

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Wifi Tether iPhone – NO JAILBREAK

Alright! So if you have seen in the past, there have been lots of “hidden” apps,
fortunately, we came across another one! The “FlashArmyKnife” App that was recently
released, contains a tether that is pretty easy to use!

The App:

Wifi HotSpot Creator:

For Mac instructions (Instruction is “Mac to Mac” But it will work the same!):

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