Desktop taskber clock set your name or any text

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Simple Desktop – Make Windows Look Better

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This works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

Links used on the video:

Rainmeter –
L!MIT skins for Rainmeter –
RocketDock –
Win10 Theme for RocketDock –
Wallpaper –

*I’m really sorry about adfly links, I just need money to buy some Youtube equipment.

For anyone wondering RocketDock&Rainmeter together like in this tutorial use about 20MB of RAM.

Music: Tobu – Hope –

More Wallpapers –

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Unlock Your LOCKDIR Lock Folder without Password

Unlock Your LOCKDIR Lock Folder without Password
To Download 7-Zip_File_Manager, Click This Link
Also visit
for more tricks..
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Computer Disk Management Tutorials (Bangla & English)
Computer Others Tutorials (Bangla & English)
How to recover your deleted files for any android phone:
Increase or Upgrade Android version:

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Show Seconds on Taskbar System Clock in Windows 10

By this video you can learn how to change system clock and how to show seconds in taskbar clock.
Channel: Techno Desk
Published: 2017-04-07 14:22:42
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Day in the Life: Software Engineer

Victoria S. creates aesthetically captivating user interfaces for Homejoy’s website. Watch our latest Day in the Life release and find out what it is like to be a software engineer and the path that got her there.

Career info:

Description: Software engineers design, develop and maintain software, write and edit code, and create computer programs.

Knowledge Required: Most employers require software engineers to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer software, math or science, as well as broad experience with computers systems and applications.

Skills: Attention to detail, deductive and inductive reasoning, communication, mathematics, psychology, observation and problem solving, cooperative and collaborative personality.

Career Path: Software engineering is a rapidly changing field: training in software is available at nearly all learning institutions, and most software engineers continue to learn on the job, as languages and development environments evolve.

Software engineers tend to specialize in a few areas of development, such as networks, operating systems, databases or applications, and each area requires fluency in its own set of computer languages and development environments to best cater for the business.

Best Cities for this job: San Diego,CA; San Francisco,CA; Boston,MA Philadelphia,PA; Atlanta,GA; Houston,TX; New York City, NY; Phoenix,AZ; Seattle, WA;

Median Annual Income: National: $90,374 CA: $103,367

Future Growth: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that jobs for software developers will grow by 22% from 2012 to 2022, making software engineering one of the faster growing sectors in the job market.

From the field: “Because I know how to build software, one day I can change my mind and build games or build an iOS app; I can build something for your phone. There are so many different kinds of possibilities.” – Victoria S.

Did You Know: The first computer programmer is a woman named Ada Lovelace. In 1842, she translated an article about Charles Babbage’s proposed Analytic Engine and her notes described an algorithm that is cited as the first computer program. In her honor, the U.S. Department of Defense named Ada, a computer language after her.

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Anna Lunoe and Flume- Met You (Bohkeh Remix)

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Published: 2015-03-17 19:43:24
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Setting up World Clocks on your Windows 10 Computer

Author, teacher, and talk show host Robert McMillen shows you how to setup World Clocks on your Windows 10 Computer. Show the time in any city in the world on your computer whenever you want to see them.
Channel: Robert McMillen
Published: 2015-07-30 01:53:06
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Android Tutorial – 09 Google Maps API

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and other open source software and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and other electronics.

Initially developed by Android Inc., which Google bought in 2005, Android was unveiled in 2007, with the first commercial Android device launched in September 2008. The operating system has since gone through multiple major releases, with the current version being 8.1 “Oreo”, released in December 2017.

Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones since 2011 and on tablets since 2013. As of May 2017, it has over two billion monthly active users, the largest installed base of any operating system, and as of 2017, the Google Play store features over 3.5 million apps

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay REAL WORLD TEST – Yuri and Jakub Go For a Drive


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Watch us on Motoring TV on TSN! I have teamed up with Ontaerial to bring you the best visuals in the industry. Our reviews are from an enthusiast perspective (Jakub), as well as someone who really doesn’t know much about cars but likes them (Yuri). You won’t find details about compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own these cars.

We go for a drive in this 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport and test out Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay only to find out how bad Apple CarPlay really is.

