The Best IPTV Service 2019 on Amazon Firestick & Android tv boxes [Smart IPTV]

One of the best iptv services ever for 2019 on amazon firestick and android boxes the smart iptv is a great service for watching live tv on your device it’s a company with strong servers for everyone to get iptv on amazon firestick or nvidia shield or any other android box it’s better than kodi builds or kodi iptv if you want a stable iptv get the smart iptv and enjoy it in your device.

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Amazon Fire Tv Stick :
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Smart iptv apk on amazon firestick, smart iptv is one of the best iptv services ever had this year it has a lot of great content on it install smart iptv apk on your amazon firestick and enjoy it for any issues contact me for help.

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Best IPTV Service For The Price- $5.00 IPTV vs $20.00 IPTV

Best IPTV service for the price- $5.00 IPTV vs $20.00 IPTV

who has the best IPTV service for the price?

** this video is for educational purposes only**

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Vavoo Pro la solution final gratuitement sur box tv android

Tous les outils ici :
1- va.voo apk :
2- va.voo bundel :
3- es explorateur :

Pour pc Windows ici :

#infoboxtv #infoboxreview

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Excursion TV IPTV Review – 24 hour IPTV Trial Available

Excursion TV IPTV Review – USA IPTV Service

check out the service in action here:


free IPTV trial

** this video is for educational purposes only. I do not promote or endorse any specific website service or app but rather just educating the public on what options are available on the web.**

**All information, footage, and images shared in this video are usable under the YouTube fair use policy **

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IPTV Express 4K Fixed

Get IPTV Subscription:

When Using IPTV you need to protect your IP information. Protect Your Privacy with VPN.
IPVanish is What I USE ?a_bid=48f95966&a_aid=honsfred

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SMART IPTV … recomand pentru toți românii mei !!!


IPTV sau Televiziunea IP presupune transmiterea semnalului TV cu o inalta calitate a imaginii si sunetului, via protocoalele de comunicare de Internet (IP), direct pe ecranul televizorului. IPTV nu este acelasi lucru cu televiziunea transmisa prin Internet (sau televiziunea on-line).

Aceasta noua experienta in domeniul audio-vizualului este transmisa printr-o conexiune de banda larga folosind o retea de fibra optica, direct catre televizoarele clientilor, prin intermediul unui Set Top Box (si nu a unui computer). Termenul de tehnologie “lean-back” este folosit pentru IPTV in comparatie cu tehnologia “lean-forward” pe care o implica folosirea unui computer pentru vizualizarea programelor TV pe Internet.


Pentru a beneficia de serviciul IPTV la o calitate cat mai buna recomanda ca viteza de internet sa fie cat mai stabila si sa fie de un minim 10 mb de download.

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Why You Should Convert Your TV to An Android TV?

If you have been wondering what Android TV is, the things you can do with Android TV and how you can convert your regular TV into a smart Android TV, we show how you can do it with an Android TV box (Mi Box). We also show you the different apps and games on the Android TV.

We are demonstrating the video on a Micromax TV using the Mi Box running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Buy Mi Box:

$66.2 with coupon: GBMIBOXI

Android TV Remote Control:

How to Sideload Apps on Android TV (Guide):
15 Best Apps for Android TV You Should Be Using:
How to Set Up and Use Android TV Box (Mi Box):

Lucid Daydream Screensaver:

Video Walkthrough:

1. What is an Android TV
2. Android TV Apps
3. Android TV Games
4. Google Cast on Android TV
5. Android TV Remote Control
6. Daydream/Screensaver on Android TV
7. Video calls with Skype on Android TV

Music: Future Funk by Joakim Karud

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Best Android Wireless Mini Keyboard:
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Best Android Game Controller : Gamesir G4S
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Android Apps:
➡️ Moonlight App:
➡️ KINO Console APP:
➡️ Splashtop 2 APP:
➡️ BBCi Player:
➡️ ITV Hub:
➡️ ALL 4:
➡️ MY5:
➡️ UKTV Play:

Latest TV Box Chart:

✅ Best Android TV Boxes Under $50:
✅ Best Android TV Boxes Under $100:
✅ Best Android TV Boxes Over $100:

TOP Android TV Boxes:
➡️ H96 MAX:
➡️ X99 TV BOX:
➡️ T95Q TV Box:
➡️ A95X PLUS:
➡️ TANIX TX92:
✅ Complete TV Box Playlist:

✅ Best IPTV Service Ever:

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ANDROID TV To Become EXTINCT? (2018)

** ACEPC T8 Mini PC: (18%off: 4d0765)
** More Mini PCs:
** More brands TV boxes here:

Android TV To Become EXTINCT! (2018) This year everyone has been saying the iphone x is dead! Here is another product that maybe be following the same pattern! With only the nvidia shield, xiaomi mi box and mecool m8s pro l devices supporting android tv os and with no android tv 9.0 / P upgrade and google discontinuing the nexus player, is this the end for android tv?

