Parking Frenzy 3D Simulator New Maps – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Parking Frenzy 3D Simulator INFO:
Fasten your seatbelts as here comes another awesome innovation from the makers of a super-hit game, Parking Frenzy 2.0 – Parking Frenzy 3D!
Drive through narrow lanes & obstacles, beat crazy drivers and reach your parking spot just in time! Put your parking skills to test as you navigate through the city.
Remember to complete all achievements by completing the Challenges Mode!
With 75 levels of City Driving and 25 Challenges, along with 15 different cars – it’s surely going to be a ride to remember!
So, get ready to adjust the camera, navigate carefully and park precisely!
Download Parking Frenzy 3D @Games2Win from Google Play Store and let the fun begin!

Minimum Requirement :
2GB RAM | Android 4.0 or later | Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended

Parking Frenzy 3D Features:
A real-life driving and parking experience!
– 75 levels of amazing real-life city driving
– 25 exciting Challenges
– Free Drive to earn extra coins
– 3 different camera views
– Realistic driving mechanics
– 15 different cars to drive
– Addictive 3D parking game ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

Parking Frenzy 3D Simulator #3 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Parking Frenzy 3D Simulator INFO:
Fasten your seatbelts as here comes another awesome innovation from the makers of a super-hit game, Parking Frenzy 2.0 – Parking Frenzy 3D!
Drive through narrow lanes & obstacles, beat crazy drivers and reach your parking spot just in time! Put your parking skills to test as you navigate through the city.
Remember to complete all achievements by completing the Challenges Mode!
With 75 levels of City Driving and 25 Challenges, along with 15 different cars – it’s surely going to be a ride to remember!
So, get ready to adjust the camera, navigate carefully and park precisely!
Download Parking Frenzy 3D @Games2Win from Google Play Store and let the fun begin!

Minimum Requirement :
2GB RAM | Android 4.0 or later | Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended

Parking Frenzy 3D Features:
A real-life driving and parking experience!
– 75 levels of amazing real-life city driving
– 25 exciting Challenges
– Free Drive to earn extra coins
– 3 different camera views
– Realistic driving mechanics
– 15 different cars to drive
– Addictive 3D parking game ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Extreme City GT Racing Stunt 2 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *More than 5 million people love our previous stunts game and thousands of daily downloads and the game is in top charts that’s why we made this second part of our most enjoyable and most downloadable game. We received thousands of reviews from our game fans in the review they show their love and suggestions for more improvements in our game.

This game is based on the stunts and unbelievable stunts get ready to do stunts in the air and especially on the ramps. If you are a stunt man and want to make the record in the xtreme drifting real gt stunts than you should fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the burnout. When you make stunts you will see and feel the real flying stunts in the air. During your ride, you have to pick the speed nitro to make the exact stunts with no limits.

This game will fulfill your street stunts and drift dreams into reality. We sure all stunts lover will love this game too. Dozens of new levels and sports car. You can drive the first car in free and the rest of the cars will be locked, you can unlock them by playing and earning the reward in XP’s or you can simply purchase all cars from In-App purchase in just 2.99$.


– Drive fast and make perfect stunts
– Extra realistic car drive and handling
– Real Environment Graphics
– Different Sports Cars and Many Levels


– Tilt, steering and buttons to right left
– Nitro button
– Press the accelerate to speed up
– Press the Break button to slow down

We want your love to show us your love through your suggestions and reviews for further improvements. We are continuously updating our game and millions of people is playing our part 1 of this game. Like us and follow us on social media for quick updates. ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Parking Frenzy 3D Simulator-Best Android Gameplay HD #7

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City Driver: Roof Parking Challenge – Android Gameplay FHD


he whole city is your playground! Forget everything you know about driving and free yourself from the shackles of traffic rules! From urban roads busy with traffic ascend high onto rooftops and race fast to climb in the ranks and achieve the top. Become a brave rider, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, treating buildings as a personal arena for your exploits.

Take sharp turns, avoiding dangers and trying to reach your goal in the shortest time. Jump from building to building, laughing about other drivers who still think their car belongs on the ground. School them with your mad skills and earn stars for your progress. Find new and creative ways of using your vehicle but be careful not to crash! After all is done, remember to park it with style!

While racing fast, drifting and completing all of the challenges like a pro don’t forget to be careful and thorough. Show your skills and be careful not to crash! Only with that in mind you will be able to stay ahead of the game! It’s not only about being the first, it’s also about completing all of the trials perfectly.