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Published: 2017-03-25 14:30:36
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Tutorial: Create Double Exposures with a Phone and Snapseed App!

Create amazing double exposures with just a phone, and an app!




Thank you for watching!

any questions or reviews you would like me to do please let me know!

My bio and Details:

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Published: 2017-08-09 12:56:27
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Visual Studio Android App Tutorial

Learn how to make Android apps in Visual Studio.
You have everything you need to make any mobile app, for free!
00:17 Download Visual Studio Community 2017
00:36 Start installing Visual Studio
01:15 Choosing a Mobile Apps development Workload
03:57 Running VS2017 the first time
04:53 Creating a new JavaScript project
05:47 Simulating the App in Google Chrome
06:57 Deploying to a real Android Device
08:40 Activating native device Plugins
09:17 The Apache Cordova documentation
10:36 Setting up jQuery Mobile via NuGet Package Manager
11:52 Moving jQuery & jQuery Mobile libraries to the right folders
12:23 Writing HTML5 code to create a mobile interface
13:44 Connecting the libraries to the project
15:22 Visual Studio Android app
15:39 Subscribe!
Channel: PmD Interactive
Published: 2017-06-18 08:08:55
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How to install a tablet in your car!

Learn more & links:
Watch and learn how to install Android tablet in your car or truck!

Alpine KTP-455U 4-channel power pack:

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tutorial android – Testing in Android -01 01 Testing 1 2 3

Android Studio is designed to make testing simple. With just a few clicks, you can set up a JUnit test that runs on the local JVM or an instrumented test that runs on a device. Of course, you can also extend your test capabilities by integrating test frameworks such as Mockito to test Android API calls in your local unit tests, and Espresso or UI Automator to exercise user interaction in your instrumented tests. You can generate Espresso tests automatically using Espresso Test Recorder.
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The operating system in development of Google: Fuchsia has a new device the Pixelbook

The operating system in development of Google: Fuchsia has a new device the Pixelbook

The operating system in development of Google, Fuchsia, has a new development device: Google Pixelbook. Google’s $ 1,000 laptop generally runs Chrome OS, but with the latest versions of Fuchsia, you can change the browser-based operating system for Google’s experimental operating system. Fuchsia, which only began to develop in 2016, is the third operating system of Google after Chrome OS and Android. Development documents describe that the operating system targets modern phones and modern personal computers, which apparently would put it in competition with Google’s existing operating systems. Everything is in the air given the initial state of the project, but it seems a rewrite from scratch of a modern operating system. The operating system does not use the Linux kernel. Fuchsia uses a microkernel developed by Google previously called Magenta and is currently called Zircon.

The Escher processor is written in the Vulkan graphics API and seems tailor-made to execute the guidelines of the design interface of many shaded Google materials. The applications are written in the Google Flutter SDK, which produces cross-platform code that also runs on Android and iOS. Fuchsia is still incredibly difficult to run. Along with Pixelbook, Fuchsia only supports two other pieces of little-known hardware: an Acer Switch Alpha 12 laptop and older Intel NUCs from 2015. Fuchsia can be run on the open-source emulator QEMU, but the Fuchsia graphics stack requires compatibility with Vulkan QEMU does not have Vulkan support, so the emulator can not show the Fuchsia interface, only a command line is obtained.

Hands-on with Google’s new Fuchsia OS

Channel: 9to5Google
Published: 2017-05-10 03:46:06
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Google is now testing its mysterious Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook |Tech News Today

Fuchsia is still a mysterious operating system that the search giant hasn’t detailed at all.

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Published: 2018-01-02 17:04:28
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FUCHSIA: What We Know So Far About Google’s New OS

In August 2016 a mysterious code was posted on GitHub. It didn’t take long until it was clear that it was the code for a new operating system that Google’s developers were working on.

Here’s what we know so far about the OS:

Fuchsia is reported to be a real-time operating system. Unlike Google’s previous two operating systems – Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is not based on a Linux kernel! Instead it’s based on a new microkernel called “Magenta”.

According to the documentation, Magenta targets modern phones and modern personal computers, quote, with fast processors, non-trivial amounts of ram with arbitrary peripherals doing open ended computation. So yeah, at this point anything is possible!

