Spanish Dictionary for Android(App)(95,000 words)(spanish + english bible)

Spanish Dictionary for Android(Application)(about 95,000 words) (included spanish bible and english bible)

Spanish Dictionary for Android(App)(95,000 words)(spanish + english bible) Explanation

Spanish Dictionary for Android(Application)(about 95,000 words) Explanation
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spanish dictionary for PC(computer)(about 95,000 words) explanation spanish dictionary for PC(computer)(about 95,000 words) explanation

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German Versus Other Languages (Part 1 and 2)

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Awesome Way to Learn a New Language! Reading The Holy Bible Bilingual Versions English To Spanish

It is easy to learn a language, do not be discouraged. If you are having a hard time learning a language, try reading the Bible, in a Bilingual version. This is an awesome way to get closer to God and learn something. The Bible is the most translated book in the world.

Reading a bilingual Edition of the bible has many Benefits:
Learn To Love God and Follow his commandments
Learn about the Son of God, JESUS CHRIST
Fear and Knowledge of God
Feather out your Dominant Speaking Language (English for me)
Learn the relevant language (Spanish for me)
Learn History
obviously more benefits just too many for me to write down.

Revelation 19:16 KJV
And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

Apocalipsis 19:16 RVR 1960
Y en su vestidura y en su muslo tiene escrito este nombre: REY DE REYES Y SEÑOR DE SEÑORES.

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THE MEANING OF LIFE | MUSLIM SPOKEN WORD – The Purpose Of Life – حقيقة الحياة معنى الحياة والسعادة

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تعريف الحب
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