** TOP 5 BEST VPNS for 2018:


** Xiaomi Mi Box Purchase Link:





Some of the MUSIC is by:

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How to Screen Mirror Phone to TV Wireless and Wired Connection

In this video I explain 5 different ways to wired and wirelessly screen mirror phones and tablets to tv so that you can watch youtube, netflix, play apps and games on a bigger screen, including regular hd tvs and smart 4k tvs. You will be able to connect any type of android phone and tablet like the samsung galaxy s7, s8, s9, HTC Ultra, LG V20, LG G5, HTC 10.
The methods explained in the video work with or without wifi, bluetooth, cable or adapter, dongle.
The google chromecast and screenbeam mini 2 are a good way to project what you do on your phone to the tv without using an hdmi cable.
If you prefer a wired connection for better framerate and no lag you can use an adapter like the micro usb to hdmi mhl adapter and slimport usb type c to hdmi adapter, and you will get a resolution of 720p @ 60hz, 1080i @ 30fps, 1080p at 30hz, 2160p 4k @60fps
You can connect your smartphone with a smart tv 4k or any other type of tv.

————————— LINKS —————————



Verify if your phone supports MHL adapters:

(Amazon) SlimPort Type C adapter:

Full List of Supported SlimPort Adapters:

Download Google Home:

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What’s New for Android TV (Google I/O ’17)

Developers will learn what’s new with Android TV, from recent system enhancements that help users quickly access relevant content, to an overview of new APIs for developers to build apps for Android TV. This session will cover new APIs, features and also upcoming platform enhancements.

Watch more Android talks at I/O ’17 here:
See all the talks from Google I/O ’17 here:

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#io17 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2017 #tv

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Samsung Galaxy Buds VS. Apple AirPods

Samsung Galaxy Buds (USA Link) –
Samsung Galaxy Buds (International) –
Apple AirPods (USA Link) –
Apple AirPods (International) –

Which fully wireless earbuds will win this battle? The new 2019 Samsung Galaxy Buds or the Apple AirPods?

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Astrum KW360 Smart Wireless Keyboard for Smart TV and Android Players

If you have a smart TV / Android Player you can use the Astrum KW360 Smart Wireless Keyboard, you can also use this on your PC.

Astrum KW360 Smart Wireless Keyboard Price Rs. 1,990 –

Astrum KW360 Smart Wireless Keyboard Specifications

Smart Wireless Keyboard For Smart TV
Rechargeable battery for long life
Plug and play for smart TV and Android player
Gaming keys to play games on smart TV / computer
LED backlit for convenience
Rechargeable battery for long life
Multi-touch touch-pad for mouse and scroll function
Supports: Windows / iOS / Win7 / Win 8 / Linux / Android
Wireless: 2.4ghz
Effective range: 15m

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How To Make Fun With Monkeys – Everyday Monkey Funny Videos

How to make fun with monkeys – Everyday monkey funny YouTube videos from Cambodia : Today I am so happy with play with monkeys because bring the RC Truck and let monkeys play with it.They come to the RC Truck act as they are the professional driver.How To Make Fun With Monkeys are very funny and happy time with them.

This is an intelligent monkey How To Make Fun With Monkeys who is driving RC truck .He come up on the truck act as he is an experienced drive but he just only play with toy truck at all.It was really funny with “How To Make Fun With Monkeys” topic.Have fun with monkey is very nice video monkey and attractive.How To Make Fun With Monkeys.

Monkey is a kind of primate that is very intelligent like human but they have tails that is different from human. Amazing RC Car Vs Monkeys this is video ,those monkeys are very smart and intelligent because they could not catch fish without anything fishing tools.The first time they feel little bit scare of fish but when they know that fish is not dangerous so they could play with fish very well.Awesome Monkeys Playing RC Truck . How To Make Fun With Monkeys ,Crab eating macaques are very funny and they are best funny monkeys in the world.

// Suggested Funny Monkey Videos

Wow! Monkeys Flying Motorcycle | The Adult Monkeys Love Playing RC Motorcycle As Human Kids
Have Fun With Monkey | My Intelligent Monkeys Driving RC Truck


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Kodak XD1 Smartphone Gimbal review, create Cinematic smooth videos with Smartphone Rs. 7,999

Here is one more Gimbal from Kodak, presenting the Kodak XD1 smartphone Gimbal. If you shoot a lot of videos using your smartphone then do invest in a gimbal.