You will test the limits of 10 different vehicles. Select a pickup, a minivan, a taxi, a garbage truck or even a bus. Each one will behave a bit differently, forcing you to adjust your driving habbits as you play. Learn to drive all of them, show yourself as a true car enthusiast


Other drivers may be oblivious to some of your exploits, but they’re still there. While on the ground you will have to avoid traffic, watching carefully not to crash. School everyone else in the art of true driving mastery! Show them the rooftops are as good as a highway for you and that you are destined to be the best driver in the world!


The game’s urban environment is yours to explore. Every detail is here to enhance your driving experience and present you with new, surprising challenges. Each road is your to rule and master, each challenge for you to overcome and reach the top as the driver with the highest skills!


The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to play, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes which alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through optional In-App Purchases. Each mode has separate leaderboards to make for totally fair competition!


▶ HUGE CAR COLLECTION: Feel truly free driving 10 Awesome Cars
▶ DYNAMIC TRAFFIC: Deal with Real Traffic AI
▶ PRO PARKING MISSIONS: Huge campaign to beat, earn in-game money for your progress
▶ 100% Free to Play Missions
▶ CONTROLS: Buttons, Wheel, Tilt
▶ CAMERAS: Multiple cameras including First Person view for full immersion

City Driver: Roof Parking Challenge
City Driver: Roof Parking Challenge by Play With Games
city driver roof parking challenge
City Driver Roof Parking Challenge

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Real Turbo Car Racing 3D – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *If you like drifting and racing games then this 3D racing game is definitely for you and its free!

Unleash your free spirit in new race, become a real car driver with extreme speed car turbo racing and conquer the roads, be the king of speed racing! You will feel the real driving experience in this crazy and addictive 3D car race game. Perform wild tricks and awesome stunts with real drift as you race your car to the checkered flag.

Be the best racer put the pedal to the metal and smash your competition on this highway racing game by applying top speed. Drive fast as fast you can as opponents will be very difficult to defeat. Choose your fast car wisely, make sensible use of nitro to speed up and drive hard. Earn gold by moving up the driving ranks by winning races and unlock new tracks, racing cars and upgrade the real turbo engine. You should not drive as fast in real world as in this game.

Take control of your car as a stuntman driver and make use of fast speed on offroads and dirt hills. Choose super sports car so that you can get top speed that helps in chasing the opponents. Cross the speed limit by using Turbo of your car. Each car has different speed and controls so that you can feel the real game experience in different way. Earn free coins and gold by winning the races which lets you unlock other cars and 3D highways with a totally different game sceneries.

Play free car racing game on Xmas occasion. Updates are on its way, Happy Racing!


* Realistic simulation and physics engine for the car
* Leaderboard to compete with your friends and people all over the world;
* Press the paddle to speed up, press brake to slow down
* Gravity sensor control direction, smooth operation
* Real sound of the engine and cars.
* Three ways to steer you car direction.
* Super speed of pro driving
* Free car racing gameplay

3D Car Controlls:
1- Tilt Screen
2- Using car Steering
3- By tapping on the left and right controls on the screen ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Duration: 5M
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Russian Cars: Parking – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Your task is to park your car at the parking lot as soon as possible, before the space is occupied by someone else.
Show all your driving skills and pass level after level, trying new vehicles and honing your expertise.
Modern graphics, realistic behavior of the vehicle, view from the cabin and lots of exciting levels with interesting tasks await you.

– This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hours of fun.
– Multi-player capability.
– Great HD graphics.
– Many exciting levels.
– Choice of vehicle and the ease of driving.
– Many camera settings for easy parking.

1. To play with friends, you need a constant Internet connection (online).
2. For best results, choose the type of control most convenient for you.
3. Perform tasks carefully and be precise.
4. Switch the camera views to achieve the best perpective.

Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And have a blast!
Check for updates, write reviews and comments in our social network groups: ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

Transporter 3D – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Download Transporter and Play our new “FREE” game on Android!

You are a Transporter! Your job is to transport Cars, transport big wood logs, big containers and big trucks from the Truck Parking lot to the showroom garage. You complete this task if you transport all goods without damage to the destination. Do your job carefully. You have time limit in each level. So what are you waiting for? Change your “Gears” to race and complete each level.

Buy and upgrade new Big Trucks and Heavy Trucks to transport to the garage.

Game Features:

-AMAZING graphics and music/sound.
-UPGRADE your heavy transport trucks.
-SHARE on facebook and Google Plus.
-Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views
-Google Play Game Services integrated for leader boards and achievements.
-UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on leader board.

