How to display Raspberry Pi’s screen on Laptop/ PC Desktop/Android Phone (Bangla Tutorial)

Angry IP scanner:

DIY Raspberry Pi + Arduino Laptop

In the video i hope to show you how to build a Raspberry Pi and Arduino powered laptop with some cool features.
Full Instructions + links: (
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Raspberry Pi + TV / DVD / GPS / Reversing Camera installed in my car.

My car now has a Raspberry Pi computer and this cool screen!
The unit plays DVDs, has GPS, displays TV, has Bluetooth (phone calls + music), reversing camera (comes on automatically when I put the car in reverse gear), MP3/MPEG4 player, CD/radio etc, and an input for my Raspberry Pi computer.

For photos on how I did all this stuff, and videos of the other gadgets in the car, check out my website

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How to build a NES Classic with a Raspberry Pi

Nintendo may be discontinuing the NES Classic, but that doesn’t mean you must give up on playing classic Nintendo games. Crafting your own is as easy as picking a few parts off Amazon and formatting a memory card.

A Raspberry Pi 3 model B sits at the heart of our system. The tiny computer costs less than $40, and is more than powerful enough to emulate not just NES games.


Build guide:

3D Print file:


Win 32 Disk Imager:



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DT Podcasts:


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PiDesk – Futuristic desk with embedded controls, using Raspberry Pi

I participated in element14’s “Sci-Fi Your Pi” Design Challenge and built a futuristic desk with built-in LEDs, wireless charger and capacitive touch sensors. A Raspberry Pi 2 desktop computer pops in and out of the desk.

Have feedback on this project? Ideas for another? Let me know in the comments!

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Top 10 USES of OTG Cable that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

We will explore what you can connect to an android phone with otg cable? Hard drive , pendrive , LAN cable whats more? Android can do many things with otg (on the go).
Usb Mouse-
Usb Fan-
Memory card reader-
Usb Gamepad-
Usb Light-
LAN to usb-
Hard drive-
Note-All phones doesn’t support the LAN/Hard drive feature which is shown in this video.

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~Music Credits~
Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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How to Automate the task in Android?

Set up a Trigger and Based on the trigger certain kind of action will be performed.

How to Make a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

In this video, we give you some detailed instructions on how to make an easy raspberry pi powered home smart mirror. A smart mirror displays applications so that you can check the weather, local news, etc. while you are getting ready in the morning. It’s also modular, so you can easy move it around or hang it on the wall if you like. We’ve created a basic application that you can run on the smart mirror, but it’s totally customizable if you want to write some of your own code. We use a Raspberry Pi 3 in this video, but you can also use an A, B+ or any other Pi.

*Note* we no longer sell these parts. In order to download the 3d printable files, visit our website:
If you don’t have a 3d printer, you should be able to print the parts on a local community printer or with an online service like Shapeways.

Check our page for downloadable 3d files and a full parts list:

Github project:
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1 x Raspberry Pi 3
Amazon Affiliate Link –

1 x Low profile monitor (we used an old led display)
Amazon Affiliate Link –

12 ft – 1×2

12 ft – 1×3

1 x Wood glue

1 x Low profile HDMI cable
Amazon Affiliate Link –

1 x 18″ – 24″ Acrylic See-Through Mirror, 1mm
Amazon Affiliate Link –

You could also use a piece of one way film and a clear acrylic sheet
Amazon Affiliate Link –

*NOTE* – The above mirror might be too flexible and cause some distortion if it is not sandwiched properly. You could also use a thicker piece of clear acrylic and apply some one way mirror film:
We did not experiment with this, so results may vary.

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DJ Quads – Stop:

The methods shown in this video should be used
as a guide only.


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DIY Android Bluetooth Home Automation Using Arduino | Control UpTo 8 Devices Using Your SmartPhone

Make Your Life Easier And Get Rid Of The Wires!

By making this project you can control up-to 8 devices from your smartphone. And also set time for how much time you want to charge your phone,tabs or laptops..etc.
In this project Arduino is used to control the 8-Channel Relay Board, although the 8-Channel Relay Board needs separate power supply of its own,but with 5-Volt operated relay board the relay board can entirely be controlled and powered by the Arduino-only which will eliminate the extra need of another power-supply for the kit.

