The New Way to Control your Android From PC

Scrcpy is a new kid on the block that mirrors your Android Screen


ADB package for Windows –


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Which background music did I use?

What camera do I use?
Canon 70D

What mic do I use?
Blue Yeti and Video Mic pro (depends on requirement)

What tripod do I use?
Manfrotto MVKBFR

What video editor do I use?
Final Cut Pro

What computer do I use?
iMac 2015 for editing and a ThinkPad for casual work

How to locate via cell phone Number

This video will teach you how to track the GPS location of any cell phone you want. Track a cell phone or mobile location for free using number of Phone and Tasker app.

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32 Secret Combinations on Your Keyboard

Have you ever thought how many secrets are hidden inside of your computer? We collected all the secret keyboard tricks you probably didn’t know about (for Windows and OS X).

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How to discuss a topic in a group

Five English teachers come together to show you how to discuss a topic in a group. You’ll learn how to give your opinion, interrupt, contradict, and more. We’ll teach you how to use expressions like “in a nutshell”, “please let me finish”, and “don’t get me wrong”. You can use these expressions confidently in personal, social, and professional situations. Make sure to test your understanding of the lesson at

To improve your English, subscribe to each of the teachers who appear in this lesson:
Ronnie –
James –
Alex –
Adam –
Rebecca –

Hi! My name is Rebecca, and in today’s lesson you’ll learn how to participate effectively in a discussion in English, something you may need to do in your personal, professional, or academic life, okay? Now, the topic we’ll use as our sample is this one: Is it better to study online or in a regular classroom? Okay? You’ll have a chance to hear a discussion by native English speakers on this topic. What I’d like you to do is listen for any special expressions and phrases that they use during the discussion. Afterwards, I’ll review the expressions and phrases with you, okay? Now, today I have some special friends who have agreed to help me with this lesson, and they’re waiting in the classroom next door, so let’s go and say hello to them.
— Hello!
— Hello!
— Hi!
— Hi!
— Well, look who’s here. It’s —
— Ronnie.
— Alex.
— James.
— Adam.
— Thank you for joining me, and thanks for helping with this lesson, guys.
— No problem.
— No problem.
— So you know we’re talking about discussions, and the topic is: Is it better to study online or in a regular classroom? Okay, who wants to go first?
— Okay, so I’ll start, and I think that it’s actually very good to study online because it’s very convenient because you can study whenever you want and at your own pace. For example, someone like me, I like to study at nighttime. So for me, online works better because it’s quiet at night, no one disturbs me, and I can do what I need to do.
— Okay, that’s true, but if you’re going to study online —
— Sorry, but —
— Please let me finish. Let me finish. As I was saying, that’s true, but if you’re studying online you do need to motivate yourself, so I think it’s better to be in a classroom where you have other students and a teacher who can motivate you.
— That’s true, but some people can’t afford to go to a classroom and don’t have enough money or resources to actually go to a big school. So studying online, you can actually do it for free.
— Me? Well, I would like to add — May I say something?
— Sure.
— Soft skills. That’s not usually talked about in schools, but when we talk about “soft skills”, it’s actual interaction, utilizing your English when you’re with other people, and that’s hard to get online because you’re watching a screen and not actually interacting with other people.
— You make a very good point but I would also like to add that sometimes having classmates takes you away from your focus because you have to maybe review things many times for other people to catch up, or you have to do topics that are interesting to other people, not to yourself. So it’s a little distracting sometimes, too.
— However, focus is a good thing. I mean, it’s not a bad thing to repeat something because sometimes people don’t catch the material the first time. So that way, you go over the material, and they — you know, you get depth. So you get to learn more, and people who don’t understand get the opportunity to ask questions and learn from it again.
— Yeah, but sometimes the resources that you get in a classroom are boring, and online you can just look up whatever you need on the Internet, and you’ve got it right there. You don’t have to rely on a textbook. Sometimes it can be a bad textbook.