How to Play:-

Tap your phone/tablet on right side to drive / brake.
Tap on left to control steering.
____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Dr Parking 4 #2 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Dr Parking 4 INFO:
From creators of Dr driving and Dr driving 2:
Dr. Parking is back in the sequel to the biggest mobile parking simulation game of all time!
Dr. Parking 4 starts a new era of parking simulation gameplay with super stunning graphics,
challenging multi-stage levels and real-time online multiplayer. ____________________________________________________________ Download link –
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Transporter Plane 3D – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Everyone on board?
Let’s take off on another flying adventure! Feel the power at your fingertips when you fly cargo planes and aircrafts, and then show off your flying skills to your friends. Follow directions from the air traffic control tower to perfect your parking and landing skills.

Transport Plane Landing is now giving you this fun opportunity for FREE!

Immerse yourself in the realistic environment of an airport. Use the controls of your choice, and the carrier and runway freely. Landing planes and parking them has never before been more realistic or challenging.

Transport Plane 3D features:
•3D Airport-themed environments with two jets including the Boeing Jet Airplane and a C-130 Transport •Aircraft
•Realistic airport ambiance with air tower commands
•Ridiculously cool graphics and carefully crafted animations
•Choice of controls with three types of steering options including a steering wheel, buttons, or accelerometer based movements

**Fasten Your Seatbelts & Prepare To Land the #1 Airplane Parking Game of 2017**! ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator New Cars – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the best car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine
Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free!
Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city!

NEW: Mini game checkpoint mode.
NEW: Drive with traffic !!!!!
Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!
Explore a detailed open world environment.
Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
Accurate physics.
Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
Several different cameras. ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Arrow Shower | Stickman Dismounting Gameplay

Perform amazing stunts, crash into walls, break bones, destroy vehicles and have the fun!

– unique active ragdoll physics system
– crunchy sound effects
– multiple levels
– multiple vehicles
– multiple props for level customization
– replay system with saving and sharing abilities

Do not attempt game actions in real life.

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Duration: 10M9S
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IDBS Simulator Bus Lintas Sumatera New Maps – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *IDBS Simulator bus android

simulator bus dengan tema bus lintas sumatera


1- Map Sumatera Indonesia
2- Body bus scorpion king
3- GPS + MAP Sumatera
4- MP3 Player
5- Spion Kanan Kiri
6- Lampu Jauh
7- Hide Control , tombol control bisa di sembunyikan
8- Rute Kelok 9 yang menawan
9- Sunset dan sunrise yang keren
10- Mobile Optimize
11- Isi BBM
12- Angkut Penumpang
13- Custom Body bus
14- Siang malam
15- Lalu lintas bisa anda atur sesuai selera anda , sepi , sedang ,ramai
16- Suasana Pegunungan dengan tikungan , tanjakan dan turunan

tiket trayek bus lintas sumatera
Medan – Banda aceh 603km Rp 180.000
Medan – Bandar Lampung 1.785km Rp 420.000
Medan – Bengkulu 1.409km Rp 390.000
Medan – Bukit Tinggi 649km Rp 185.000
Medan – Jambi 1.096km Rp 230.000
Medan – Padang 756km Rp 195.000
Medan – Palembang 1.367km Rp 380.000
Medan – Pekanbaru 659km Rp 180.000
Medan – Pematang siantar 133km Rp 100.000
Medan – Sibolga 317km Rp 130.000

Selamat Bermain di Saat Perjalanan mudik dan liburan kali ini ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

Russian Classic Car Simulator – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Ride on the great cars of the past years in the city and enjoy a good graphics and physics in this game. ____________________________________________________________ Download link –
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Duration: 5M6S
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Crazy Bus Driver – 3D parking – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *It’s time to sit behind wheels of real giant vehicle in Crazy Bus Driver – 3D parking. Showoff crazy driver skills while performing extreme stunts on highway and city traffic but don’t violate rules otherwise you will be in great trouble.