This Kodak XD1 Smartphone Gimbal is available for Rs. 7,999 –

Kodak XD1 Smartphone Gimbal specifications

Load Capacity: 230 g
Modes : Pan mode, Lock Mode and Pan + Tilt Mode
KODAK Gimbal app for both Android and IOS offers you more control while recording videos
Lightweight and Durable
Ergonomic Design
3 axis movement
easy to carry comes with case
tripod stand also included
There is USB port to charge other devices / smartphone
On a full charge you will get up to 12 hours of usage

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Please watch: “Redmi Note 7 Pro review – Best of the Best, Xiaomi Ads – how to Disable and more”

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Vou estar mostrando esse android tv, que e uma boa opcão para quem quer transformar sua tv em uma smart tv e assistir muita coisa bacana.
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New Technology 7D hologram Show in Dubai, Poland and Japan || You Need To see #HD

A 7D hologram is a method for capturing a high quality hologram using 7 parameters.
7 Dimensions
The universe exists in 3D space with time often considered a fourth dimension. The reason that a 7D hologram has so many dimensions is that the hologram is captured from a large number of positions that surround the scene or subject of the hologram.
Each position is described in 3D space. Each position captures a variety of viewing directions in 2D space. Two additional parameters are captured for each direction: image intensity and time. If you add these up you get 7 parameters, known as dimensions.
Channel: Alex Purnana
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Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour: Everyday Edition (2018)

Welcome to another episode of Ultimate Smart Home! This is my Smart Home Setup Tour that focuses on tech I use every single day. I hope this tour gives smart home ideas to those looking into a functional and simple smart home that works. More smart home tech tours and the best smart home tech and smart home setup coming so stay tuned! Do you have a smart house? What do you use?

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum:
Nest Hello Doorbell:
Nest Thermostat:
Nest Cam IQ Indoor:
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor:
Nest Protect:
Yale/Nest Smart Lock:
Hisense H9E 4K TV:
LIFX Smart Bulbs:
LIFX Z Light Strips:
Ampifi HD Mesh Wifi Network:
Noon Lighting System:
Simple Human Voice Activated Sensor Trash Can:

Amazon Echo Show:
Vector Smart Robot:

This is the Ultimate Smart Home Robot Vacuum! Find out why this is the best bang for your buck on the market. For more details, visit:

Roborock Official Website:
Roborock Amazon Store:

#smarthome #smarthometour #ultimatesmarthome

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JioTV on Android TV | How to Use Jio TV on Android Smart TV Vu,Mi TV 4A,LG, Samsung Smart TV

JioTV on Android TV | How to Use Jio TV on Android Smart TV Vu,Mi TV 4A,LG, Samsung Smart TV
Buy Vu Iconium 109cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV
Topics Covered in This Video:-
jio tv app for smart tv download
jio tv apk for smart tv
jio tv apk for android tv
jio tv on lg webos
jio tv app for smart tv apk
jio tv on vu smart tv
jio tv apk for mi tv 4
jio tv app for samsung smart tv download

Jio 5G Sim,Jio Free Recharge,Jio Phone New Browser,Redmi Note 7 Vs Samsung M30,Best Smartphone

Vidlike App Download link :
io 5G Sim,Jio Free Recharge,Jio Phone New Browser,Redmi Note 7 Vs Samsung M30,Best Smartphone
✔️Download 4Fun App :

✔️Download Databuddy App & Get Rs. 212 Paytm Cash:

✔️ Download Google Pay App & Get ₹51:

✔️Download Paytm App:

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09 मार्च 2019 Update DD Free Dish || Star Utsav आ गया कैसे? || How to Add Star Utsav? ||

Welcome to “newTech Ranjan” youtube channal is from youtube tips & tricks, Unboxing, Review, Technical(tech news), vlogs sabkuchh of user.

Is video me humne star utsav kaise add hua hai uski jankari diya hai sath me, star utsav chalega ya nahi chalega iska bhi jankari diya hai aur connection time out retry 1,2,3, ye sb ke bare me bataya hai.


दोस्तों ज्यादा से ज्यादा इस वीडियो को Like, comment & sare करें, मैं सभी कमेंट का reply करने की कोशिश करूंगा धन्यवाद।
आप सभी को ढेर सारा प्यार
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Samsung Galaxy A50 Review | Redmi Note 7 Pro Ki Tensiion Hai Ye

T Series –

For some motivation, do watch my Journey from being a TELEPHONE OPERATOR to TECH YOUTUBER 🙂

My Journey…

I hope you like this video.

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Can We Freeze Petrol ?

Download Nostra Pro App (A safe app to make money from sports)
App Link-

Rs 100 Sign up Bonus only for my Users + No need to use Referral code to Earn Paytm Cash
Available for Android, IOS and Desktop Users.
Answer simple questions and win upto Rs 10 Lakhs daily – Available in English and Hindi.

खेलो, जीतो और पैसे कमाए PayTM और Bank अकाउंट में आज ही डाउनलोड करे!

We try to freeze petol or gasoline with liquid nitrogen and we get amazing results with this awesome experiment

Thanks for watching have fun

Published: 2019-03-09 06:46:11
Duration: 6M47S
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Jio Gigafiber Broadband Speed Test After 1 Month of Use PART – 1

Jio Gigafiber Broadband Speed Test After 1 Month of Use

Guys, ye video jio gigafibre ke speed test ka part 1 hai..
Part 2 ka link ye hai – Jio Full Speed Test part-2

Part 2 mein maine kaafi alag alag speed test kiye hain and part 1 ke questions ka answer bhi diya hai.