Diagrams –

Block Diagram-
Connection Diagram-
AC Input Connection with Relay Board-

If the connecting diagrams are not helping the please google the terms like
” How to connect arduino to relay board “,”how to connect Bluetooth module HC-05 to arduino” and “how to connect an AC load to a relay”.

And please be careful while playing with electricity it can be painful sometimes so always follow the safety rules.

With some simple modification this project can be made fit inside of your wall sockets to make your room entirely controlled with your smartphone.
Arduino Smart Home Automation control your devices or home electric appliance with Bluetooth.

Relay Board I Used –

Arduino Uno Board –

Bluetooth module HC-05 –

8 Channel 5 Volt Rely Board(Recommended) –



Android Application-

Developer’s Website-

Codes- Goto and search for “Arduino Bluetooth Control”

Thank You BEE Projects Thailand For This Cool Application!

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Weekend Project: Home Automation with Raspberry Pi and OpenHab

Using the open source software OpenHAB, we’ll be building a Raspberry Pi touchscreen command center that can interface with over 150 different “smart home” products, and provide an interface for control and task scheduling.

Read more about this project:
Arrow Electronics:

Channel: Make:
Published: 2016-02-11 18:18:02
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Auto clicker app for Android || create auto touch script || Repetitouch || installation + Demo

In this videos i will show you how to install and use auto clicker app for android device!
Watch the updated tutorial here:

This is helpful for many tasks… Which you repeat on your phone…. Now just record the task and let the app do the rest of the work for you…

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GeoMax Zoom90 – the ultimate one-man system

Dramatically minimise the time of any survey task and boost your performance and accuracy to the maximum.
Zoom90 is the ultimate one-man system with up to 20% more automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies and Windows CE open connectivity.
Because a perfect solution is more than its single components, the Zoom90 seamless integration makes it the ultimate solution.
Know more about Zoom90 at:
Channel: GeoMax Positioning
Published: 2016-03-22 14:21:21
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RPi3 with Android Things and B4A. Camera 2 API with OpenCVforB4A

First tests with a Raspberry Pi3 running Android Things. OpenCVforB4A drawing a circle to a preview image obtained from Camera2 API. Everything quite slow yet but promising

Android Things with Raspberry Pi 3

Introduction to Android Things and how to setup your development environment, that is what is the video about, I’ve used Raspberry Pi3 and an Android things Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit to show you some demos from the android things website m these demos is the Blink app and the weather station demo

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Here are the links
Developers kit and where to buy
Starting with Raspberry Pi

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The Best Android TV Box? 2017

On this video i will share with you guys what i believe to be the Best Android TV Box for 2017 in 4 different categories:

– Best Hardware –
– Best Price for the Performance –
– Best TV Experience –
– Best Budget – &

The individual reviews of all machines can be found here

Wireless Remote Control Comparison:
Gamepad Comparison:
Mini PC´s Win 10:
Mobile Devices:

With the help of this great community, here we are back for a season ending.

As usual all the choices are my opinion but based on all the experiences that i had with these machines and hopefully will help to decide which box is the right for your self.

Also i would like to hear your experiences down bellow on the comments so that we can get a nice discussion going on and that it helps to build the Best Android TV Box 2017 Video.

Hope it helps
Roberto Jorge 👍

Latest Android TV Boxes Reviewed:

– Nvidia Shield TV
– Minix U9-H
– Wetek Play 2
– Xiaomi Mi Box 3
– Beelink Gt1 / GT1 Ultimate
– Minix U1
– Zidoo X9S
– Ugoos UT4
– Ugoos AM1
– Dolamee D6
– Nexbox A95X
– Probox Air Plus
– Beelink SEA I
– MyGica ATV 495
– MyGica ATV 1900
– Wetek Hub
– Yundoo Y8
– MX Max
– Tronsmart Vega S95
– Wetek Core
– Himedia Q10 Pro
– NexBox N9
– Ziddo X6 Pro
– Ziddo X5
– Ziddo X1
– MX IV Tellos
– MX III – G
– Probox EX2 Plus
– Tronsmart Orion R68
– M8S Plus
– Minix Z64 Windows 8.1
– Minix Z64 Android
– Minix X8HPlus Andoid TV Box
– Xtreamer Wonder Andoid TV Box
– Wetek Play Andoid TV Box
– Beelink iOne Andoid TV Box
– Probox 2 EX Andoid TV Box
– MX III Andoid TV Box
– MX IV Andoid TV Box
– Minix X6 Andoid TV Box
– Ziddo X9 Andoid TV Box
– M8S Andoid TV Box
– Bluetimes RK3288 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Phantom MX4 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Fantasy A8 Andoid TV Box
– Rikomagic MK12 Andoid TV Box
– Ubox RK 3288 Andoid TV Box
– Mobie Solo Andoid TV Box
– XS Box Andoid TV Box