While Fuchsia is based on Magenta, Magenta itself is based on another kernel called LK, short for Little Kernel, which is designed for small systems typically used in embedded applications.

Recently Fuchsia was updated with a user interface called Armadillo!
The UI is written using Flutter, which is a software development kit used for creating apps for different platforms like Android and iOS.

Fuchsia, upon completion, would be Google’s third publicly available operating system, coming after Android and Chrome OS.

Sources and references:


– ‘’Magenta’’

– ‘’Magenta and LK’’

– ‘’Fuchsia System UI’’


– ‘’Google Fuchsia’’

– ‘’Real-time operating system’’

Footage used in video:

– (Android) ‘’Android Nougat Statue Unwrapping’’



Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ”fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

The author of this video believes in good faith that it constitutes fair use as per 17 U.S.C § 107.






Music: ”Tobaggan”, ”The Coming Storm”, (YouTube Audio Library)

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Google is testing its new Fuchsia OS on Pixelbooks

For more than a year, Google has been experimenting with a new operating system, which is called Fuchsia. Created by the Mountain View company and released as an open source operating system in which the community can contribute, Fuchsia remains a mystery, as Google has not provided more details about its purpose or devices on which it will be used officially: however, a Chrome Unboxed report seems to indicate that Google will allow us to install this operating system on Chromebook computers.

Note that this is not a common operating system and, in reality, we will need two additional computers for a Pixelbook to use it. Being in an early development phase, it is somewhat surprising that Google has decided to launch this OS to be used by this class of computers: however, it seems that Google wants to use Fuchsia in different devices, such as phones, computers and wearables

Created from the Google Zircon micronucleus, this operating system manages to stand out, because it does not use Linux-based systems, such as Android and Chrome OS. If, in the future, Fuchsia acquires greater traction, it is extremely likely that we will see a homogeneous operating system for the devices that are part of the Google product family.

Previously, rumors had mentioned that the Mountain View company was working on a Pixel laptop, which would mix the aforementioned operating systems: instead of doing this, Google added compatibility to Chrome OS, but it seems that Fuchsia’s development means who have not left the aforementioned plan behind.

Channel: Aban Tech
Published: 2018-01-03 01:00:43
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Google Fuchsia OS (update)

Google Fuchsia with Armadillo user shell.
Channel: Shrey Malhotra
Published: 2017-08-25 02:03:28
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Web eBook Application ~ Android eBook Application Developed using PHP MySql & Android Studio.

Web & Android eBook App is an Online eBook system which works on two platforms i.e. On any browser (Website) & Android app for personal eBook or story eBook or e-Programming Book.

Using powerful Admin Panel which is fully secure & responsive in all devices can manage unlimited eBook category with their chapters, etc.

This Web + Android application created by PHP MySQL for Admin side and Android & Web App for client side.

Using this eBook system you can save lots of time & money to create such system. Web eBook & Android eBook can be managed by one powerful admin panel.

Msbte Toolkit – Diploma Question/Answer Papers – Syllabus | MaQueenSoft Developer

Msbte Toolkit is a application developed for Maharashtra state diploma students to access model question/answer papers and syllabus of minimum last 4-5 years from academic year.

Now get msbte model question and answer papers. Don’t waste time for searching papers on Internet.

Get msbte syllabus just in three simple clicks. We know that all you need is just everything in one box and in one click.

Hey, Now you can download the model papers & syllabus in your device just in one click.

Channel: MaQueenSoft
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Duration: 2M21S
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Convert WordPress to a mobile app in 5 Minutes with WordApp

Convert WordPress to a mobile app in 5 Minutes with WordApp

A quick WordPress tutorial on how to build a mobile app from your WordPress site using a free plugin called WordApp.

Our top free WordPress plugin.

Download our plugin for free here:

If you have been wondering how to make an iPhone & android app for your small business, blog or WordPress site then this video will show you exactly how.

Our aim is to build the best WordPress plugin for 2017 and beyond.
This is a free WordPress plugin.

Free WordPress plugin:…
Recorded using Camtasia 9
Microphone Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition :
Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera –

Mobile App plugin for WordPress – WordApp | Convert your blog or WordPress site into a Mobile App for iPhone & Android Native app & Mobile site in one. Now WooCommerce & BuddyPress Compatible.