Part 2 aur bhi interesting hai.

01-(Tp-Link )Dual Band Wifi Range Extender –
02-(Tp-Link )Single Band Wifi Range Entender –
03-(Netgear)Single Band –
04-(Netgear)Dual Band-

Jio Full Speed Test:

My Journey…

बचके रहना बहोत खतरा है

I hope you like this video.

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About : Gizmo Gyan, My name is Anuj
My idea behind creating this Youtube Channel is to increase your knowledge about gadgets & online shopping, it will save your precious time.

Channel: Gizmo Gyan
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Instalacion de APK Nexus Tv-IPTV



4 megas canales SD
6 megas canales HD
10 megas canales FHD

* Nexux Tv Pro
* Instala la AP descargada
* Confirmame la Ap Instalada, para generar tu usuario y contraseña, que te enviare.

* Descargar la Aplicacion
* Enviame el Codigo de la aplicacion
* para generar tu usuario y contraseña, que te enviare.

Saludos y exitos! Tu amigo, Danny Malla ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
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Hasta pronto!

Luz roja parpadea epson l210

Cuando tienes este error de la luz de tinta parpadea en rojo. Lo reseteas asi:
1. Presionas el bonton stop durante 3 segundos he imediatamente presionas 1 vez y sueltas.

Si no funciona apagar la impresora y encender nuevamente.

Channel: Danny Malla
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Duration: 1M17S
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Hola amigos de youtube aqui les traigo la solucion…………..
como quitar el patron de un telefono chino, Samsung J7 prime….

si te sirvio no olvides suscribirte a mi canal y dandole like
seguire subiendo mas videos pronto gracias.



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Inferno tv (genera ingresos mensuales de aproximadamente 1000 dólares vendiendo IPTV)

Para mas informacion sobre costos y contratacion favor de contactarnos por los siguientes medios (por mensajes de YouTube casi no contestamos)
What’s app: +52 1 55 7837 9887

Envianos mensaje directo a nuestro what’s app en este link

Channel: Roku TV DF
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Duration: 15M52S
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En este video tutorial te enseñare solucionar el error de Laptop o PC conectado a wifi o lan pero sin acceso a Internet

Espero este video te haya gustado y sobre todo servido.

Si fue asi puedes darle like, comentar y suscribirte para futuros videos de mantenimiento de Pc, Redes Telefonia.

Channel: Danny Malla
Published: 2017-07-01 21:52:09
Duration: 1M45S
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Primitive Technology – Eating delicious – Smart boy cooking pig head

Hi to day i wantto show you about videos:

Primitive Technology – Eating delicious – Smart boy cooking pig head

if you like this video please ckick like share and comments
don’t for get subscribe my channel
thank you somuch
for more:

Channel: Primitive Technology KH
Published: 2018-12-20 11:47:06
Duration: 10M33S
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Projector Smart Android WiFi Bluetooth Video Beam

Projector Smart Android WiFi Bluetooth Video Beam
Get This Item

▶IDEAL CHOICE FOR HOME ENTERTAINMENT◄With the Brightness 220 ANSI Lumen(2000 Lux Lumens), BeVision 401E Projector provide outstanding performance for Home Entertainment like watching movies, playing games in dark environment. Not recommend for Business Use or with Bright Lights on.
▶ENDLESS ENJOYMENT◄Android 6.0 WiFi & Bluetooth features enable you to download and run apps from Google Store flawlessly. Display content from Netflix, Youtube, Kodi and more for endless enjoyment seamlessly.
▶ALMIGHTY CONNECTIVITY◄With HDMI,VGA,USB and AV inputs, It Features a remarkable amount of connectivity, giving you a wide range of media capabilities. More than just a projector, BeVision 401E projector is truly a media hub for home entertainment.
▶REDUCED NOISE & STEREO SPEAKER◄Adopted the advanced noise reduction thchnology and innovative cooling system, the ultra-low fan noise(25-30db tested) will not influance your joyful time. Build-in powerful stereo speaker bring you better movie game experiences. Meanwhile, Bluetooth connectivity provides you another sound possibility.
▶SATISFACTION GUARANTEE◄BeVision provide Hassle Free 3-YEAR Warranty Service for the projector, Professional Customer Service & Technical Support(Lifetime), feel free to contact our customer service if any questions.

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Easy bird trap technology make from CocaCola and Popsicle stick

Easy bird trap technology make from CocaCola and Popsicle stick

i use a cocacola after drinking and Popsicle stick to make an easy bird trap, this is a new bird trap technology that works.
this is just a trapping experiment only, no harming to creatures at all

Channel: Wilderness TV
Published: 2018-09-13 11:35:31
Duration: 6M2S
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How Does Wi-Fi Work? | Brit Lab

Greg Foot explains how Wi-Fi actually works, how similar it is to The Force and why it can’t turn you into The Incredible Hulk!