Windows Mini PC´s:
– Beelink BT3 Pro
– Minix Z83-4
– Minix NGC-1
– Minix Z64 Windows
– Beelink BT7
– Beelink BT3
– Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus
– Wintel Dual OS

Portable Devices:
– Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet
– GPD Android
– GPD Windows 10
– Chuwi Hibook 12
– Xiaomi Mipad 2
– Cube iWork 10

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adaptar cooler tv box android

O ideal e colocar um cooler e um dissipador decente,mais corta a case original, e muito complicado, muita atencão ao solda os fios e acoplar dissipadores. atencão parafusos, dissipadores não podem encosta na placa, qualquer erro pode danificar seu box tv. talvez cases e cooler do Raspberry Pi seja compativel ?????

Dissipation Panel for Raspberry Pi

case for Raspberry Pi

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Android + RPI Speedometer

The video shows a bit improved version of what I had done before. There are two magnets glued to the opposite sides of the wheel. Nothing sophisticated.
Already tested. The biggest bottleneck is that the sensor is vulnerable and magnets can accidentally be dropped out.
Channel: Віктор Паслай
Published: 2017-07-19 20:09:36
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What is Android Things? – Gary Explains

Read the post:

Android Things is Google’s new Internet of Things (IoT) OS. Based on Android it allows developers to use their existing skills to move into IoT. What is it and how does it work? Gary explains.

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UPDATED | How to View Raspberry Pi 3 Desktop on Android Mobile Using Hotspot (Easiest Method)

Sorry for the delay. This is our latest video tutorial on how to view Raspberry Pi 3 Desktop on your Android Mobile. We have also made a similar video regarding it a few months back but this time, the complexity is less and very efficient.

Watch the previous video:

How to install Raspbian OS:

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1. sudo apt-get update
2. sudo apt-get updrade
3. iwlist wlan0 scan
4. sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Code for wpa_supplicant.conf file:



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How to use your ANDROID device as a monitor for RASPBERRY PI ( Music Removed – Copyright Claimed )

Hey guys, we are back with another video regarding Raspberry Pi and in this video, we have discussed on how to use your Android device as a monitor for Raspberry Pi. It’s pretty simple and I hope you will like it. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

My gear –

Raspberry pi –
laptop –
sound system –
camera –
microphone –
notebook –


The post regarding Raspbian OS installation in Raspberry Pi:


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Make a Raspberry Pi Automated Gardener

See how we built it, including our materials, code, and supplemental instructions, on

With how busy our lives are, it’s sometimes easy to forget to pay a little attention to your thirsty indoor plants until it’s too late and you are left with a crusty pile of yellow carcasses. Instead of constantly replacing those plants, we’ll show you how to make a compact, automated, raspberry pi powered gardener to water and light your plants. This gardener’s memory is impeccable, and never forgets to water your plant.

This project uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W to run the software. It doesn’t use wifi, so you could also use the Raspberry Pi Zero. However, if you want to extend the functionality and make it connect to an IoT app, you’ll want to use the Zero W.

View our code on Github:

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Raspberry Pi Zero × 1

12v Peristaltic Pump × 1

White SiliconeTubing, 1/8″ID, 3/16″OD × 1

5v Grow Light × 1

IRLB8721PBF N-Channel MOSFET × 2

Jumper wires (generic) × 1
M4 Bolts + Nuts × 4
M3 Bolts + Nuts × 2
M2.5 Bolts + Nuts × 2
Electrical Tape × 1
12v Power Supply × 1

Guggenz –

The methods shown in this video should be used
as a guide only.


Channel: Hacker House
Published: 2017-08-04 15:01:46
Duration: 9M7S
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Top 10 Coolest Raspberry Pi Projects

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How GEEKY can you go?!? Oh… that’s supposed to be “low”? Oh well…

Rasberry Pi is 4 years old this week! To celebrate the NEW Rasberry Pi 3 with WiFi and Bluetooth integration, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Coolest Rasberry Pi projects!