For more WordPress plugins & themes go to

Twitter @appdevelopersfr
Hosted by Davidd Sargent

Channel: Davidd Sargent
Published: 2017-02-23 22:32:52
Duration: 6M10S
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How to Convert Website into Android App using Android Studio

How to Convert Website into Android App using Android Studio

This the Quick Tutorial to Convert Website to Android App using Android Studio

Download Android Studio 2.1.2 From Below Links

Windows :–w7DegyLJSjsw/mj8xNTp6LpXEiopbIwn_FWdBRgqEYJAYpBehdmLpUDxM-rMaEoNgN08QqEsyV_HuZ_CNKcyZAFJIgRDGyb19i5lCObDshSL-88-TC38gAubixjGQa9tMBOKFFHFrMSkb/7ne-6hQlgAiUtSKX7HdPKeyIsIHXU1t6XqHgU8sBb2GQonfQKpd8VF7ZBtKXbw2TBvI3xuE76w0yHi2X9H5WfA75XG6UTFzFjX9tXKVT2jK_jH063Sga7gNDRfgzkJmr/v9a0u8pR6aJFEJSHI8ghINuiNQbBWjOGstGISfRRI1OQtXLyJbOQBN9SPfiHQFpy/

Mac: (291.5 MiB)

For Code :

WhatsApp me if You Have Any Problem : +919640835842

How to Convert WordPress Website into Android App
How to Convert WordPress Website to Android App
How to Convert Website into Android Application
how to Convert Website to Mobile App
how to Convert Website into Mobile App
how to Convert Website to apk File
how to Convert Website into apk File
HTMl Website to Android App
PHP Website to Android App

Channel: Top Tips Tricks
Published: 2016-06-23 11:48:07
Duration: 8M50S
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Website Design and Development Process

Building a website is a complex task which takes experience and knowledge to do it right. Learn the 7 phases of website design and development and see how we can help.
Channel: Webociti
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Duration: 3M19S
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Google smartwatch system is updating Android 8.0 Oreo user characteristics without changes.

Google smartwatch system is updating Android 8.0 Oreo user characteristics without changes.

The Google smartwatch operating system is being updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, like the rest of the Android line. Google announced the update of the Google Plus Developers Google Plus group. It seems that the only compatible watch is now the LG Watch Sport flagship, which makes sense since it was the only watch that got a beta version of Android O in early October. The last major update of Wear was Android Wear 2.0, which was launched with LG Watch Sport earlier this year. Most users will not notice the change to Oreo. Like Android TV, Android Wear has its own interface and a set of features that are developed separately from the base operating system version. This Oreo update changes the operating system under the hood, but the user’s features will remain virtually unchanged.

Android Wear has not been good in the market. In the first quarter of 2017, Apple Watch had 57 percent of the market, according to Strategy Analytics, with Samsung’s Tizen operating system in second place with 19 percent of the market and Android Wear in third place with 18 percent hundred. The group is probably experiencing a jolt at this time. Wear’s biggest problem is not really Google’s software, but the fact that nobody is selling good smartwatch chips. Qualcomm is the only SoC provider that targets the market for smartwatch components, but does so with unfortunately outdated chips. The latest, the Snapdragon Wear 2100, is built in a 28nm process, which was the last gala of a flagship chip for Qualcomm smartphones in 2014. Apple and Samsung manufacture their own chips with a more up-to-date manufacturing process, resulting in more Fast, fresher, smaller chips.

Official Android 8.1 Oreo Update!

Google has now released the official Android 8.1 Oreo Update! This is more of a minor update from the Android 8.0 Oreo update, but there are still some changes. Subscribe for more:
Android 8.0 Oreo Review:

My gear:

Google Plus:

Channel: Tim Schofield
Published: 2017-12-05 19:52:33
Duration: 4M25S
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Android wear devices to get oreo update starting today

Android wear devices to get oreo update starting today
It was back in October, when an Oreo-based Android Wear beta was announced by Google. Now, over two …
Channel: kelli elizabeth
Published: 2017-12-07 14:01:27
Duration: 51S
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Android Wear Oreo 8.0 Beta for LG Watch Sport with Android Wear 2.0

I have been using the Oreo 8.0 Beta for my Lg Watch Sport and it adds two cool new features!