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Connect your phone to Tv (just with USB Cable method) ENGLISH VERSION

Connevt your phone to tv just with usb cable and without screen mirroring or MHL cable

the link :

2 WAYS TO CONNECT PHONES TABLETS TO TV, wire vs wireless review
5 Ways to Screen Mirror Android Phone to TV for Free
Connect phone to TV – no hardware, free
How To Share Mobile Screen On TV | connect your Mobile Phone or Tablet to your TV Wirelessly | Hindi
How To connect your Mobile Phone or Tablet to your TV Wirelessly using SCREEN MIRRORING
Connect ANY Phone Tablet to your TV
How to Connect Android Phone to TV Easy
how to connect your phone to your tv wirelessly
How to connect your Mobile Phone to TV for Karaoke
connect android phone to tv not wifi enabled
How to Connect your iPhone or Android Phone to your TV
How To connect your Mobile Phone or Tablet to your TV Wirelessly using SCREEN MIRRORING
Connect Your Mobile to TV – Miracast/ HDMI- Mirror
How to connect phone to smart tv …. With screen mirroring
2 ways connecting Android Phone to TV Wireless !
How To Connect your phone to TV ☆ fast, easy
how to connect phone to TV ? HOW TO SEE MOBILE SCREEN ON TV?
MHL How To Connect Smartphone To TV LED TV HDTV
Connecting Your LG Smart TV to Your Smartphone | LG USA
MediaFlow Cable – Mirror Android Phone to TV (Read Update)
How to connect phone to tv – Easy
How to connect usb cable on a tv in a picture mode
Mobileto TV via HDMI/USB cable
How to pair YouTube by phone to TV
How to connect a smartphone or tablet to your TVMobile ko LED TV se kaise connect Kare ? How to connect mobile to LED TV ?
Connecting Phone to TV wirelessly
How to Setup Chromecast With TV Using Your Phone
How to Control Your LG TV with Your Phone, Mirror Your Screen & More (2016)
MediaFlow Cable – Mirror Android Phone to TV (Read Update)
How to connect your phone to your Android TV Box JESUS BOX TV
Connect your Android SmartPhone/Tablet to any LED TV (Urdu/Hindi)
How to connect smart tv with smart phone
How to connect phone with smart TV
How to connect phone to TV wireless in hindi
How to Cast Android Phone To Smart TV Without ChromeCast

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10 Nova Launcher Tips & Tricks
Update: 5 New Nova Launcher Tips & Tricks (2017!)

For those who want to know my icon pack —

Wallpaper App Facets–

A Launcher is indirectly the most used app on your Android. Whenever you use your Android, you are using your launcher.

And like I always say, whatever you use the most, use that effectively.

So here are 10 tips and trick on using Nova launcher like a pro.

[Video Content]

#1 Keep it simple
#2 Turn on Infinite scroll
#3 Unread count
#4 Hide application
#5 Take backup in google drive
#6 Activity Widget
#7 Create folder
#8 Hidden option — Labs
#9 Icon Swipe
#10 Gesture

[Download links]

Nova Launcher Prime

TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher

I use Audio from YouTube audio library.

Cold Funk – Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)

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2018 TOP 10+ Android Watchfaces, how do they look On NO.1 K22

2018 TOP 10+ Android Watchfaces, how do they look On NO.1 K22
K22 Android GPS Smart watch with 1.3 inch IPS Screen, 1+8GB Memory, Heart rate monitor, Custom watch face. More functions and check here:

Buy from:

Watch Face:


5 ► Kingwear GV68 Bluetooth Sport Smart Watch Bracelet Smart Band with Heart Rate Wristband Bracelet Call Notification Pedometer Alarm Sleep Monitor for Android iOS
●Amazon :
●Gearbest :
●Aliexpress :
●Banggood :
4 ► Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Sports Bluetooth Smart Watch
●Amazon :
●Gearbest :
●Aliexpress :
●Banggood :
3 ► Microwear X2 Smartwatch IP68 Waterproof Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband
●Amazon :
●Gearbest :
●Aliexpress :
2 ► B7s Smart Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Activity Wristband Bracelet IP67 Waterproof Touch Screen
●Amazon :
●Gearbest :
●Aliexpress :
1► Ticwatch 2 Active 42mm Ultra Light, Silky Smooth Smartwatch – Charcoal- Mobvoi Voice Contral Ticwear OS Compatible with Android and iOS,Your Smart Fitness Companion
●Amazon :
●Gearbest :
●Aliexpress :

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5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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10 CHEAP Smartphone Gadgets that Change Everything.