Get all the details and even MORE projects at

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Gear Used to Shoot This Episode:
– Sony AX100 4K Camera –
– RODE NTG4 PLUS Microphone –
– (2) PBL Soft Box Lights –
– (3) Manfrotto 1×1 LED Lights –
– ProPrompter HDi Pro2 LCD – (This is the iPad version. Full LCD version here –

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Published: 2016-03-27 16:45:00
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Install & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick

Welcome to TechNow Review..
Today we are back here with our new video on how to Install & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick. Enjoy!!


Mirror Link:

More Mirrors:

New Updated Mirrors(April 25th 2017)

New Updated Windows 10 Link x64 (Download Gandalf file)

Windows 10 Link x86(Use Gandalf file)

If the above links arent working for you then you can try downloading your favourite image files and try it on the application. For settings check out the updated video:

You still need to play around with the settings as settings differs from every device.

Do not forget to check out our other videos

Make FREE Unlimited Voice Calls- Any Number- Any Country 100%

New BEST Jailbreak Tweaks! iOS 10- 10.2 iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Fix ALL Cydia Error Messages & Crashes: Buffer, Fetch, Var/dpkg

Top iPhone Hacks 2017

The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone IOS 10 (2K17)

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Guide To Raspberry Pi 3 And Android Development | Ebook

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Learn To Use Raspberry Pi 3 Kit & Also Learn to Program Android in 24 Hours! This guide book will ensure you are equipped with the complete know-how of programming the Raspberry Pi 3. Get started with learning Android Development right away. What Youll Learn From This Book? Raspberry Pi 3 Chapter 1: Introduction Embedded Systems & The Raspberry Pi Chapter 2: Moving Toward A Smarter Internet The Internet Of Thingschapter 3: Understanding The Raspberry Pi Versions & Featureschapter 4: Understanding The Raspberry Pi 3chapter 5: The Raspberry Pi 3 Hardware Setupchapter 6: Operating Systems Required For Raspberry Pi 3chapter 7: Noobs for Raspberry Pi 3chapter 8: Connecting The Raspberry Pi 3chapter 9: Starting And Programming Raspberry Pi 3chapter 10: General Purpose Input Output (gpio) Chapter 11: Understanding And Accessing Python 3programming Using Python 3 Chapter 12: Understanding And Accessing Mathematica Chapter 13: Programming In Mathematica Chapter 14: Accessing Camera In Raspberry Pi 3chapter 15: Raspberry Pi 3 Getting Ahead With Iotchapter 16: Conclusion Sculpting Your Career In Iotandroid Developmentchapter 1: Introductionchapter 2: Choosing App Development As A Career Optionchapter 3: History Of Android App Developmentchapter 4: Advantages Of Android Programmingchapter 5: Android Apps Vs other Os Appschapter 6: Different Versions In Androidchapter 7: The Skills You Need To Develop An Android Appchapter 8: Getting Started System & Software Requirementshow To Set Java Environmenthow To Set Android Studiochapter 9: Let’s Build Your First Android & String.xmllearn About Manifest.xmllearn About Layoutslearn About Databaseschapter 10: How To Publish Your Android Appchapter 11: Rooting Android Appchapter 12: How To Use Your Mobile As Avdchapter 13: Why Should You Become An Android Developer?chapter 14: Conclusion Future Of Android App Developmentuse this book to get ahead in the world of Internet Of Things! Elevate your skill levels in using and programming the Raspberry Pi 3!

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Nanocosm: Nanotechnology and the Big Changes Coming from the Inconceivably Small | Ebook