Just start heavy machinery engine, fasten your seat belt and press bus acceleration pedal. Start driving in high speed like never before, take wide turns and move left & right to drive faster around city traffic road. Don’t car smash or hit vehicles. If you are not a perfect driver, first take admission to car driving school and take training. Get driving license and enjoy the thrill of becoming awesome bus driver in open world city environment. In this bus simulator, dodge around city traffic and rush to your final destination. Passengers are waiting for you at bus station. Reach bus stop within time, pick up & drop passengers. Avoid fast speed highway drive as passengers are standing in bus as well. Be ready to test your metro bus driving skills while parking gigantic vehicle in New York parking lot. There are many hurdles & barriers in mutli-level parking game, but you have to be a skilled driver. Find suitable bus parking, avoid hitting parked cars and take your modern bus to perfect parking spot. As a real bus driver, make no mistake in luxury parking without scratchers.

Forget all other car parking and truck driving game when you have got the best Crazy Bus Driver – 3D parking simulator. We are sure that you will love this exciting new city bus driving with challenging missions of classic car parking game. Transport passengers to their destinations, go to the fuel station and refill bus. Start car engine and let bus full throttle with high speed in amazing open world realistic city. Rush between racing cars and follow traffic rules in this newest metro bus driving simulator. Unlock missions and drive different powerful buses to become real stunt driver. This bus game is the best driver and parking simulator perfect for game lovers of all ages.

10 challenging missions of bus parking and driving simulator.
Variety of powerful cool buses.
Outstanding bus physics with perfect race, brake and steering controls.
Test your insane driving skills in fast traffic and extreme car parking.
Realistic city environment with HD graphics & sound effects.
____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Duration: 5M55S
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Farming Tractor 2017 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Do you wanted to grow crops in farms? here comes an amazing 3D farm simulation game. people sow different crops on farms in villages, later use modern ways to collect crops and deliver the market to earn profit. This Farm Simulation game is true representation of a villages farm life, You are a farm tractor driver to collect crops. There are different farming methods in the games, to harvest the crops, to bow new crops, collect crops and sale out to the market . start your farming career with Tractor Farming 3d Farm simulation game today and become a successful farmer. Tractor is the major machine in farming industry to harvesting different crops, take control of your farms, start playing 3D farm tractor and farm simulation game.
Play farming and cultivating machine in 3D farm simulation game.Star playing game as a farmer role, Cultivate your land with Farm Tractors , Bow new crops in the fields through Tractor seed drills. Cut the crops like wheat through wheat cutter and grain processing machine with farm tractor in tractor farm simulation like realistic farming. Grow rice in the fields with farm tractors, grow wheat , Grow sugar cane, grow sun flower , grow potatoes , tomatoes, lady finger, and much more agricultural crops. Farm tractor simulation is such an amazing farming simulation 3D game which bring framing as a Farm simulation in 3D to enjoy bow and harvesting of crops for fun on your mobile and tablets .

Start playing Farming tractor to become an amazing farmer and be part of country economy through generating more crops and hence generating great revenue for the nation by exporting wheat, rice and sugar. Farm tractor simulation will keep you entertained and engaged in the farming simulation game.

Farming with Farm simulation game is real fun , Farming tractor is an amazing fun game to harvest crops like real village and fields life. by Playing farming tractor game, player get to knew the farming and crops cultivation process, enjoy playing farm simulation game and learn ways to grow crops and have fun.

Stunning HD graphics
Real Farms
Crops Harvesting like real
multiple challenging and interesting tasks. ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Duration: 4M51S
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Indian Farming Sim 18 – Best Android Gameplay HD e1

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Experience the Indian farmer life in a real vast open world by growing & cultivating crops and taking care of the live stock and selling them in the dynamic market.Grab the chance to become a modern farmer in Indian farming sim 18! Farming world is a huge open world where you can harvest multiple types of crops, seed them with your tractor and sell them in the dynamic market and earn virtual money. You can also earn virtual money by selling livestock like cows and sheep in virtual market. Drive a wide variety of vehicles like forage plow , harvester , cutter , tractor farming and other modern machines.You need to learn forage plow farming from traditional Indian farmers. They also had a small market after crossing the river road bridge constructed newly. This realistic 3D graphics game is for you.

Start your agricultural career on Indian mobile & tablet! Take control of your farm & fields to fulfill your harvesting dreams. All you will do is plough, seed, harvest & sell cultivated crops in market to get the feel of real farmer india. Its forage plow farming season so its perfect time to harvest your crops.This awesome farming simulator game provides you a great chance to become a harvester and enjoy harvesting farm simulator game. Now enjoy the real Indian farming simulator 2017.