10 Simple, Cheap Gadgets that will completely change how you use your smartphone (Android or iPhone)! They can all be bought from Amazon:

(0:17) NFC Coasters:
International (close alternative):

(0:48) Smartphone Magnifier:

(1:22) Wave Cable Bracelet:

(1:58) 10 Port Charging Station:
UK (Close Alternative):
International (close alternative):

(2:28) NFC Ring:
International (close alternative):

(2:51) 3 in 1 Magnetic Cable:

(3:27) Spiderpodium:

(3:56) Dual USB Drive (32GB):

(4:25) Wireless Charger:
International (close alternative):

(4:57) 3D Camera:
International (close alternative):

(5:21) Cable Protectors
International (close alternative):

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10 cool things to do with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier!

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has a lot to offer. It is not just a smartwatch but also a fully featured fitness tracker! This video is about 10 cool things you can do with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier!

Samsung Gear S3 Accessories:

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Top 10 Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2018

Smartwatches are mini portable devices with numerous advance functional capabilities.It is sometimes called as “smart clock”.This time around, smartwatches are not only limited to being small wrist devices, but you can rather use it like smartphones as some watches have now evolved with smartphone features in them. For example, you can answer voice call and use text messaging apps or track the location of your device. and many more.Nowadays, smartwatches are now synchronized with smartphones in various ways like it allows us to receive phone calls, tune into media player, and measures the number of calories burnt with the virtue of fitness tracker.For many reasons, these devices are becoming increasingly popular each day. The are many smartphones available in 2018 the market, and you can choose what suits you best. To make things easy for you, I have rounded of smartwatches of various budgets-starting from low budgets and rising to high budgets as seen through this video…here I have enlisted the best smartwatches you can choose to buy from in the following list :

Get discount Code When shopping :

#1.Samsung Gear S3


#2.Fibit Ionic


#3.Ticwatch 2


#4.Huawei Watch 2


#5.Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen




7.Sony SmartWatch 3




#9.Zeblaze THOR


#10.Microwear X2


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✅Best Bezel-Less Smartphones with huge screen 2018:

1.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2( -Promo code:Xmas149

2.Sharp Aquos S2(

3.UMIDIGI Crystal( Promo code: Xmas382

4.MAZE Alpha X (

5.Elephone U Pro (

6.Bluboo S8+ (

7.DOOGEE Mix 2(

8.Ulefone Mix 2 (

9.Oukitel U18 (

10.Cubot X18 Plus (

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Spy Camera app on Android | Background video recorder

Background Video Recorder is a camera app which helps you record video in the background with the option to enable/disable camera shutter sounds and camera previews. Useful functions include continuous recording when your screen is off, scheduled recording, an easy to use one-click Video Recorder shortcut/widget & support for multiple languages.

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Top 5 Android Apps – June 2018

The top 5 best Android Apps for this week of May 2018! Im considering releasing a top app video every week for iOS and or Android. Each episode will feature 3-5 apps. I was considering doing this based upon your feedback regarding what you want to see more of on the channel. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I’d love to hear them 🙂

– PartyNow
– Screen Timeout
– Email
– Scrittor
– Be My Eyes



Top 5 Android Apps May 2018…

Top 5 iPhone Apps – June 2018…

IGTV – How To Use It and What Is It…

Blackberry Key 2 Unboxing + First Impressions…

Massive Tech Unboxing Haul…


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Spy camera app on android

Install “Spy Camera HD” for free and recoding Video like a real spy. This awesome tool lets you recoding Video in simple and fast way without any shutter sound and camera preview on your phone screen. Nobody will notice that you are recoding a Video.

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10 New Secret Phone Settings That Will Surprise You

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We found a few beneficial functions in your smartphone that will make your life easy! Setting #3 is out favorite – check it out, and you’ll get access to the magic menu!

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Pitu App Tutorial / Best Camera App in 2018

Hi youtubers welcome to Liz Tech 🙂
Come! and lets take alook at my my full tutorial of Pitu app 2018. let see how cool and fun this app to use 🙂

Thank you for Watching our videos 🙂
camera we use:…
Other reviews:

Huawei Y6 2018 :

Vivo Y71 :

Samsung J2 Pro 2018:

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8 Secret Phone Settings You Should Try (ANDROID)

Here are eight fascinating and secret features of Android. Setting #2 is out favorite – it will keep your phone’s battery going for longer!

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How to Install Official Android P Recent Style 3D Task Changer for Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge/S8/S9

To get Android 9.0.0 Style Recent Screen Download the Apps below :

Good Lock 2018 App :

Samsung Task Changer :

If above links dont work Please Google for the following keywords

“Good Lock 2018 App” & “Samsung Task Changer”


List of devices test by me :

S7 Edge
S6 Edge

Kindly check in non Samsung devices and let me know in comments below

How to get Android P Recents Panel On Any Samsung Device! Good Lock UI!

