XTrem SnowBike – New Game for Android

XTrem SnowBike – New Game for Android
XTrem SnowBike – in this game on android, you take control of a snowmobile and a huge will to ride on difficult trails. In the game your task is to descend as quickly as possible from the mountain and set his record in this game. Drive a snowmobile on winding routes and bypass all the obstacles in his path. Challenge the strongest players from around the world and compete with them in races. Rush down the mountain at top speed and soars up, flying on trampolines. Go the distance in the minimum amount of time and become a champion of this game. Discover new snowmobiles.

The First SnowBike Game that gives a Unique Racing Experience and Amazing Sensations!

Rear studded tire, reinforced suspensions, prepared engine, competition’s front-ski…
You are ready to crisscross the snowy tracks with your SnowBike!

Many challenges await you:
Race on the Giant Jump and try to beat the distance record!
Compete with the greatest SnowBike drivers on many different tracks!
Try to survive in an Infernal Race!
And many more…

Win a max of wins and increase the power of your SnowBike!

Select the best playing mode and the rendering quality that you want.
Share your best races with your friends.

Are you ready for the Big Thrill?

• A unique Racing Experience!
• Unbelievable sensations!
• Many challenges!
• Full 3D Real Time Rendering!
• Impressive Graphics Quality!

Wobblers – New Game for Android

Wobblers – New Game for Android
Despite the fact that in recent years mobile devices developed enviable pace, and has many tablets and smartphones have impressive computing resources that are not much behind desktop gaming platforms, which of course allows to produce mobile gadgets quite demanding games, however different arcades and time-killers are the main niche for mobile game developers.
Wobblers – a fun game is a cross between a jumper and ranrom. You have to play a certain role in the cosmic being that governs rocket board, and you need to help the hero to climb as high as possible, collect the maximum number of prizes and does not fall off the board.
Wobblers is an exciting and addicting arcade game, in which you are equipped with a rocket to navigate your character to the highest heights. On the way up, you’ll have to collect power ups, avoid obstacles, and keep your Wobbler aboard!
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Furious Car Racing – New Game for Android

Furious Car Racing – New Game for Android
Furious Car Racing – Take control of your racing car and take part in a dynamic race. In this game, you sit behind the wheel of a sports car and spend it on the city routes trying to overtake an opponent and reach the finish line first. Get meritorious in these races and get new cars, which will boast a unique look and powerful specifications. Rides on the highway and use the nitro accelerator at the same time, be quite agile, so as not to bump into other cars and obstacles. Improve their cars in the garage and change their appearance.

This is Furious Car Racing, the ultimate drag racer in the city streets! Build, Race, and Tune your car until it’s at the absolute peak of its performance to dominate the gang city.

Compete in career mode and work your way from rookie to pro by defeating the grand auto gangsters in the city of San Andreas. Then take it online and go up against the best around the real world in online multiplayer play! No need for car theft now, the stakes are high and the risk is real in this game. Back you bets to be as fast as possible unless you are prepared to lose!

Game Features:
– Stunning 3D graphics and streamlined controls
– Find the optimal tune for your car with hundreds performance parts
– Full customization for your cars including paint, plates, wheels and etc.
– Live opponents of real racing competition in Underground mode

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Bowling 3D Master – New Game for Android

Bowling 3D Master – New Game for Android

Play the best bowling game in amazing realistic 3d graphics. Test your bowling skills in the NO 1 bowling game.
Bowl more Strikes and become the bowling king.

Flick forward with your finger to throw the ball and knock down the pins.
Swipe across the screen to add spin to the ball.

So download the most addicting 3d bowling game with HD graphics for your mobile now!

3 Game Modes:
Single Player
Pass n Play

● 16 unique custom bowling balls.
● 3 Game Modes.
● Customize the alley by choosing the wood and background mask you like.
● Realistic Physics.
● Stunning 3D graphics.
● Each Player can choose their own ball.
● Stats Screen.
Bowling – a sports game with balls and pins, the main task of which is to using the ball to knock down as many pins in the least number of throws. This game is very popular in the west, on the territory of the former Soviet Union bowling became popular in the late 90’s early 2000 – ies and does not have enough fans to this day. The gaming industry is also not left without attention the sport and digital versions are found on virtually all platforms, including mobile.
Bowling 3D Master – rather a quality bowling simulator for Android, with an excellent three-dimensional graphics, realistic physics, clear management, a variety of game modes, including the possibility of playing for a few gamers.

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WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! – New Game for Android

WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! – New Game for Android
WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! – Surviving in the world full of zombies and danger waits around every corner. This game can be played alone, but you can call friends and play online, very big card and a variety of weapons will impress any fan survive and fight. Also here is a very simple and interesting control system.


Survive alone or with friends
Simple operation
A huge map with towns and villages
You want adventure and fun in an apocalyptic zombie world? Then this game is created for you!

You can play alone or online with your friends, choose a type of character, and to survive in a zombie world, collect things in houses, settlements, military bases and other places.

WithstandZ BETA open world game in the genre of zombie survival with single / online mode. Based on Unturned. Playing you have to go through the search of supplies and ammunition, and to build your house / shelter / building.

You’ll have to come up with their tactics of survival, food search, and supplies, to fight the thirst, hunger, and monitor the level of health.

The game has an open world where everyone decides where to go, make your choice! In this world there are many interesting places to explore and collect supplies.

Network mode:
Online mode gives players a new experience on smartphones, tablets and other, where you will enjoy the game with your friends, and if you play one, you can decide to be a “hero” or “villain”. 🙂

Zombies in this game have artificial intelligence, on this if you’re in a building, you do not need to worry about “zombie out of nowhere,” they’ll come only if you notice.

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Highway Getaway: Chase TV – New Game for Android

Highway Getaway: Chase TV – New Game for Android
Highway Getaway: Chase TV – It’s time to drive a prohibitively high speeds, prepare your device, select the game and forth to conquer the rankings table. And although at first glance, this game is similar to the most common race, it is not. One unique feature is the random generation of maps, as well as the random generation of different cars in the middle of the road. This game is very difficult, unlike their counterparts, and has a set of elements, bonus and gains. And also a lot of different cars and the ability to tune them. In the world ranking table will be all who will challenge time and endless road.

A racing game like you’ve never seen before.

Put the pedal to the metal, son – the cops ain’t messing around!
You’re a runaway driver, rushing through traffic. Your goal is simple: Outrun the police and gather as much heat as possible in the process! The more wanted you become, the more cash you earn!
So, let the adrenaline flow through your veins, speed up, and outrun the guys trailing you! They may chase you, but will they catch you?

Outrun the cops pursuing you in unique, randomly generated landscapes – from downtown streets, to industrial harbors, to vast canyons! There’s no time to admire the view, though – you’ve got a police hunt escape from!

10 different cars available to master, each with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Upgrade them for performance, customize their looks for SWAG!

Intuitive tap-based controls ensure you can react and adapt to anything that happens – or you can swipe your way through, whatever works best for you.

Use nitro to outrun the police tail or use a wrench to fix your getaway car on the go! But you’ll need to keep your fuel level in check, so remember to keep an eye out for a gas truck!

Complete over 200 missions to become the ultimate getaway driver! Unlock rewards to help you in your quest for speed!

Now, put your driving skills to the test and show those cops what you’ve got! Bring total carnage to the streets!

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