Become the leader of farmer business world with cultivated products, rice, wheat, grains and wool etc. To become a professional farmer you have to work day & night to grow & cultivate your farm fields. Grow famous crops and vegetables like onion, ginger and tomato to export them for earning purpose and to help the government for increasing gross domestic products in fields. Modernize your farmland and take care of your cute farm animals like, sheep, horse, goats, fish, hens, dogs, cats & cows. Transport hay for your animals; nurture them by preparing their feed in a feed mill. There is a transport tractor which will help you sell your fresh product to the customers in grand city and also neighboring towns and villages. Download this farming simulator and enjoy this with taking control of modern tractors for sowing, watering, spraying, and much more and become virtual Indian farmer of 2017.

You can enjoy this farming profession on your device for several hours by playing this farming Indian game so what are you waiting pick your device and start your farming life to become super farmer.
____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Duration: 4M29S
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Indonesian Train Simulator – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Indonesian Train Simulator is another high quality train simulation game from the stable of Highbrow Interactive, the creators of the mega-successful “Euro Train Simulator” and the path-breaking “Indian Train Simulator”.

Indonesian Train Simulator features “Track Changing” and fully functional “Signalling System”. The game boasts a self-sufficient railroad environment where all trains coexist and operate just like in the real world. Dynamic track-changing and sophisticated path selection systems enable all the AI trains to function smartly without stepping on each others’ paths. Since players will now rely entirely on signalling and track changing switches, the paths they take will be one among an exponential set of possibilities. This means they will find themselves stopping their trains on any of the platforms available at each station.

“Drive” – where the player can design a scenario to their preference
“Play Now” – users will instantly begin a simulation put together with randomised preferences
“Career” – features uniquely designed missions


1. Track Change: A fully realised track changing functionality has been implemented, for the first time in a mobile train simulator.

2. Signal: Indonesian Train Sim makes use of fully functional signalling system. While waiting for the signal to turn Green, players will be able to see which other trains are currently occupying their path.

3. A Message System is in place to notify user of every activity happening within the game, offering suggestions when deemed necessary to information about penalty and bonus. The categories are Speed, Station, Track Switch, Route, Signal.

4. Multiple weather and time options.

5. Passengers: Special attention has been given to create passengers who look and dress like Indonesians.

6. Stations: The stations were designed to capture the feel of being in any Indonesian railway station. From the kiosks to the advertisement boards, the attention to detail is extreme.

7. Types of locomotives: GE U18C, GE U20C, GE CC206

8. Types of coaches: Passenger and Freight coaches

9. Sound design has been carefully crafted keeping the hustle and bustle of modern Indonesia in mind. The train sounds are best in class.

10. Camera angles: multiple, interesting camera angles have been provided: Driver, Cabin, Overhead, Bird’s Eye, Reverse, Signal, Orbit and Passenger.

11. High quality graphics: The level of graphics has been pushed to new levels and anyone familiar with Indonesian routes will tell you how realistic the design is.

12. Available stations: Gambir, Karawang, Purwakarta, Bandung.

We already have a lot of new features planned ourselves for the upcoming updates, but feel free to suggest your own ideas in the comments section and the ones getting most number of responses will be made available very soon.

If you have any issue with the game, feel free to write to us and we assure you we will resolve them in an update. You do not have to give us a low rating to get our attention. As always, we are listening! ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Duration: 4M
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Prado Car Parking 2017 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Luxury prado parking simulator offers you a extreme driving experience on expensive vehicles. Real multi controls are there tilt and steering control in real city prado parking game. Now you have a good chance to test your prado driving fun experience by play Christmas prado parking Simulator. You may have played and enjoyed multiple games like Action games, Sniper, racing, puzzles, Hill and mountain Driving, truck or jeep Simulator, City Bus or Taxi Parking games but Prado parking mania adventure has unique features from all aspects. The ultimate rover hill parking launched multiple levels, parking track and location. We are waiting for your good feedback and suggestions on our specially designed crazy prado jeep parking 2107 models.
Multi story prado parking 2017 game will make your interest and interactive as you are not expected to park your limousine prado car in a multi-track prado parking plaza, but when you move on the roads then stay in lane, Follow the traffic rules and regulation and high-speed response to any position you get to move from, take a chance and park in the Real city prado parking game, through your excellent driving and parking skills.
If you are a newbie driver in parking and driving then this game can also help you in bus, jeep, cruiser and car parking and driving training for free on multiple tracks and location beach, highway, offroad, and city, get yourself enjoy to play this one of the outstanding, fantastic and awesome gameplay with 3D featured models and graphics, Speed prado parking simulation game looks like a realistic ultimate parking environment.
There are different types of motor vehicles are moving on the highway road, compete with cargo trucks, cars, motorbikes, army jeeps, auto rickshaw, bus and animal cargo vehicles s stay in your lane and avoid to hit and any clash. But where you find an ambulance with emergency horn and lights, stay for it to pass, although this is an emergency prado stunt parking game, but not more emergent than an emergency patient.