What’s going on Everybody?? I am back after long time with quick video i am actually really really busy bcz of Exam so i am really in a hurry . So, sorry for the Low Quality Video Still hope you guys Enjoy it!!

Link to download the Apps also with some Extra Cool Features-

Step 1
Download and install the files contained in this .zip file.
Step 2
Install QuickShortcutMaker from the Google Play Store and open it.
Step 3 (Optional)
You are going to need to do this every time you want to change settings for some extra good lock features because the Good Lock UI is broken in any country that isn’t South Korea.There are different app names for each feature to change.

You need to do this for LockStar (Lock Screen Options), Routines, QuickStar (Quick Settings Options), and Task Changer (Recents Menu Options.) You can click on this then select the first activity in the list. Then click the button that says Try, it will open the settings and allow you to use the Good Lock tools. You will need to do this every time you want to change the settings until Samsung releases Good Lock for other countries.

Channel: Soumyo’s TechTips
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Samsung Good Lock 2018 Features And Installation

SStech Thank You For Watching
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Samsung Good Lock 2018
Download Link :


Support Devices (with Android Oreo) Thay Can Get Good Lock:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Good Lock – How to Download and Install

The most anticipated feature for Samsung Galaxy is here with the Good Lock 2018 Edition. Good Lock, which was one of the most popular features for Samsung firmware, is now being updated in support for Oreo firmware as well. Today, Good Lock has returned with its 2018 update for Samsung Experience 9.0 or later. This means it brings support for stock Android 8.0 Oreo. As tested, it works flawlessly with the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 8, Galaxy S8/S8+, and the latest editions of Oreo Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. The new Good Lock 2018 comes in support for SDK 26, which is Oreo or later. All the modules have also been updated. The newly updated apps and features are as follows:

LockStar – Lockscreen customization. (Lots of Lock Screen tweaks and app shotcuts.) QuickStar – Quick Settings customization. Add new settings and tweak the quick settings options. Routines – Create and select various profiles-like settings along with triggers. Task Changer – Lets you customize Recents apps. Add various animations and UX to recents app section. One Hand Operations – Adds a swipe area on the Edge for a back button or a mini navigation bar. EdgeTouch – Edge rejection customization. EdgeLighting+ – Added Edge Lighting customization. More effects for you.

Good Lock app is just a supporting app. It lists or displays all the above listed features in one place. However, as the app is only restricted to Korean market for now, Good Lock app may show blank on your Samsung devices. However, be assured that the apps are working fine and all you need to do is gain access to the features such as LockStar, QuickStar, Routines, Task Changer, One Hand Operations, EdgeTouch, EdgeLighting+.

If you don’t see the Good Lock apps and modules on your official Galaxy App store, then you can download the package from above to your Android device. Install all the apps one by one as listed in the order above. Open Good Lock app. If it shows the modules listed there, then that’s it. You are good to go and start with customization. If Good Lock app shows blank, then do the following, as the apps won’t show up in your App drawer. For that, download and install Nova Launcher from Play Store. All you need is to have it on your device. Press and hold onto the the home screen of your phone. Choose widgets. Search for Nova widgets and enter. Select the option Activities widget. Once it loads, look for the apps that you have installed. Select Lockstar and add it to home screen to have their own icons. Launch the app and start customizing. Repeat for all the apps – One Hand Operation+, QuickStar, Routines, Edge Lighting+, and Edge Touch.

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Samsung Galaxy Phones Pro Mode (S7/S8/S9/Note 8): When, why, & How To Use It

In this tutorial, I go over the Pro Mode in the Samsung Galaxy phones and show you when, why and how I use it, as well as show you all the different settings and what they do.

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My Favorite Lenses
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Favorite Telephoto Lens: (also, probably my most favorite lens overall)

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Official S9 Massage icon To all Samsung device J7 Nxt, J7 Prime, J7 Max, J7 Pro, J7 Prime2, [HINDI]

Channel: Rk News Tech
Published: 2018-06-18 13:57:56
Duration: 2M16S
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Samsung Good Lock 2018 Review – Android P 9.0 Features!

Samsung Good Lock 2018 Review Android P 9.0 Features Sneak Peak. Awesome new changes & update for Galaxy S9, Note 8, S8, A8 2018, S7 Edge & Other Oreo Samsung Phones.