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“imagine: you’re looking down at the Earth from space. Oceans and continents blur as the planet transforms into one bright blue ball. And it doesn’t stop with our own solar system. There are just as many galaxies in the universe as there are stars in our own! Now reverse the direction of this imaginative voyage, and turn inward rather than outward. That same number of stars in our galaxy is less than half the number of cells in an adult human body. Scale. It’s all about scale. The fact is, we occupy a middle kingdom, poised delicately between the unimaginably immense and the unimaginably minute. And now science is on the brink of breaking through to the world beneath what we can see with our eyes. Nanoscience takes as its subject the realm of the infinitesimally small. Tinier than the tiniest atom, if the measurement known as a nanometer were scaled up to the width of your fingernail, then your fingernail would be the size of Delaware and your thumb would be the size of Florida. As author William Atkinson puts it, the domain of the nanometerhe nanocosmis a serious kind of small. But one with big possibilities, and even larger consequences for the way we live. In Nanocosm, Atkinson takes readers into the incredibly complex, yet equally beautiful world of nanotechnology. Atkinson distinguishes hype and speculation from the amazing reality of what truly is possible through nanotechnology in our very immediate future: cell-sized computers triggered by single electrons rather than millionsmicrochips that contain the diagnostic capability of full-sized medical labsexceptionally strong and resilient carbon nanotubes that will revolutionize the process of structural engineeringand much more. The nanocosm promises to transform our environment by revealing new basic facts that we can turn into useful technology. Even discounting optimistic exaggerations, the scientific breakthroughs that are now upon us will dramatically affect everything about our lives: how we communicate, do our work, spend our leisure time, stay healthy, and even raise our children. Asking critical questions about the latest and most intriguing areas of nanotech, Atkinson interviews the most important scientists, ethicists, and business executives at the forefront of this exciting new field to give a riveting account of what is arguably the most important technical frontier since human beings launched themselves into outer space

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Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi Projects ▶1

We decided to make a very special top of 10 best projects based on Raspberry Pi Computers. These RPi Creations are worth seeing. Enjoy it and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! If we missed some cool projects, add their names in comments below.

00:00 – Tingbot : the creative app platform for Raspberry Pi
02:30 – Mycroft : an Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone
03:35 – Piper Computer Kit : Build Your First Real Computer
04:40 – Rapiro : The Humanoid Robot Kit for your Raspberry Pi
05:50 – Sparkfun
06:33 – Dj Vinyl System
07:33 – BrickPi : LEGO Bricks with a Raspberry Pi Brain
09:49 – GoPiGo : The Delightful Raspberry Pi Robot
11:33 – AlexaBot
12:25 – Rasptouch : Standalone Audio Player Raspberry Pi 3


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Earthquake Protection | Ebook

Get your free audio book:
Since the publication of the successful first edition of Earthquake Protection there have been 110 lethal earthquakes, killing 130 000 people; there have also been significant developments in the field of earthquake risk management, particularly in the modelling and analysis of risk for insurance and financial services. Furthermore, major earthquake disasters, such as the 1994 Northridge earthquake in California, the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan and the 1999 Kocaeli earthquake in Turkey have occurred. The experience and knowledge gained through these events have improved our understanding of how to manage, mitigate and work towards the prevention of similar catastrophes. The 1990s were in fact the costliest decade on record in terms of disaster management due to such seismic events, placing unprecedented pressure on the insurance industry in particular, and changing its view of earthquake protection. Significantly revised and updated, this second edition continues to provide a comprehensive overview of how to reduce the impact of earthquakes on people and property, and implement best practice in managing the consequences of such disasters. It also includes significant coverage of the techniques of modelling earthquake catastrophe. Each chapter deals with a separate aspect of protection, and covers a wide range of economic and social conditions, drawing on the authors’ considerable personal experience and with reference to real life examples. Key features include: Recent event coverage Modern developments in the theory and practice of planning and engineering loss estimation techniques, along with new engineering techniques such as microzonation and hazard-mapping Historic buildings experience An entirely new chapter on ‘earthquakes and Finance’ This valuable book provides essential reading for earthquake and structural engineers and geoscientists, as well as insurers and loss prevention specialists, risk managers and assessors involved in managing earthquake risk, urban and regional planners, and emergency management agencies.

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Published: 2017-07-17 14:48:10
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How to make DIY POWER BANK

Video about how I made simple DIY power bank for smartphones, tablets or action cams from USB car charger. Please Like, Subscribe and Comment. Thanks for watching!
Channel: Matúš Knap
Published: 2016-01-16 06:40:19
Duration: 3M21S
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Wearable Electronics and Photonics | Ebook