Subscribe for more awesome science –

Channel: BBC Earth Lab
Published: 2015-03-11 11:19:20
Duration: 4M
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TOP 5 Best Projector 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2019

5 ► Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2018
●Amazon US :

4 ► JMGO SA Ultra Short Throw 7000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector
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3 ► Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector, Digital Laser Display with Full HD and 100% Color Brightness
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2 ► Xgimi T1 4K Laser
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1 ► LG HF80JA Laser Smart Home Theater Projector (2017 Model – Class 1 laser product)
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Published: 2018-06-27 23:29:23
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Here is a collection of incredible crafts and hacks for smartphones! No need to go to the store and spend tons of money on phone cases! You can create any case you like using cheap supplies and following our tutorials! Supplies you will need you might already have at home as usually we use everyday items for creating process.
Let’s start from super-cool phone cases that you can make inly in 5 minutes:
– Use thread and hot glue gun to make a phone case. Choose any color of thread you like
– Phone case out of the balloon? Check out the tutorial!
– Wrap your phone with plastic wrap and make a phone case with the pattern you like
– Create an awesome galaxy case in 5 minutes! You will need a plain black phone case, blue, pink and glitter nail polish. Use a sponge and add spots in different colors. Paint the finished product with glittery nail polish. Enjoy!
– Spend a minute and create the phone case out of silicon mold
– Kitchen hooks are incredibly useful to organize cords. Clue hooks to the plain case
– Turn your boring phone case into the awesome thermal case in 5 minutes! Cover the clear phone case with a layer of white paint and after that with yellow nail polish. Once it’s completely dry, cover with color-changing nail polish
– Feathers are great to decorate nearly everything, check out how to decorate your phone case using feathers. You will need a clear phone case, feathers of different colors, glue, and resin. Glue feathers to the phone case and covet with resin

Besides, there are more crafty ideas for your smartphone! Learn how to make flashlight diffuser with the help of aluminum foil and hot glue gun. Fast and inexpensive tripod could be made from cola bottle and rubber bands. Turn an old shoebox into a smartphone projector. You will need a magnifying glass, shoe box, and binder clip. Now you can enjoy your favorite films with your friends at home!

00:51 DIY flashlight diffuser
03:04 DIY galaxy phone case
04:03 Cut your silicone mold
05:55 Nail polish thermal case
08:14 DIY smartphone projector

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Published: 2018-12-13 08:36:53
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How to make a Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

This video will show you How to make a Bluetooth Cassette Adapter
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#Bluetooth #CassetteAdapter #Cassette

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Published: 2018-09-26 10:49:21
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Samy 32″ android smart TV ரூ. 4,999 | 4K ultra HD smart android TV ரூ. 14,999 | Chennai Tech

Samy 32″ android smart TV ரூ. 4,999 க்கு | 4K ultra HD smart android TV ரூ. 14,999 க்கு | Chennai Tech

#SamyTV #32AndroidSmartTVரூ4999க்கு #ChennaiTech

TRAI Channel Selector Application | TRAI New Rule for Cable TV & DTH 2019 Tamil


வாங்குனா இந்த மாதிரி டிவி வாங்கணும் ! Daiwa 4K UHD Quantum Luminit TV Review

#Daiwa 4K UHD Quantum Luminit TV is available on Paytm Mall and their website price starts at Rs 24,000.
For more details.
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Channel: Tech Tamizha
Published: 2019-01-04 11:25:22
Duration: 12M10S
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TRAI Channel Selector Application | TRAI New Rule for Cable TV & DTH 2019 Tamil | Chennai Tech

TRAI Channel Selector Application | TRAI New Rule for Cable TV & DTH 2019 Tamil | Chennai Tech

ரூ.153ல் Paid சேனல்கள் Free சேனல்கள் தேர்வு செய்யும் முறை.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has now introduced web application to make the channel selection process for DTH and Cable TV users.
Subscribers to compute the monthly rental of their selected channels using the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Channel Selector Application.
The new web application from the TRAI will simplify the channel selection process for DTH and cable user. The Channel Selector application will help the user optimize the selection of their choice and also inform them about the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) of their selection.

#TraiNewRuleCableTV #TraiChannelSelectorApplication #DTH2019

Channel: Chennai Tech – சென்னை டெக்
Published: 2019-01-31 22:27:40
Duration: 10M2S
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Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4 Pro – 55″ 4K HDR மற்றும் Android TV -யுடன்! Unboxing & Hands on Review

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4 Pro என்ன புதிதாக கொண்டு வந்துள்ளதென்று Unbox பண்ணி விரிவாக பார்க்கலாம்!

My initial review of the all new Mi LED TV 4 PRO 55 inch from Xiaomi.

Download Netflix Mobile APK:
Download Amazon Prime TV:

This Mi TV 4 Pro 55 inches sports a 4K LED panel with support for HDR and 2 stereo 8W speakers.

The Mi TV 4 Pro has official Android TV running on it with support for Google Play Store. It also runs Patch Wall which is Xiaomi’s customised launcher that supports both set top box as well as online content.