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10 சிறந்த Apps in 2018 | 10 Best Apps for Android in 2018(Tamil)

10 Colorful Fire Screen Prank

#9 Pro Search

#8 Screenshot touch

#7 1C Big Keyboard

#6 Selfissimo

#5 STYLE IT – Write Cool Fancy Text Anywhere Directly

#4 lock IO: Password to Power Off, Applock & Vault

#3 Hidden Apps

#2 App Hider – Hide apps

#1 Big File Locator

In this Video we see about best useful and intresting apps in 2018, 10 app is Colorful Fire Screen Prank Fire effect shows up in the place of touching the screen with the finger, Touch the screen The realistic fire will burn on your screen and the burning cracking sound will start, your phone is burning with radiant flames, it’s so cool!9th app is pro search
Now get access to world top 4 traffic engine. Google, Youtube, Wikipedia and Facebook. Type once and get access(search result) to all top engine.Now save your time and phone memory.This 4 apps are of 126mb which is now available in 1.2mb 8 th is Screenshot touch Capture by touch (Notification area, overlay icon, shaking the device)Record video cast of screen to mp4 with options (Resolution, Frame rate, Bit rate, audio)Web page whole scroll capture (with an in-app web browser) 7th app is 1C Big Keyboard I am 58 and my vision is far from perfect. I have fingers on my hands – not matchsticks, so I designed this keyboard for myself. If you’re under 35 and have no problems with vision, please do not install. You will need it later. But maybe it will be a good lifehack for your parents now.. 6th app is Selfissimo Strike a pose and the camera will definitely love you! Selfissimo! uses experimental research technology from Google to capture photos automatically each time you pose, encouraging you to capture your best self . 5th app is called STYLE IT Have you ever wondered, how some people send you messages in They use Fancy Text Generator Apps/Websites where they write the normal text and then copy the from it to send it to others 4rth app is With lockIO you can lock apps with password like any other applock, hide photos from gallery in a Vault but most importantly: request a password to power off your phone.Power Lock will secure your power button and nobody will disable stolen phoneDon’t worry about a thief stealing your phone! No other Applock have a Power Lock feature, making lock IO unique! 3rd app is Hidden Apps Hidden Apps allows you to detect hidden, malicious applications, spyware, Malwarebytes with or without an icon in the application list.Malicious binary system that doesn’t show his icon.A hidden application in the launcher that is not displayed.Malicious applications that don’t use a known name.Finds and shows applications that are not necessarily malicious but don’t have their proper icons.#2 App Hider – Hide apps Hider can help you to hide photos/pictures and apps. Keep your privacy by hiding apps or photos.Never worried about others borrow your phone and access your private things, or open your social apps.Without deleting the application that has been hidden in the app hider on the phone interface, the application can be started in the App Hider or in the mobile interface.Also Hider provides hidden picture function, your pictures import into the gallery, others can not see these photos.Not only hide pictures, you can also hide videos ,if do not want to be found You can browse protected pictures or videos in hider’s gallery. 1st app is Big File Locator Big files can fill SD card and internal storage easily. Big File Locator help you to locate these large files in phone and delete them fast. Cleaning large media or image files can help you to organize your storage space. It’s free, light-weight and with material design!

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Top 3 Best FREE Video Editing Software (2017-2018)

Lets try and hit 1,000 LIKES!!

Watch the Top 3 best FREE Video Editing Software and learn what are the best video editors you guys can use that are absolutely free and at no cost. Finding a good video editor can be really difficult especially a reliable one that doesn’t have watermarks. Luckily, this tutorial will give you guys the top 3 best editing software for your projects and youtube videos. Not only will I show you guys the best video editors, but I will also cover the basics on each of the softwares and how to import, edit, and render your clips. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a like and feedback and suggestion anymore top 5’s you may have.