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Integrating electronics into clothing is a major new concept, which opens up a whole array of multi-functional, wearable electro-textiles for sensing/monitoring body functions, delivering communication facilities, data transfer, individual environment control, and many other applications. With revolutionary advancements occurring at an unprecedented rate in many fields of science and electronics the possibilities offered by wearable technologies are tremendous and widespread. These advancements will transform the world and will soon begin to permeate into commercial products.the first section of the book discusses the materials and devices used in the field, including electro-statically generated nanofibres, electroceramic fibres and composites and electroactive fabrics. It summarizes recent developments in electrically conductive fabric structures and puts together a few theoretical treatments of the electro-mechanical properties of various fabric structures. The next section reviews topics related to wearable photonics such as fibre optic sensors and integrated smart textile structures, the developments in various flexible photonic display technologies as well as looking at current communication apparel and optical fibre fabric displays. Next the book focuses on integrated structures and system architectures. Finally the issues facing a fashion designer working with wearables are explored.wearable electronics and photonics covers many aspects of the cutting-edge research and development into this exciting field and provides a window through which only a small portion of the exciting emerging technology can be seen. With contributions from a panel of international experts in the field this is an essential guide for all electrical, textile and biomedical engineers as well as academics and fashion designers.stay one step ahead of the industry on this hot topicevaluates the major new concept of integrating electronics into clothingexplores future trends for fashion and specialist clothing

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New Raspberry Pi 4 Android Development Board!?

Raspberry Pi 3 (2 or more)

MicroSD Card 8GB or More (same as Pi’s you have)

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SHOWDOWN: ASUS Tinkerboard vs Raspberry Pi 3

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PiPhone – A Raspberry Pi based Smartphone

Working smartphone based on Raspberry Pi, Adafruit PiTFT touchscreen display, and a SIM900 GSM/GPRS module. All suitably powered by a DC-DC conveyer and a Lithium Polymer battery. See for more information. Source code at
Strictly no reproduction without permission.
(C)2014 David Hunt – All Rights Reserved.
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Best Tech Deals for Amazon Prime Day (These Won’t Last Forever)

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MediaTek X20 First Boot! – Android Development Board

The MediaTek X20 is a Raspberry Pi 3 like board that supports Android. If you are looking for a Android Development Board, then this is the board for you.

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$189 Firefly-RK3288 Reload development board, quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 with SATA with HDMI input

Firefly-RK3288 Reload is a development board powered by Rockchip RK3288, 32bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 with ARM Mali-T764 GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash on board, support dual-boot OS Android 5.1 & Ubuntu. It support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenVG1.1, OpenCL, Directx11;4K H.265 hardware decoding. It comes with Gigabit Lan, Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth4.0, 2pcs HDMI-OUT for dual display , 1pcs HDMI-IN support picture-in-picture, with SATA2.0 and dual-camera connector. The retail price is $189 for worldwide shipping.
You can check more details information about Firefly-RK3288 Reload and other Firefly development board here and buy from the link directly.
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iPhone 8 Unexpected Features Leak, Please No!

iPhone 8 Bad & Good Latest Features Leak. RIP Touch ID, 120hz ProMotion Display, New Specs, Stronger Speakers & More Leaks!

Previous iPhone 8 Leaks:
iPhone 8 Prototype Hands On:

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Martins Concept:

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Raspberry Pi 3 Submerged in Mineral Oil – In 3 Minutes

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Raspberry Pi 3 Bitcoin Mining

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Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c 96Boards 64bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 development board

Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c is a credit card sized compliant development board based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, with I/O like USB device, 1080P HDMI, micro USB port, support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, support Android, linux, planned to support windows 10 in the near future. The DragonBoard 410c is designed to support rapid software development, education and prototyping, including the next generation of robotics, cameras, medical devices, vending machines, smart buildings, digital signage, casino gaming consoles, and much more. At Maker Fair Shenzhen, Qualcomm is showing off how easy it is to get going with development using their new DragonBoard 410c, being released now, it will start shipping in the next weeks through Arrow Electronics:
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How to tethering Raspberry Pi USB with Android

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Turn The Raspberry Pi Zero Into A Mini Dongle Computer

Version 2 of the dongle has been designed:

Full writeup:

One of the very cool features of the Pi Zero is it’s ability to tether itself directly to another computer through USB, enabling it to share network resources.

In this video I’m going to show you how to set this up, and how a simple, and cheap hardware modification can turn this $5 Pi into an even more useful USB dongle computer.


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NDIS Driver Links:

Windows Guide:
Mac OS X Drivers:

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FONA Setup 1: Raspberry Pi IoT: Adafruit FONA Initial Configuration

Adafruit FONA setup for your Raspberry Pi! In this video I show you how to setup your Adafruit FONA, and use it with your Raspberry Pi and a USB serial cable.