Want to Buy the Lg watch?

Instructions on how to enroll your device into the Android Oreo Beta program:
1)Open a web browser and go to
2)Sign in with the Google account that is used on your Android device(s)
3)Once logged in, you should see a list all eligible devices.
4)When ready, select the Enroll Device button
5)Shortly after, you should get an update notification on the device that you enrolled
6)After installation, your device will continue to get future beta updates when they’re made available

Channel: Jabber Tech
Published: 2017-10-21 22:18:56
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Google Introduces Android Oreo for Smart Watch | Get Android Oreo in Your watch


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This video shows lauch os Android oreo for Smart Watch.


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MODE For Android Wear

MODE Bands –

MODE bands for Android Wear allow you to quickly swap your watch band to customize the appearance and feel.

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Instagram –
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Published: 2016-04-26 01:55:05
Duration: 4M19S
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AMONG THE DEAD ONES – iOS / Android – BETA UPDATE 0.1 GAMEPLAY (Unreal Engine 4)

🔥 Twitter –

Unreal Engine 4 : Shooter Game

Do you need a game like this;)? Tell me:
The link to download the game 🙂!AnbrXOZhVf5bg-wo22dS2WOSk0WkFw

Hey everyone !!!! You want a Shooter game with:
* Sprint System
* Coverage system
* Switching weapons
* Cutscenes
* Suit system
* Ai enemy logic
* Quick Time Event
* Drag and drop inventory

Last start now!

Channel: Raphael Porto
Published: 2017-09-26 03:27:37
Duration: 9M45S
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Grid Autosport – ULTRA GRAPHICS (iPhone X) – Gameplay (iOS/Android)

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Google Play: soon
Published: 2017-11-26 18:45:20
Duration: 6M
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Published: 2017-11-16 21:50:50
Duration: 8M54S
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Top 16 HD Upcoming Android/iOS Games 2018

New best high graphics upcoming games for android & iOS 2018.

Here I brought Some of the coolest upcoming games with great graphics 2018 has to offer
let me know in the comments which one you’re waiting for I will keep a track and notify you guys when it gets released.

lets Stay connected on twitter you will get to know first when this games gets released :-

Channel: VinIsHere
Published: 2017-10-28 12:04:12
Duration: 11M45S
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World War Heroes – iOS / Android – FIRST GAMEPLAY (ULTRA GRAPHICS)

Published: 2017-11-10 13:56:40
Duration: 7M16S
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How to turn your android into a cool Desktop

Attach mouse and keyboard, connect a monitor (or TV) and you are ready to go!

The multi-window Leena Launcher (beta) brings the desktop operating system experience to your android device by extending Android with a native desktop user interface. It is not really an “OS” by it own means, but we work hard that feels like one 😉

No rooting, no alienating user interface, no messing up of Android internals, no hacks. Leena Launcher is “just” an android app that seamlessly integrates into Android ecosystem and allows to use Android as a full blown desktop operating system. It allows you to use your mobile device where you previously defaulted back to a laptop or desktop PC. Comfortably write long emails, browse on a larger screen, or do some heavy work, or do whatever you like to do.

Bringing Android to the desktop… because it’s nicer and a bit leena


6 Amazing SECRET Android Launchers (2017 / 2018)

My Best New Secret Android Launchers of 2017 / 2018 – Best Android Launchers you haven’t heard of!
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Mini Desktop:
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Galaxy J7 2016 Nougat 7.0 official update Full Review

Android “Nougat” (codenamed Android N during development) is the seventh major version of the Android operating system. First released as an alpha test version on March 9, 2016, it was officially released on August 22, 2016, with Nexus devices being the first to receive the update.
Channel: DS TECH & GUIDE
Published: 2017-11-13 12:56:36
Duration: 3M17S
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Install iOS 9 on Android 👈

Install #iOS 11 on Android 😎
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iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery:
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Install iOS 11 on iPhone
****Only for Micromax Canvas HD A116******** OR

First Root your Phone

******Get this All Features in Any Android Device without root********

#port this rom to your android device

#Micromax Canvas HD A116 is used in this video

Don’t forget to take Nandrioid Backup
# i am not responsible for damage/bricking of any device #

#Thank you to developer aaryan45 for creating this awesome custom #ROM

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Nothing, Just A116 & Clones
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v1
Stable Release Date: 2016-05-01
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Top 5 Unique apps to make your android more stunning *Must Needed App*

Setting up your new Android phone or just looking for the most essential android apps to download? . In this video, I will show you 5 must have android unique apps you should install.