Here is the list of the best video editing software ↓

1) Hitfilm 4 Express

2) DaVinci Resolve 12.5

3) Shotcut Video Editor

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The Voice Assistant Battle! (2017)

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Redmi Y2 Unboxing & First Impression in Tamil – Loud Oli Tech

Redmi Y2 Unboxing & First Impression in Tamil – Loud Oli Tech

Buy the Redmi Y2 Online at Amazon India link :

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This Video Show redmi y2 unboxing and specification details in Tamil
redmi y2 mobile price details in india in tamil
16MP AI-Selfie camera with LED selfie light
12MP + 5MP AI dual camera, AI-based Beautify 4.0
5.99″ HD+ 18:9 full-screen display
Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor
3GB RAM with 32GB storage expandable up to 128GB
MIUI 9.5 based on Android Oreo
redmi y2 MIUI 10 update details show in this video.
3080mAH lithium-polymer battery
Dual SIM cards with a dedicated microSD card slot
1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase
Redmi Y2 Review Video coming soon

உங்கள் ஆதரவுக்கு மிக்க நன்றி
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Top 10 Best Apps for Android – Free Apps 2018 (May)

Top 10 Best Apps for Android – Free Apps 2018 (May)
Download StopAd :-

In this video we are going to show you Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for May 2018
Some of these apps are recent launches and some are there on Android Play Store for quite some time. We have Handpicked these apps on the basis of the functionality, uniqueness and usability. #top10 #topapps #bestapps #freeapps

Full App List & Links Visit :-
Edge Action
Audio Reader
Opera Touch

Full App List & Links Visit :-

In order to win the Promo Code For Edge Action Pro you need to comment down below and also email us on and we will send the promo code on first come first serve basis.

So stay tuned for more and more new and unique apps for your android smartphone. Do share your favourite Android app in the comment section below. And we would love to feature them in our upcoming video as well.

Previous Videos in the Series
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Top 10 Apps Feb 2018
Top 10 Apps March 2018
Top 10 Apps April 2018

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What do I have on my Amazon Kindle fire

Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android

Why is EVERYONE Buying this Tablet??

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It may not be HD.. It doesn’t have the best battery life.. But the Amazon Fire 7 is definitely the best tablet you can get (for $40) so why not? It does Netflix, it has a headphone jack, what more do you want? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 (9th Gen) vs Voyage 2017 vs Paperwhite (1st Gen)

This was a video I was asked about and I was very curious on if there was much difference between older Kindle models. So this is the comparison of the newest kindle oasis waterproof model (9th generation) against the Kindle Voyage (2017) model. Let me tell you this there is the obvious differences of screen size, speed, waterproof, audible books. But is this enough to make you upgrade let me know in the comments below.


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Amazon Kindle Kids Edition: Things you should know before buying

We bought this tablet for our babe without doing much research. In this video we discuss what we like about the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition and things we wish we would have known before buying the tablet.

See the detailed post on

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How to take photos on your kindle fire

Channel: Luke Hudson
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Duration: 3M49S
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 Out Soon

Amazon plans on releasing a new Paperwhite 4 later this year. It will have a next generation comfortlight display, which will have warm light. It also will have Bluetooth to listen to Audible audiobooks.
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How to Multi Task on Android P

Just a quick video on how to Split screen on Android P. Basically you need to click on the task button and then click on the logo icon witch should show a menu showing if you want to split screen this certain app

Android P vs iOS 12: Apple or Google in 2018?

Android P Beta Review:
Android P and GS9:
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How to activate and use Android P’s new gesture navigation

Along with Android P’s first public beta release – came a brand new gesture based navigation method. That means, instead of the usual age-old back, home and recent apps buttons, you just have the the single virtual pill-shaped home button (if you want to, of course).

In this video, Cam shows you how to activate and use the feature as well as how to activate split-screen mode in Android P.

How to get Android P on your phone right now:
Everything you need to know about Android P:

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Where’s Chicky? Version 2018, All Episodes | Cartoons For Kids | Sobig TV

Where’s Chicky? Version 2018, All Episodes | Cartoons For Kids | Sobig TV
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Install iOS 11 on Android 😎

Install iOS 11 on Android 😎
This App Will find BEST APP for You
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Dashboard Camera Android 5 1080P 7 IPS screen Dual Camera and GPS, Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review

Dashboard Camera Android 5 1080P 7 IPS screen Dual Camera and GPS, Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review
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10 Car Gadgets You Should Buy

10 Car Gadgets You Should Buy
10 Coolest Car Gadgets You Must Have

1. ZUS :
ZUS is a smart car charger and car locator, an all in one device. ZUS is designed in Germany and produced by Nonda, a smart hardware start-up based in Palo Alto, CA. There is a smart charging function so you can charge two devices, up to twice as fast as other car chargers.

2. Exploride :
Exploride combines cutting edge display and gesture-recognition technology to provide hands-free access to maps, calls, texts, notifications, music & the onboard diagnostics of your car.