Internally the new Mi TV 4 Pro 55 inches sports a quad core Amlogic processor, 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage.

If you liked our “Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4 Pro – 55″ 4K HDR மற்றும் Android TV -யுடன்! Unboxing & Hands on Review” video do give it a Thumbs up & Share! Let us know in the comments and give this video a share 🙂

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Music Credits
Intro – Gemini Fire Inside (Elliot Berger RemiX)

Instrumental produced by Chuki

Channel: C4ETech Tamil
Published: 2018-10-10 06:54:46
Duration: 7M51S
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DTH -ல் பிடித்த சேனலை ACTIVATE செய்வது எப்படி ??? | for Tamil | TECH TV TAMIL

Published: 2019-02-02 12:19:25
Duration: 11M58S
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Prepaid electric meter how it works | Reduce Electricity bill/Current bill in Tamil | Chennai Tech

Electric Meter Prepaid Card System | அடுத்த அதிரடி ஏப்ரல் 2019 முதல் பிரீபெய்டு மின் மீட்டர் கட்டாயம் | Prepaid electric meter how it works | Reduce Electricity bill/Current bill in Tamil | Prepaid Power Meter in Tamil | Electricity/Current/EB Energy Meter | Recharge Your Electricity Account! Prepaid Electricity Bill To Be Introduced | Prepaid electric meter in India | Prepaid electric meter | Prepaid Electricity Billing Meter | Chennai Tech

#PrepaidMeter #ElectricityBill #Electricity/Current/EB Energy Meter

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TRAI New Rules for DTH and Cable TV in Tamil | 400+ Free TV Channels

New BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans | Unlimited Voice Calls | Free Data | SMS

அனைத்து TV சேனலும் இலவசமாக பார்க்கலாம் | How to Watch Free TV Channels Without Cable and DTH

Best Plans 2019 | BSNL 4G vs Jio 4G

BSNL 4G vs JIO | Mobile Number Portability (MNP) | Best Review 2019

Super fast BSNL 4G Sim | Unlimited 4G data plan | Airtel & Vodafone MNP to BSNL

Channel: Chennai Tech – சென்னை டெக்
Published: 2019-01-01 00:11:42
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Samy 32″ HD TV For Rs 4,999 | BIG SCAM BUSTED !!!

Hello Dosto is video me maine aap logo Samy Informatics Pvt.Ltd Company ke bare me bataya hu,Jinhone apna Latest Smart Android TV India me launch kiya hai 32″ HD Resolution ke sath,512MB ki Ram,4GB Storage,WiFi Connectivity & many more…Price sirf 4,999 rakhi hai jisse kaafi sare log suprise hogaye hai…maine is video me aapko is Smart Tv ki sachhai batayi hai aur Finally apko bataya hu ke kya ye Company Scam kar rahi hai ya fir nahi….Umeed hai aapko video pasand aayega..
Intro & Background Music : ‘Music by Epidemic Sound
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Samy 32 inches Android SmartTV Rs.4999/- : ఇంత తక్కువకి ఎలా ఇస్తున్నారు అసలు నిజాలు వీడియో లో

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Corsair 16GB RAM Memory:
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Samsung 860 Evo 250GB SSD:
More cabinets:
Corsair VS550:

Channel: Tech-Logic in Telugu
Published: 2019-02-02 13:38:00
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Samy 32″ HD TV For Rs 4,999 | என்ன ஒரு வில்லத்தனம் !!! | Tamil Tech

Samy Informatics Pvt.Ltd Company claims to sell tv at Rs.4999 but is that true , lets find out , video parunga , unga frindskitta share pannunga

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#5000TV #SamyTV #TamilTech

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TechnicalGuruji Vs ManuKumarJain|Redmi Note 7 BendTest|#RedmiNote7Unboxing|#Manukumarjain

Dosto is video mai maine apko bataya hai ki technical Guruji ne redmi note 7 kyu toda tha aur technical Guruji aur manu kumar jain k bich mai kya hua tha ….

Redmi Note 7 Video By Technical Guruji


Video Tags :

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6. Kyu toda technical guruji ne redmi note 7
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8. Tg bend test redmi note 7
9. Technical guruji
10. Manu kumar Jain

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Channel: Kaushal TechTV
Published: 2019-01-31 06:10:45
Duration: 6M39S
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Cheapest Smart Android 4K LED TV | Starting Only ₹ 6000 Rupees | in Wholesale and Retail


नमस्कार दोस्तों Desi Chora Delhi Ka चैनेल में आप सभी का बहुत बहुत स्वागत करता हूँ। अगर आपको वीडियो अच्छा लगता है तो Plz Like Share And Subscribe करना न भूले धन्यवाद।

Shop Name :- Arihant Infotech
Shop Owner Name :- Mr, Pankaj Jain
Shop Address :- Plot No. 27A, Veer Savarkar Blok, Shakarpur
Near Metro :- Nirman Vihar
Pillor No :- 59, Delhi – 110092
Phone Number :- { 8368715238}-{8851302926}
Deals in :- Manufacture New LED 4K T.V.
Location :-,77.285297