App Link in description given below

1 Privacy Screen-

2 Lens Launcher-

3 Touch Bar for android-

4 Edge Mask-

5 Bubble Launcher-

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How To Get Samsung S8 Navigation Bar On Any Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone was launched in March 2017. … Samsung Galaxy S8 price in India starts from Rs. 53,900. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is powered by 1.9GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 8895 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM.



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Plug and Play iphone IOS system Carplay USB Dongle for Android Car Radio Support Siri Voice Control

Plug and Play iphone IOS system Carplay USB Dongle for Android Car Radio Support Touch Screen Siri Microphone Voice Control.

Support all Android Car DVD products. (Pre-installed APP is needed.)
Support the original car voice control.
Support the original car screen touch.
Support the latest IOS system.

Shop Here:

Send a picture of your car’s dashboard with the year and model enclosed to our now, and our pre-sale service team will check if this system work with your car. Wish you like it.

Carplay USB dongle for Android DVD navigation system

Car DVD Android OS: 4.4 and higher.
One dongle, make your car DVD multimedia system more smart.
For more info, please contact or visit our website:
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How to Get Apple CarPlay in Any Car for Just $3!

Get today’s best tech deals here:

In this video I show you how you can get Apple CarPlay in any car for next to nothing!

Install Mac OS X In Virtual Machine:
How to get Developer Account:

iOS App Signer:


CarPlay iOS deb:

Other Tutorials
Jailbreak iOS 9.0 – 9.1:

Download Paid Apps for Free iOS 9.0 – 9.3:

Free In-App Purchases iOS 9:

Spotify Premium for Free iOS 9:

Downgrade App Store Apps iOS 9:

Install MovieBox & Playbox HD iOS 9.0 – 9.3 (No Jailbreak):

Install GBA4iOS iOS 9.0 – 9.3 (No Jailbreak):

Install NDS4iOS & PPSSPP iOS 9.0 – 9.3 (No Jailbreak):

Watch Sky/BT Sports Free on iOS/Android:

Run Mac OS X on a Windows PC:

iCloud Lock Bypass iOS 9.0 – 9.3:

Free Unlimited VPN for iOS 9 (No Jailbreak):

Cydia Tweaks:

Jailbreak Tutorials:


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Outro Music
Delete! – UWBeats

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Screen Mirroring with iPhone iOS 11(Wirelessly – No Apple TV Required 2017) HD

More about Screen Mirroring :

iOS 11 is without a doubt one of the best iOS releases yet.
And this year, Apple also changed the name from “AirPlay Mirroring” to “Screen Mirroring”.
At first, I thought “wow, it’s gonna be like all the android phones, you can connect your iphone to any tv” but meh.. bummer it’s not.
Only the name is changed lol, so I thought let’s make a video on How you can Mirror your iPhone device with iOS 11 to non-Apple TV Wirelessly.

More Details :

Music Used:
Goblins from Mars – Cold Blooded Love (ft. Krista Marina)

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Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay REAL WORLD TEST – Yuri and Jakub Go For a Drive


Buy our shirts! Profits go directly to burnouts:

Add us on Instagram and Snapchat @TheStraightPipes

Equipment we use that you can purchase on Amazon:
GoPro Hero 4 & 5 Black (
Sony Action Cam (
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Manfrotto Video Tripods (
DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone (
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DJI Osmo (

Watch us on Motoring TV on TSN! I have teamed up with Ontaerial to bring you the best visuals in the industry. Our reviews are from an enthusiast perspective (Jakub), as well as someone who really doesn’t know much about cars but likes them (Yuri). You won’t find details about compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own these cars.