3. Voyo :
VOYO is an advanced telematics system that increases driving safety, convenience and fuel efficiency. The VOYO app allows a user to lock/unlock car doors, detect malfunctions, send alerts to other drivers, and increases your car’s security and fuel efficiency.

4. Pearl RearVision :
RearVision’s Smart Parking Guidelines can measure distance to objects and react accordingly to help with parallel parking or maneuvering into tight spots.

5. Navdy :
Our phones and our cars are integral to our everyday life. But the two were never built to work together, until now. The Navdy Head-Up Display (HUD) was created so that these two constants could interact in ways that make sense and make us happy. Now you can stay connected to your network, your car and the road ahead—all at once.

6. Mobileye :
Mobileye is an Israeli technology company that develops vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. In January 2017, Mobileye, BMW and Intel announced that they were developing a test fleet of autonomous vehicles that would be on the road in the second half of 2017.

7. FOBO Tire :
FOBO Tire is an advanced Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) using latest Bluetooth 4.0 that works directly with your Android and iOS device.

8. GOFAR :
GOFAR drivers spend 15% less on fuel and enjoy automated trip logging. GOFAR helps find your car’s sweet spot using technology previously reserved for Formula 1 teams. Upgrade your car today!

9. FenSens :
The FenSens can detect objects about 10 feet away and guide you safely to less than 1 foot away from them. When an object is detected, the response is very quick, but please pay attention to any feedback warnings and always back up carefully.

10. AwareCar :
“AwareCar” tells you where you parked, contextually opens apps and saves you from getting a ticket. Aware always remembers where you parked, so that you never lose your car or its keys.

Music: Edwin – Marble Hill
JPB – Up & Away [NCS Release]

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Dashboard Camera Android 5 1080P Dual Camera and GPS, 7 “IPS screen Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review

Dashboard Camera Android 5 1080P Dual Camera and GPS, 7 “IPS screen Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review
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Song: Aero Chord & Anuka – Incomplete [NCS Release]
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Song: Distrion & Alex Skrindo – Lightning [NCS Release]
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Song: Rameses B – There For You [NCS Release]
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5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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This 5 Gadgets will make Your CAR Super Cool !!

This 5 gadgets are not just cool it will increase your car’s safety. This gadgets are affordable and you will not find this technologies in the super cars also. This gadgets will change your drive.

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Full list of the Gadgets and links for buy:
1►Roidmi 2s smart Car charger ►
2►Radiomize ►
3►Zus – The smart Car Charger ►
4►Hudway Glass ►
5►FOBO tyres►


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The Best X2T Mini Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphone With Battery 1500 mAh / Unpacking and Review

The Best X2T Mini Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphone With Battery 1500 mAh / Unpacking and Review
Link to the product –
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Negative screen Nexus 5 color inversion

Enable or disable negative screen Nexus 5

We still love the Nexus 5

Read more:

The Nexus 5 was not necessarily the best phone of its time, but we (and you seem to) still love it even today. Josh explores why.

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Nexus 5 – OFFICIAL Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Review HD

Full review of Android 6.0 marshmallow on my google nexus 5.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Full Review –

Samsung Galaxy S6 Drop Test vs Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3

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Intro Song – Let me see you By NAIMA – [NCS RELEASE]

(NAIMA) Artist –

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You just have to check this out! Super stylish and comfortable-in-use handmade phone cases! Different colors and shapes to any taste! 🙂

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2:02 Feather phone case
6:12 Sparkling case

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Top 10 USES of OTG Cable that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

We will explore what you can connect to an android phone with otg cable? Hard drive , pendrive , LAN cable whats more? Android can do many things with otg (on the go).
Usb Mouse-
Usb Fan-
Memory card reader-
Usb Gamepad-
Usb Light-
LAN to usb-
Hard drive-
Note-All phones doesn’t support the LAN/Hard drive feature which is shown in this video.