Luxury prado parking simulator Features:

 Smooth and easy 4×4 prado steering and tilt control with best wheel rims
 Extreme 50 parking ramps on the sea side and other locations
 Real engine power sound for each vehicle
 Upgrade your engine for speed up
 The Most valuable and addictive free parking game of 2017 in android market
 Vehicle modification feature will allow you to modify engine, side mirrors, color, wheels and allay rims
 Follow the Indicator to park on right parking place
 Excellent features, different Prado models and 3D graphics ____________________________________________________________ Download link –

Extreme Off-Road Racing – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________

*True cross-country simulator is 2017 off-road cruisers and city driving adventure game, allows you to drive your SUV cross-country prado cruiser on the race track, and with your cruiser prado driving way to collect all the checkpoints.Let’s collect all checkpoints, and become a true cross-country legendary adventure driving skills with you.Truck driving simulator is a free game with real off-road prado and city driving 2017 allows you to gather more and more scoring a cruiser.

____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Duration: 6M43S
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Offroad Extreme Raptor Drive – Best Android Gameplay HD1

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Chance to experience the thrill of endless driving modern Raptor car like driving real car in 2017?

Ever wanted to try a sports simulation game? Join in this fantastic drag racing, get into your speed car and get the motor to go. Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning Offroad Extreme Raptor Drive game introduce by Game Sim Studios. This extreme game requires extraordinary driving skills from driver who know how to control heavy off road vehicle like offroad cars, and real trucks. Prepare yourself for this new 2017 supermodel. Use your best driving skills to beat the most mind blowing impossible track racing in this physics base simulation game.

Tighten your seat belt and take your Raptor on uphill tracks. In this racing game you are going to grab the drag racing and driving opportunity with your drifting car.

Offroad Extreme Raptor Drive game features

Amazing 3D graphics design bringing reality in game
Race in the different racing cars
More amazing drift cars
Touch or tilt steering options both including handbrake
Realistic car physics.
Free to download and easy to play
____________________________________________________________ Download link –

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Duration: 11M13S
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Prado Car Parking 2017 – Android GamePlay FHD

Prado Car Parking 2017 by Games Club

Prado Car Parking 2017 is a great game where you driver a super prado in the parking.. Enjoy it!


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Airplane Transport Car Truck – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Who wants to play the role of a cargo plane pilot? The best cargo flight simulation game is here. Time to fly in the sky with Cargo Plane Car Transporter Flight. Take off the city airport flight carrying cars in your big airplane and navigate the landings properly. Flying a city airport cargo plane is not an easy task as it requires perfect pilot skills to take off and control landing. Your duty begins with driving cars to the airport and loading vehicles inside the big airplane. Once the cars are driven inside the cargo plane, your airplane is ready to board so fly high and ride the aircraft to the landing point. Sit inside the cockpit and let’s play Airplane Pilot Car Transporter. Fly over the blue water and travel to different countries to transport cargo through your airplane. A new way to test your car driving and cargo plane flying skills both with airplane pilot car transporter. Take up the duty of domestic and international car transporter challenges.

The safety and security of the cars is upon you now. Carrying cargo in your aircraft flight might be an easy task, but loading, unloading and carrying cars in your city airport plane while you fly is a different task. Don’t let the vehicles get damaged in your cargo truck. The objective of the game is transportation of cars which starts with car driving, loading into the airplane and ultimate flight carrying cars to the destination. Those who love playing real airplane flight simulators will love the challenge of car transport on your cargo plane. Handling an airplane is not easy but let’s take off and fly high. Some of tourist have given the contract of transporting cars internationally so fulfill your job and get yourself accomplish as the real airplane pilot.

The game consist of real-life airplane flying scenarios and pilot duty to transport cars in your aircraft. Successfully complete the flight simulator challenges and be the professional airplane pilot.