We go for a drive in this 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport and test out Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay only to find out how bad Apple CarPlay really is.

Channel: TheStraightPipes
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Zjinnova ZBOX Z1 = Carplay on Android! Review

Here we review the Zjinnova ZBOX Z1, using the latest 2.1.0 firmware and APK.

Check them out at

You can purchase this dongle on aliexpress here:

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How to download Windows 10 on Android

To download the window’s system

Install & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick

Welcome to TechNow Review..
Today we are back here with our new video on how to Install & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick. Enjoy!!


Mirror Link:

More Mirrors:

New Updated Mirrors(April 25th 2017)

New Updated Windows 10 Link x64 (Download Gandalf file)

Windows 10 Link x86(Use Gandalf file)

If the above links arent working for you then you can try downloading your favourite image files and try it on the application. For settings check out the updated video:

You still need to play around with the settings as settings differs from every device.

Do not forget to check out our other videos

Make FREE Unlimited Voice Calls- Any Number- Any Country 100%

New BEST Jailbreak Tweaks! iOS 10- 10.2 iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Fix ALL Cydia Error Messages & Crashes: Buffer, Fetch, Var/dpkg

Top iPhone Hacks 2017

The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone IOS 10 (2K17)

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Windows 10 Launcher on Android 2017! (Beta V1)

I will make Beta V2 If I get at least 50 LIKES!
Download here: (open link wait for 5 sec, tap “skip ad”)

Friend channel:

Contact here:
Hangouts: Orkhan Aliyev
Instagram: orkhan.aliyev776

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Install Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/95/Linux on Android[Fastest PC Emulator for Android Phone ]

Install Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/95/Linux on Android[Fastest PC Emulator for Android Phone ]
in this video I will show you how to install any computer OS in your Android phone like Windows 10 windows 7 windows vista Windows XP Windows 95 LINUX operating system than any other so if you like this video hit the share button and to subscribe to our channel
Limbo link play store
To Download the emulator click on the link below:-…

Alternate link for limbo:-…
Windows XP and 95 image file download: –

Alternate link for image file:-!CkxXSJQb!vTUhnsODpgyHkN4ml9D-j3MUb3ou7qYBal2jwZH9MyA

Windows 10 Link x64

Windows 10 Link x86

Limbo is a PC Emulator (x86) based on QEMU. You can now run Debian or DSL Linux on your Android device without root.
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How to Install Windows 10 on Android | SEO Services |

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Guys in this tutorial I am gonna tell you how to install windows 10 7 8 or xp in android devices. SEO Services. It is not any launcher or theme but it is an operating system method. you may install any windows microsoft windows app in mobile.

Links for OS to be downloaded

Mirror Link:



You may download it from windows site the image file.

🙋 Have Doubt?
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How to install windows 10 on android phone
How to get windows in android
How to get windows 7 on android
How to install windows in android devices
How to install windows on android
How to install windows on android devices
Windows ko mobile me kaise chalaye
Install Windows in mobile
How to install windows 7 on android devices
How to install windows using limbo on android devices
Install Windows 8 on Android devices

Install Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/95/Linux on Android[Fastest PC Emulator for Android Phone
nstall & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick
How to Install Windows 10 on Android Phone[[100% Working with Proof]][ZenFone2]
How to Install Windows 10 on Android Phone[[100% Working with Proof]][ZenFone2]
How To Install Windows 10 On Android
Install Windows XP/7/8/10 on Android[Fastest PC Emulator for Android Phone ]
Install windows XP/7/8/10 On Any Android without Root [ Fastest PC For Android phone ]
Install Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/95/Linux on Android 2017
Install Windows 10 on any android smartphone

how to get unblocked on Whatsapp

How to get US Number free for any social net


➤➤Whatsapp का खतरनाक टैक्नीक भेज मैसेज वापस लें | UnSend/Delete/ReCall SENT messages on WhatsApp |”


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How to Find activation key of any program for FREE

This is a video about how to find activation key for free. where this program can tell all the information of a program including serial key.