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1 led tv wholesale price in delhi
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7 indiamart
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9 wholesale led tv suppliers in chennai
10 wholesale television suppliers

Channel: Desi Chora Delhi Ka
Published: 2018-09-21 17:51:50
Duration: 8M35S
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Rajpal Yadav best comedy scene of movie dhol by bollywood company

Published: 2018-09-15 20:39:19
Duration: 10M35S
Views: 16897422
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குறைந்த விலையில் Convert Normal TV To Smart TV In Tamil – Loud Oli Tech

குறைந்த விலையில் Convert Normal TV To Smart TV In Tamil – Loud Oli Tech

Mecool M8S PRO W S905W 2GB RAM 16GB ROM TV Box with Android TV OS Support Voice Input Control
(coupon code: 87430e, coupon price: ₹2,422.98 )

Mecool M8S PRO W S905W 2GB RAM 16GB ROM TV Box – EU
without voice control :

how to convert led tv to smart tv india in tamil

convert old crt tv to smart tv in tamil

how to convert normal tv into smart tv in tamil

smart tv converter price in tamil

normal tv to smart tv converter price in india in tamil

10 சூப்பர் APPS | Top 10 Secret Apps on Playstore

10 சூப்பர் APPS | Top 10 Secret Apps on Playstore

#1 Snap Trans

#2 Salient Eye

#3 Calendar Vault

#4 Multi photo resize compress crop in batch PicTools

#5 Touch Lock Screen

#6 Stargon Browser

#7 Quick Arc Launcher 2

#8 Orinji Photo Editor Focus Effect

#9 Voice Calculator – Multi Screen

10 designer Tools

#10 Designer Tools provides a suite of features to review and validate app specifications. Whether it be checking your keylines or that shade of blue, you’ll definitely want to add this app to your toolkit. Even if you provide redlines, these are a great way to verify each and every pixel.#9 Now you just have to speak and Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what you say.No need to click on Mic multiple times to do long calculations. You can do calculations continuously until you click Pause. It displays calculations simultaneously while you speaking. #8 Use this app to make your photos more realistic and attractive. The app contains many Effects and Filters like HDR Effect, Focus Effect, Retro Effect, Vintage and Vignette Effect. You need to write text on the photo or create memes or you just want to remove the background of a photo. Orinji is there for you! #7 By using this launcher application, you can launch the application you want to launch in 2 seconds!By using this launcher, you can pre-register frequently used applications, shortcuts, etc. and start up immediately. #6 Stargon Browser is a web browser with over 30 different functions. Experience the unique and convenient features of Stargon.#5 The touch lock screen can simply set a “touch password” with the touch of specific positions on my photo such as eyes, nose, mouth, face, or hand. #4 Pic Tools is the best photo & picture resizer, cropper, compressor & photo editor, photography tool to reduce photo size kb, useful for designers photographers and everyone else. #3 Calendar vault provides you ultimate secret locker for photos, videos and files. Secretly hide pictures and gallery photo videos and make them safe. Calendar vault looks like a simple calendar but it contains incredible secret gallery lock for hiding photos, videos and files. #2 Peace of mind is as close as your spare/old Android phone or tablet. The Salient Eye app turns your spare device into a surveillance camera that can be placed in your home, office, dorm, hotel room… anywhere you want to monitor movement.
#1 SnapTrans can translate English to Hindi or other languages or dialects in one step for almost any applications(Facebook,WhatsApp,Messenger etc).Using this app, you can translate any text into your native language to make reading much easier,chat with foreign language friends accessibility.

Channel: Top 10 Tamil
Published: 2019-01-31 14:54:58
Duration: 12M36S
Views: 54065
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வித்தியாசமான 8 சிறந்த App – Top 8 android Apps in Tamil – Loud Oli Tech

வித்தியாசமான 8 சிறந்த App – Top 8 android Apps in Tamil – Loud Oli Tech

App Store:

Radon – Share using Ultrasound :

DISCOVER – HD Wallpaper & Lock Screen :

சிறந்த 10 TOP App January 2019 without root :

TalkFaster – whatsapp :

SkySafari – Astronomy App :

HQ Music for Android 9 :

Shorty :

Typing Hero ⚡ Free Text Expander

Channel: Loud Oli Tech
Published: 2018-12-24 14:05:23
Duration: 7M39S
Views: 82938
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CHROME CAST Free யா TV பாருங்க


Face Book Page

Channel: Sakalakala Tv
Published: 2019-01-01 09:56:38
Duration: 8M36S
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PUBG Mobile 🔴 Live Stream | Rushing for chicken dinners | Paytm on screen

Support the stream: ▬▬ 💰 — Donations — 💰 ▬▬
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How To Create Pubg Mobile Custom Room In Tamil By You TECH tamil
Link :