• Real feel of flying Airplane in this Flight Simulator 3D
• Multiple Vehicles like Cargo Truck & Forklift
• Real-time Plane Controls and Handling
• Explore the City and Airport on your Aircraft Flight
• Transport Different Vehicles on your Cargo Plane
• Smooth Flight Handling and Flying Controls

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Xtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2017 GAMEPLAYS, GO: _______________________________________________________________ *Xtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts is the new freestyle car racing stunts. There are many car extreme stunts games in the play store as well gaming sites like Facebook.
The thing is to provide best enjoyable, exciting and forgettable stunts as user will engage all the day. This is the best way to kill your free time. Xtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts comes with all new stunts with its radical nature. It is kind vmx racing where player pick his spot with buzzing automobile motor car and finish the stunts with Skippy jumps and unique biking.

Xtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts Stunts will provide you best gaming experience with its challengeable and longest stunts. Don’t forget to keep your seat belt tight. It is very difficult to handle your automobile car when your speed is more than 200kph and you have to land in the area which is not going to see. You have to ticking on all the way to see where to land and when to land. Timing is very important In all stunts games but Control, balance and awareness of environment is very important too.

Xtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts will not only give you best challenging stunts but also frustrate you with unfinished stunts, For this you have to Enhance and increase your skills to the next level, where you can finish this unfinished stunts like a boss.

Whenever you are hopeless and nothing to do in your life, Remember life is a race. You have to clear all your hurdles and difficulties to success in a life because there is no shortcut of Hard work. So Keep ticking and playing games with the idea of to move forward whatever difficulties you face, just like in this Xtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts where hurdles and difficulties are placed to stop you. But You as a stuntman can handle this hopeless situation.

Intense EXtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts sport is an android game that helps you to strive what it takes to emerge as a actual lifestyles Stunt professional and discover ways to drive your own retro automobile. if you’re a Stunt recreation lover, you are in luck. Due to the fact this stunt vehicles simulator recreation is for Stunt game addicts. you’re capable of power around in one of the most stunning SUV motors there’s. This is the sport if you are genuinely addicted to any issue of Stunt and you need to understand how it feels to pressure around in a SUV automobile the maximum tough recreation of its kind. Play at your very own Risk!

Xtreme Rooftop Free Car Stunts provide you facility to reset your car, when ever your automobile car stuck in the vmx racing game. So Hold your breath, press the accelator and move forward always. Ready to conquer the world, Defeat the Difficulties in the life. Thanks for your playing this Extreme Stunts.

Do ready for beat your opponents around stunt tracks, dangerous jumps and ramps. Will Experience more crazy and mustard stunt jumps, traps and environments to challenge the most seasoned driver and challenging stunts
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City Police Transport Truck – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

Have you ever thought of playing the ultimate police driver on duty to complete every transport and driving task given to him? Enjoy the best offroad police transport truck driving game with multi vehicle handling and transportation. You get to drive inside the city and off road both. Visit hill stations with police transport truck carrying cars and moto on your multi truck trailer. Police transporter games with truck driving adventure are awesome to play. This is where you get a wide experience of operating multi vehicles. Loading the cars over the multi truck and transporting to the respected locations. You also get to drive a police tow truck to bring the wrecked cars involved in criminal and police chase to the cop auto garage.

Begin your police truck driving in this offroad and city police transporter truck. Loaded cars and police bike over the multi truck trailer and let’s begin the transportation. Once you get the job of transporting cargo, operate the forklift to carry cargo boxes to load them over the truck. Once the loading is done, let’s drive the truck to completing the transportation task. There are multiple police driving levels for you enjoy the real experience of police transporter games. Operate a forklift, drive a police truck and transport cargo, cars and police bikes. Go uphill during extreme weather conditions. Drive police bike and cop cars on the city roads. When you are called for a transportation task let’s get behind the steering wheel of big truck. The best police transport transport game on offroad and city roads both with multi tasks of driving and transport. Your duty is to transport police bike, police car, cargo boxes and other stuff on your multi truck trailer.

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Police Limo Robot Battle – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

Game Skull Studio would like to welcome you to our Police Limo Robot Battle game.
Police Limo Robot Battle is especially for robot lover’s fan who want robot transformer and robot fighting and limo cars.

✓ Game will bring your mission after mission. You will face number of robots and breathtaking cars with fully weapons in each mission.
✓ Clear the mission will help free this earth from robots.
✓ Creates a different every time for hours of radioactive fun!
✓ becomes the world best player.

▶ Police Limo Robot Battle Features ◀ _________________________________________________________

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City Police Transport Truck – Android GamePlay FHD

City Police Transport Truck by Whiplash Mediaworks

City Police Transport Truck is a great game where you driver a police car, truck & Operate Forklift …. Enjoy it!

