Cara Tethering/Hotspot Kpn Rev, Http Injector, dari Android ke Pc/Laptop TANPA ROOT #redmi5a

Turorial Video ini menjelaskan tentang cara TETHERING/HOSTPOT KPN, Anonytun, HTTP Injector, VPN, dll KE PC/ LAPTOP (TANPA ROOT) :

Link (BAHAN) download :

1. Cara Tethering Anonytun android tanpa root
2. Cara Tethering KPN Rev android tanpa root
3. Cara Tethering Tweakware android tanpa root
4. Cara Tethering HTTP Injector android tanpa root
5. Cara Tethering VPN Pro android tanpa root
6. Cara hostpot KPN Tunnel android tanpa root
7. Cara hostpot anonytun android tanpa root
8. Cara hostpot HTTP Injector android tanpa root
9. Cara hostpot Tweakware android tanpa root
10. Cara hostpot VPN Pro android tanpa root

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Eyad Farag – Feelings [inspired by Alan Walker] (Music Video)

Music :
Alan Walker – Feelings (Music Video)

“Song : Eyad Farag – Feelings” (Inspired by Alan Walker)

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Windows 10 USB Tethering Fix

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In this video, I am going to show you how to solve the USB Tethering issue with Windows 10.

USB Tethering is perfectly working in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 but after upgrading to Windows 10 I noticed that it is very hard to get it working properly, and I guessed it is a driver issue and I was right about that.

Actually, in this video, we are updating the driver from version 5 to the latest version 6, because this version is working properly with Windows 10. And the latest driver is already present in the system so you don’t need to worry about the download link. You just need to update it manually, with the steps shown in this video.


(i) If Remote NDIS based network sharing device option is not showing on your computer then don’t worry. You need to turn on USB Tethering first, and then you can see that option (though it is not working).

(ii) The fix should work immediately, if it is not then you did not follow the steps correctly, or there is some other problem.

(iii) If the problem reappears when you connect your device the next time, then do the steps again and make sure to turn off Tethering before disconnecting your device.

(iv) If you are getting error code 10 or something like that then turn off USB debugging, if already turned off then try to uninstall and reinstall the NDIS driver, if not working then you have to search for the official driver from your manufacturer website.

If you have any problem, complain or suggestion then feel free to comment. 🙂 , and if this tutorial helped you then please give your 5 seconds and like, comment and subscribe my channel. Thank you…

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tethering hotspot Wifi (NO ROOT) 100% WORK


tethering ke laptop

Kali ini saya ngasih tutorial cara tethering vpn hotspot wifi NO ROOT dijamin work 100%


yang perlu disiapkan adalah aplikasi proxy server kalian bisa download di playstore


1. Kalian hubungakan dulu aplikasi vpn / aplikasi inject SSH andalan kalian seperti kpn tunnel,http injector,eproxy,ovpn,dll sampai terhubung

2. setelah terhubung kalian hidupin dulu hotspot kalian kalo sudah buka aplikasi PROXY SERVER nya

3. setelah dibuka kalian klik (+)add di atas pojok kiri lalu klik proxy server

4. isi server name sesuka kalian dan isi run on port 9999

5. setelah itu klik rules di pojok kanan kiri dan klik (+)add lagi

6. isi HOST 192.168
forward to host:
Forward to port: 1080

7. setelah itu klik tombol kembali di hp kalian dan klik YES dan klik kembali lagi dan klik YES lagi

8. kalo sudah klik start di atas..sebelahnya add

9. menuju ke hp yang mau di hotspotin…lalu hidupkan wifinya tapi jangan di hubungkan dulu klik ubah jaringan lalu klik manual lalu klik opsi lanjutan “sebagian hp ada yang langsung klik opsi lanjutan”

10. Isi proxy:
Port: 9999 …lalu klik simpan dan hubungkan


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Motorola Moto G USB Tethering How to Guide

Motorola Moto G is one of the most popular budget Android smartphone. In this video, we will learn how to use Moto G USB tethering feature to connect to internet from PC using Moto G as modem. This method is same for all the Moto G series in India such as Moto G2, Moto G3, Moto G Turbo, Moto G 4G Etc. Connecting to net from PC using Moto G can be achieved using Bluetooth tethering and personal WiFi hotspot methods too provided your PC supports WiFi or Bluetooth.
You can read more on this in
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