Universal extractor
(You can download in internet)


See also :

How to Hack the Username and Password of all modem ZTE (F660 and F609)

How to Fix Windows 10 The Error code is 0x80072EFD (Store)

How to Crack any Software for FREE

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Huawei Mate 10: confirms that it will hit the market with Android Oreo

What was an open secret finally confirmed as Huawei will be one of the first manufacturers to bring to market one of its new smartphone models with the latest version of Google’s operating system. In the company’s Weibo account in China, Huawei has published a small two-second video that says Mate 10 will be focused on artificial intelligence, but also lets you see that it will come with Android Oreo thanks to an image.

In that image you can see the company logo along with the Android Oreo followed by a text that says “integrated with Android Oreo to deliver the best possible experience. October 16, Munich “. Huawei joins companies like Sony in being the first to launch their new smatphones already with Android Oreo from the first day, something that is always worthy of note and that other manufacturers could adopt more often. 4 days separate us from the presentation of all new models of Mate 10, so the final news are already around the corner, although not much that we lack to know the device that is already completely filtered.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro (2017) With Android 8.0 Oreo and Final Design!

Huawei Mate 10 Pro 2017!

For More Update: Click Here

Huawei is preparing to launch its annual Mate flagship. And, thanks to VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, we have a leaked render showing one model, codenamed Blanc. Blass said Blanc will feature a 5.99-inch IPS LCD (1,440 x 2,880) with an 18:9 aspect ratio and edge-to-edge screen. It’ll also have a Kirin 970 system-on-chip, 6GB of RAM, 64GB or 128GB of storage, and a 4,000mAh battery. Other features include a Leica co-developed dual camera system with 12- and 20-megapixel sensors and optically stabilised lenses. The front-facing camera is 8 megapixels. The Mate 10 Pro is also said to be launched in four configurations: 6GB RAM/64GB storage, 6GB RAM/128GB storage, 6GB RAM/256GB storage, and 8GB RAM/256GB storage. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is expected to launch October 16, with sales starting up soon after.

► Credits:-
+Evan Blass
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (2018) First Look, Design, specification, Price, Features and Release date!

Officially! Gionee M7 with Bezel-less display and Launch September 25!

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) with 5.5-inch 4k Display, 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 660 and Full Information!

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Huawei Mate 10 – BETTER THAN IPHONE 8

This channel will review many different types of tech including smartphones, smartwatches and more! Many comparison reviews which I will talk about specs, design and overall user experience. There will also be lots of concept smartphone talk and provide details on leaks and rumors. Many different and unique technology videos. Will be uploading almost everyday!


Hello, welcome to Video Conspiracy where I cover everything from the latest smartphones, games to worldwide news. The channel is focused heavily on technology, gaming and future gadgets along with unboxing videos!


Any suggestions will be read in the comments section. Help the channel by commenting! Don’t forget to subscribe as well!


Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances. Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research—as examples of activities that may qualify as fair use.

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آخر تسريبات الوحش القادم Huawei Mate 10

شركة هواوي تستعد الأسبوع المقبل لإطلاق الميت 10 بكب أنواعه
هذا الجهاز المتوحش يتحدى الجميع حتى الآيفون
فهل فعلا سيكون كذلك ؟
اليك كل التسريبات المتعلقة بالجهاز

صفحتي على الفيس بوك

حسابي على تويتر :

قناتي على يوتيوب :

حسابي على إنستجرام :

حسابي على Snapchat:

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Huawei Mate 10 Lite | كاميرات مزدوجه و شاشة بدون حواف

Huawei GR5 2018 | Honor 7X | Huawei Mate 10 lite
اسماء عملاق الفقه المتوسطه من هواوي شاشة بدون حواف و كاميرات مزدوجه
للشراء من سوق:
للشراء من جوميا:
للشراء من أمازون:
شارك الفيديو عشان انت جميل 🙂

القناه ديه بالنسبالي هي المكان الي بحب ارغي فيه عن الحاجات الي بحبها.
عادة بتكون تكنولوجيا بس ساعات كتير بتكون Vlogs وانواع مختلفة من المحتوى.
اشترك في القناه وخليك جزء من احلى متابعين و داعمين.

تابعني :

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Huawei Mate 10 Will Be A BEAST

Huawei will launch the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro on October 16. But in the meantime, the device has surfaced in live images. We also got more information on how much the battery capacity on the Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro will be.

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