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City Police Transport Truck Android Gameplay HD

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Uphill Offroad Bicycle Rider 2 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

Are you ready for 2017 adventurous off road journey to breathtaking hills and mountains by riding a super cycle on twisted mountain roads? Kids bicycle riding is a journey that is full of fun. In this mountain cycle adventure ride the bicycle both uphill and downhill. Get control of your extreme mountain bike and steer with pedals to get real life sensation of riding cycle. Satisfy your passion for cycle racing with the blend of adventurous cycle racing game. Extreme Uphill Off road Bicycle Rider is the one of the best offroads addictive new age kids cycle games. Be a legendary kids bicycle rider while climbing hill and steep this cycle adventure game during downhill mountain biking avoid falling down and crash.

During climb hill cycling is best for maintaining fitness. So become a crazy freestyle cyclist and ride with full speed by controlling the BMX handlebars with strong wrist grip. Race the 2 wheeler monster bicycle by kicking fast paddle to perform stunts in freestyle jumping. This bicycle wheelie game offers adventurous off-road driving experience with perfect cycle simulation. Driving on with easy trails the riding on hills become challenging with time. Bicycling doesn’t need gas or fuel its just need focus and cycling skills. This offroad cycle game is also for Kids. The countries most devoted to bicycle racing include Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Moscow, London, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Other countries with international standing include Australia, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Cargo Ship Manual Crane 3 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

BE A BOSS harbor
Cargo ship Hand valve 3 fantastic ship and the simulator control valve, in which you need to run your own business and make sure that there is enough income to allow a large urban city grow. The main part of a large urban city is very pleased with the dock the ship, because it generates a lot of income for citizens! Monitor large ships and become a huge burden of yachts and ocean boat dock Parker! Management mighty hand valve to transfer the heavy burden of huge yachts and boats, like the ocean majestic harbor Parker you.

FANTASTIC HUGE yachts and ocean boat dock PARKER GAME
Run your own dock and let the money goes to large urban city. This magnificent game manual valve allows Parker to practice their skills with your management skills! You’re the boss, and control all of its own majestic hand-dock!

Key feature:
✔ Amazing huge cargo boats vehicles to control!
✔ Majestic Ocean boats cars Parker skills required!
✔ Run your own port and dock the perfect manual crane simulator!
✔ Transfer heavy load of fantastic boat! _________________________________________________________

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Motocross Beach Jumping 3D – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

Motocross Beach Jumping 3D Walkthrough GamePlay Android Game

dev Mibejo Mobile

Welcome to Motocross Beach Jumping 3D – awesome motorbike simulator game 🙂
Imagine yourself driving your motocross bike on the tropical beach on the island.
Get on your motorbike, ride fast and perform amazing stunts on the big ramps.
Earn points by jumping off the stunt ramps and beat your highscore before time runs out!
If you like simulation games and motocross, then you will love Motocross Beach Jumping 3D.

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Motocross Beach Jumping 2 – E03, Android GamePlay HD

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Fast Motorcycle Driver 3D – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

Extreme Motorcycle Driving 3D is a real physics engine game engine.
If you want a motorcycle simulator game and try it for free.
*** FEATURES ***
* the Easy controllers
* Real City
* real environment
* Realistic Camera Views
* Beautiful graphics the HD of Full
* Realistic engine sounds
* Realistic physics behavior
* Realistic acceleration control

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Motorbike Freestyle 2 – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

Motorbike Freestyle 2
Motorbike Freestyle 2 is a real physics motorbike trial game.
Test your freestyle skills now.
* Day and Night Level
* 12 Different Bike
* Huge Ramps and Hills
* Realistic Driving Experience and Feelings
* Realistic Physics
* Beautiful Arena
* Realistic Sounds _________________________________________________________

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Enduro Motocross World – Best Android Gameplay HD

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-Find places to perform crazy jumps like the backflip
-Climb the big mountains
-Look at two other drivers and try to crash them
-Test your motorbike high speed
-Earn with each jump points and beat your own high score
-Use the nitro button
-See your motorbike in different camera perspectives
-Bike control with buttons
Have a great time with this exciting open world game.

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Truck Driver Cargo Delivery – Best Android Gameplay HD

For more NEW android games 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________

Step into a new truck simulator game. Your goal is to deliver cargo loaded on your truck to the destination. Complete different routes and drive through spectacular landscapes and dangerous roads, but beware — don’t lose your cargo.

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