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Hi Guys ean Name Rahuman sontha city theni age 25 appa eallaru விவசாயம் so naanu விவசாயம் tha pakkure pakka pore life la apro patippu na diploma pannirke apro english avlova theriyathu so tamil laiye pesunga plsssss . thanks nanba

Business inquiries :
My PC Specifications
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2 GB DDR5
CPU: Intel(R) i5 8GEN
Storage: 1TB
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Monitor: Dell 21.5 inch (54.6 cm) Ultra Thin Bezel LED Monitor – Full HD- S2218H (Black)
Mic For Steaming: BOYA
Recording Videos With: Nikon D3400
Live Stream Soft : OBS
#pubg #pubgmobile #pubgmobilelive #pubgmobiletamil

NOTE; – We don’t encourage minor (below 18 age) to watch this channel after 10pm IST and this channel will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in communication with the availability, use or performance of any information communicated on this youtube page.

எல்லாரும் நல்லா இருப்போம் ! !
நல்லதே செய்வோம் ! !
நல்லதே நடக்கும் …

Channel: You TECH tamil – யு டெக் தமிழ்
Published: 2019-02-02 10:59:18
Duration: 0S
Views: 1145
Likes: 164
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பட்ஜெட் 2019: “வருமான வரி விலக்கு” சந்தேகங்களுக்கு விளக்கமளிக்கிறார் தணிக்கையாளர் சத்யநாராயணன்

பட்ஜெட் 2019:
இடைக்கால பட்ஜெட்டில் தனி நபர் வருமான வரி உச்ச வரம்பு ரூ 2.5 லட்சத்திலிருந்து ரூ 5 லட்சமாக அதிகரிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது இது குறித்த மக்களின் பல்வேறு சந்தேகங்களுக்கு விளக்கமளிக்கிறார் தணிக்கையாளர் சத்யநாராயணன்


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News18 Tamil Nadu brings unbiased News & information to the Tamil viewers. Network 18 Group is presently the largest Television Network in India.

Channel: News 18 Tamil Nadu
Published: 2019-02-01 11:58:39
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வெறும் Rs. 5000க்கு டிவி! உண்மை என்ன? | Samy Informatics Launched World Cheapest Android Smart Tv

வெறும் Rs. 5000க்கு டிவியா! உண்மை என்ன? | Samy Informatics Launched World Cheapest Android Smart Tv

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Rs. 8000/- க்கு Samsung M10 | Complete Details of Samsung Galaxy M10 | Price & Features | Tech Boss

வெறும் Rs. 8000/- க்கு Samsung M10 | Complete Details of Samsung Galaxy M10 | Price & Features | #MobileOpinion #SamsungM10 #TechBoss

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Channel: Tech Boss
Published: 2019-01-29 08:53:23
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13000 க்கு ஒரு சூப்பர் போன் | Unboxing and Complete Review: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

13000 க்கு ஒரு சூப்பர் போன் | Unboxing and Complete Review: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

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Channel: Tech Boss
Published: 2019-01-04 13:03:40
Duration: 8M47S
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சாதா டிவியையும் Android டிவியா மாற்ற வேண்டுமா? | Unboxing & Review : ReTV X1 – Smart Tv Box

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எந்த டிவியையும் Android டிவியா மாற்ற வேண்டுமா? | Unboxing & Review : ReTV X1 – Smart Tv Box

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Channel: Tamil
Published: 2018-02-08 19:45:49
Duration: 9M22S
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Upcoming Mobile Phones in India 2019 Tamil | Top 15 BEST Smartphones Under ₹20000 | Chennai Tech

Upcoming Mobile Phones in India 2019 | New Mobiles 2019 Tamil | Top 15 BEST Smartphones Under ₹20000 | Chennai Tech

புது மொபைல் வாங்க போறீங்களா உஷார் | #UpcomingMobiles #2019MobilesNew #BestSmartphones

List of free to air Tamil TV Channels | List of Pay Channels | TRAI New Rules for dth in Tamil

TRAI New Rules for DTH and Cable TV in Tamil | 400+ Free TV Channels

அனைத்து TV சேனலும் இலவசமாக பார்க்கலாம் | How to Watch Free TV Channels Without Cable and DTH

Channel: Chennai Tech – சென்னை டெக்
Published: 2019-01-20 13:36:15
Duration: 13M18S
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சுவையான தந்தூரி சிக்கன் வீட்டிலேயே செய்யலாம் ஓவன் இல்லாமல்/ Tandoori chicken recipe without oven

Hi friends, Here I am sharing yummy Tandoori chicken recipe without oven ,Here Tandoori chicken is made in a simple method ,just with a heavy bottom non stick pan with lid , on a regular stove. Follow the tips mentioned here for marinating the chicken , and steps for cooking chicken. Definitely you will be getting a good tasty Tandoori chicken at home, No need for restaurant 😊👍🏻
To check my other non veg recipes pls click the link
Channel: Kavitha Samayalarai கவிதா சமையலறை
Published: 2019-02-02 03:09:15
Duration: 5M19S
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