Helpful Links:

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How to use your ANDROID device as a monitor for RASPBERRY PI ( Music Removed – Copyright Claimed )

Hey guys, we are back with another video regarding Raspberry Pi and in this video, we have discussed on how to use your Android device as a monitor for Raspberry Pi. It’s pretty simple and I hope you will like it. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

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Raspberry Pi USB Tethering (using an Android phone)

More Information/Pictures:

Here I am showing how easy it is to tether your Android phone to a Raspberry Pi. You basically just plug it in and run “sudo dhclient usb0”. If you managed to get USB tethering working on a normal computer, it should just work on the Pi. If you have USB tethering working on an iPhone that should work too.

Thanks tapsboy for the suggestion.

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Raspberry Pi Zero – Sharing Internet over USB

Setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero to connect over OTG USB to a windows machine and share internet.

That’s right! A headless Raspberry Pi Zero with internet access, all through one cable.

read more about it at:

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MQTT Node Red Android Pi Voice Control

Android voice control in a Node Red environment – here using WiFi access to a Pi. The practical experience of an old man trying to provide a reliable system based on

Node Red MQTT on the Raspberry Pi

Node Red has quite rightly generated a huge head of steam in the 3 years since IBM released it as an Open Source project. Here I quickly review the interface and short circuit some of the installation and upgrade problems. If you need a reason to learn OO JavaScript then this too is an excellent starting point.
Channel: Richard Wenner
Published: 2016-11-19 07:32:17
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Multi room home automation speech using MQTT

How to build a multi-room wifi speaker system for playing home automation speech for $60 per speaker. More info at

A related video where I test 7 different USB speakers can be found here:

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Rapid IoT Node Connection

Guide to rapidly connecting the Multitech mDot for IoT evaluation using OTAA. Use AT commands on this USB device to evaluate a live IoT connection quickly and easily. IMWRTO – is my world reduced to acronyms?

mdot datasheet
pdf of full commands
starting with AT commands
mbed link

TTN Ref Multitech Ref AT Command
Device EUI Device ID –
AppEUI Network ID AT+NI
AppKey Network Key AT+NK
Device Address Network Address AT+NA
Network Session Key Network Session Key AT+NSK
AppSession Key Data Session Key AT+DSK

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Raspberry Pi 3: Newbie Introduction

A revised introduction to the Raspberry Pi – using Pi 3
Channel: Richard Wenner
Published: 2016-04-12 06:24:22
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RC Car controlled by a Raspberry Pi – using Java, Android, and iOS

The RC Land Cruiser project is finally alive and motoring through some 4×4 terrain! Controlled using either an Android or iPhone app. Connected to the Raspberry Pi via Wifi using socket connections. The Raspberry Pi is running a socket server written in Java that communicates with the pigpio library. I teach you everything you need to know in this programming tutorial series.

Java and Raspberry Pi Programming – iPhone Remote Control Part 2

In my last tutorial Remote Control Part 2 Tutorial, I demonstrated the Android version of the Remote Control along with the Raspberry Pi acting as the receiver. For the first 16 minutes of that video I discussed various things such as how all the electronics are configured and creating and running the RCServer class as the receiver on the Raspberry Pi. Everything during the first half of that video will be identical, so rather than duplicate all that work I have chosen to pick this tutorial up at the 16 minute mark which is where the iPhone code will begin. So if you haven’t seen that tutorial, then watch that one for the first 16 minutes and when you get to the Android portion, head back to this one. Let’s get started…
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How To Make A RC CAR 4WD | Homemade rc car

DIY – how to make rc car at home
Materials to include
– 1 x Transmitter Receiver 2 Channel
– 1 x Battery 2S 7,4v , 2 Pin Battery Connector
– Fine wire 1 mm, 1 x Servo, 4 x wheel, Popsicle sticks
– 2 x springs, Wire, 3 x Screws, 2 x Car Toy Motor Reducer old

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OpenCV Python Neural Network Autonomous RC Car

Bridgewater State University
COMP 502 Project, May 2015

Self driving RC car:
OpenCV neural network – Steering
Haar-cascade classifiers – Stop sign and traffic light detection
Ultrasonic sensor – Front collision avoidance
Raspberry Pi – Data streaming (video and sensor)
Arduino – RC car control

[Hunter x Hunter 2011] Original Soundtrack 3
28 – Holding A Card File üm-ün

Source Code:

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