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How To CAST Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop

Hi, this video shows you how to Cast an Android Mobile Cell Phone to a PC & Laptop Computer running Windows 10. it is ideal if you want to share pictures & videos on a larger screen or if you want to share what you are viewing on your Virtual Reality Headset with others in the room to make it more sociable. It will stream the picture and sound. The phone will need to be connected via WiFi to the same network as the laptop or PC you want to stream to. Your Laptop and PC can be connected via Ethernet as long as it is the same network (same Router) as the WiFi your mobile cell phone is connected to.
Many thanks Vince
Channel: My Mate VINCE
Published: 2016-10-22 13:20:36
Duration: 7M42S
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How to Get Android Screen Size in Pixels and Inches Programmatically

How to Get Android Screen Size in Pixels and Inches Programmatically

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This tutorial describes how to get Android Screen Size in pixels and inches programmatically in android, through the following steps:

1) we create a new project in an android studio with new project wizard and choose empty activity form the wizard in our project.
2) we then go to activity_main.xml file and add three text views, each one for the following values: screen width in pixels, screen height in pixels and screen in inches.
3) then we go to class and get the three text views.
4) we then create DisplayMetrics object, and use it to get the display metrics of the screen.
5) then we get the screen width, height, inches and then set each one to the textview.
6) Finally we deploy and run the app to the android emulator.


1) DisplayMetrics: as described in the android documentations, is a structure describing general information about a display, such as its size, density, and font scaling.
To access the DisplayMetrics members, initialize an object like this: DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics(); getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(metrics);
2) Display: as described in the android documentations;
Provides information about the size and density of a logical display.
The display area is described in two different ways.
a- The application display area specifies the part of the display that may contain an application window, excluding the system decorations. The application display area may be smaller than the real display area because the system subtracts the space needed for decor elements such as the status bar. Use the following methods to query the application display area: getSize(Point), getRectSize(Rect) and getMetrics(DisplayMetrics).
b- The real display area specifies the part of the display that contains content including the system decorations. Even so, the real display area may be smaller than the physical size of the display if the window manager is emulating a smaller display using (adb shell wm size). Use the following methods to query the real display area: getRealSize(Point), getRealMetrics(DisplayMetrics).

The source code is available for download at

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►Android Mini Collectible Figures (India):
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►Android Developer Books◄

►For Beginners◄
►Head First Android Development (India):
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►Android Programming for Beginners (India):
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►Mastering Android Development with Kotlin (India):
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►Learning Java by Building Android Games (India):
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►For Experts◄
►Expert Android Programming (India):
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►Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (India):
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►Android Cookbook (India):
►Android Cookbook (US):
►Murach’s Android Programming (India):
►Murach’s Android Programming (US):
►Mastering Android NDK (India):
►Mastering Android NDK (US):
►Android High Performance Programming (India):
►Android High Performance Programming (US):
►Advanced Android Application Development (India):
►Advanced Android Application Development (US):

How to Get Android Screen Size in Pixels and Inches Programmatically

How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop

In this video, you will learn how to remove anything from a photo in Photoshop.

We will use three techniques that will allow you to remove distracting objects from your photos. The first two techniques in this tutorial will allow you to remove small things from your photos. While the third technique will be more advanced and will allow you to remove anything from a photo using Photoshop.

Content-Aware Playlist

📘 INDEX – How To Remove Anything From a Photo In Photoshop

00:32 – Remove Photobomber Using Content-Aware Fill
02:28 – Remove People from Background With the Patch Tool
06:15 – Remove a Car From a Background (Advanced)


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● Stock Images provided by
● Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez

Channel: Photoshop Training Channel
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How a TV Works in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

If you are reading this, you’ve seen a screen with your eyes. But have you REALLY seen it though? Like real proper seen it? Don’t worry, Gav is here to help you out. This is How a TV works in Slow Motion. Follow Gav on Instagram –
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“The latest 4K TV, LG OLED TV G7”
– LG OLED TV G7 product page link :
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Thanks to Destin from Smarter Every Day for lending us the camera –

Filmed with the Phantom Flex and Phantom V2511 between 1600 and 380,000fps
How a TV Works in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Channel: The Slow Mo Guys
Published: 2018-01-18 07:02:14
Duration: 11M39S
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Debt-Free Family Life in a Zero Waste, Plant Based Tiny House

For this young family, life in a tiny house is largely centred around a desire to live with a lighter footprint and do something good for the environment.

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Going zero waste and cutting out single use plastics has been helped by living in a tiny house, where the small home makes the family more aware of their consumption. Mark, a Vegan chef has also leveraged debt free living in a tiny house to start his own plant based pop-up restaurant.

Read More:

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Minecraft: How To Build A Secret Base Tutorial (#6)

Minecraft: How To Build A Secret Base Tutorial (#6)

In this Minecraft build tutorial I show you how to make a secret base that uses a redstone torch key piston door to hide the entrance as well as feature a beautiful rustic themed interior to host all your survival needs!

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