Roblox Robux Hack 😍 How to get FREE Robux ROBLOX [XBOX,Android,PC,iOS]

I am eager to demonstrate to you industry standards to get free robux in roblox in a convenient way. We’ve chosen with this roblox hack to give everybody a possibility at free robux. It won’t be long and the new fix will arrive, so snatch all the free robux that you require. With robux free in roblox you can buy numerous things going from skins, for example, pro, attack to acts out. Crisp fix implies enormous guide changes, another things, manages, another subject, and a lot of free roblox robux.

On the off chance that past seasons are anything to pass by, the Roblox new things will cost in any event $10 in dollars, however you can maintain a strategic distance from the majority of that by figuring out how to get 50K free robux which isn’t difficult to do. On the off chance that you think this roblox hack is completely dealing with all the known stages PC,xbox,ios,android then you are right. What is your interpretation of the new fix that will lunch soon?

Hello guys, we decide to share our first working method for free robux. For this method you need to use your Android or iOS device. Method is really easy and you can get free robux on your Roblox account for a few minutes. You just need to pay attention on all steps and do for yourself all me in tutorial. We tested this method about 20 times and all works without any problems, our accounts if full of robux now. Like and share our video tutorial with your friends and subscribe to our channel for more tutorials like this.

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HOW TO GET FREE ROBUX ON ROBLOX 2017-2018!! *Must Watch* ✅ ✅ ✅

-The code is : 8111409162

~Allot of people are confused, if it says is redeemed all ready then that step is good, is suppose to say that is redeemed, that’s part of the glitch.

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10 Secret Phone Features You’ll Start Using Right Away

10 handy tips for iOS and Android users. Did you know that you can take photos, while you’re filming a video or make your password a current time? Watch carefully for these and many other cool smartphone features!

Smartphones are basically everything these days. They allow you to save any type of information you need and easily multi task. And even though we are all experienced smartphone users, it’s pretty much impossible to know all the tips and hacks because smartphones are getting more and more advanced, adding a lot of new and very useful features you probably don’t even have a clue about!

How to block ads 1:00
Wi-Fi passwords 2:01
Create your own reply for missed calls 2:59
Android guest mode 4:00
Secret iPhone codes 4:43
Audio timer 5:40
Take photos while shooting videos 6:38
Share content immediately 7:30
Keyboard and mouse 8:28
Screen Lock – Time Password 9:21

– When you have an important level to pass or battle to win, and suddenly, completely out of the blue and at the most inopportune moment, there it is – an ad. Just turn on the Airplane Mode on your phone and the problem is solved!
– Every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi, your phone shows you dots instead of the actual password letters on your screen. But what if you need to quickly connect the other device to the certain source of Wi-Fi and you don’t remember the password? There is the app called Wifi Password Show.
– You can create your own texts for any occasion possible! Just go to Settings, choose Phone, then Respond with Text and voila – here you can make your own personal message that will be sent to your contacts.
– Turn on a Guest Mode! To switch it on, simply tap the User icon in the top right corner of the quick Settings panel. Then tap Guest.
– If you enter *#31# you will hide the number for all calls. If you need it just for one certain call, you can type #31# right before the number you’re calling.
– Audio Timer will allow your device to turn off all the audio at a certain time. This is available only to iOS users, though, and takes only a couple of quick and easy steps.
– Another one of the coolest features that your iPhone has – taking photos while filming a video. This option is available for all the iPhone models from iPhone 5 and onward.
– Tap the Share icon in any app, choose Android beam from the list of options, and then just put the devices together back-to-back. A couple more seconds and your mission has successfully been obtained.
– If it is necessary, Android users can easily use keyboard or mice. This can be very useful if your display is damaged or if you just need to type a lot of text. All you need to do to attach a keyboard or mouse to your Android phone is a USB on-the-go cable.
– ! The app is called Screen Lock – Time Password and it will make your phone’s current time (or any other option related to time) its lock screen password. Just look at the clock and unlock your phone with the current numbers.

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I Was Donating Money To Roblox Youtubers Then This Happened…


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Asking For Free Robux To Roblox.

Lol watch the video to find out if Roblox actually gave me robux or not.
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Nate Ebel: Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting a Career as an Android Dev

Right after a day of speaking at Chicago Roboto, Huyen and Nate Ebel, Android dev at Udacity, sit down to talk about things he wish he had known when starting a career as an Android dev.


Nate Ebel

(0:13) Chicago Roboto

(0:32) Udacity

(0:42) Android for Dummies | Amazon

(1:03) iOS Programming: the Big Nerd Ranch Guide

(1:16) Geographic Information System | Wikipedia

(1:53) Udacity – Lifelong Learning | Google Play

(2:46) Being more than an Android Developer
Speaker Deck |
YouTube |

(4:22) Tips from the Time Machine: Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting a Career as an Android Dev
Speaker Deck |
YouTube |

(5:56) Udacious Seattle | Meetup

(7:00) Dan Kim – The Future of Our Community, is You
YouTube |

(12:33) Nate Ebel | Medium

(13:01) Nate Ebel | YouTube

(13:05) Learning Android: What Android Devs Wish They Had Known | YouTube

(13:26) Android Studio Shortcuts for Tool Windows | YouTube

one day in life of SAP software engineer

i’m joey bronner, passionate coder and maker. this is a video of one day of my life at SAP as a software engineer.

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Is Google always listening: Live Test

Follow up video:

Does Google and Facebook listen in and record conversations and audio even when they’re not open? I perform a live test using Google chrome on a Windows 10 PC to discover whether my microphone appears to be recording me even when my browser is turned off in order to better target advertisements.

As pointed out in the comments, there are too many flaws in my methodology to draw any conclusions (for instance I am live streaming directly to YouTube which of course necessitates recording my microphone the whole time). For a much more rigorous and scientific test watch here:

Channel: Mitchollow
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Why I Left My $100,000+ Job at Google

Here’s why I left Google and why I am NOT following my passion! 😛

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My follow-up video about why I left Google to be a YouTuber FULL-TIME (and not part-time):

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What is Flutter and things you should know about it

Flutter is a new tech by Google to design High performance and High fidelity mobile apps for Android and iOS, using single code base. Flutter uses dart as their primary programming language to create this single code base. With an initial look at dart, I found that language is easy to learn but since most programmers are not already using it, it would be difficult for companies to find programmers.
Dart is fast in performance but I would like to see some Google apps being redesigned in Flutter to see it’s actual power.

Anyways, I am fully positive when it comes to a single code base and hot reloading.

Let’s see how this competes with React Native.

Have a look at courses here:

For international users:

Download app from Google play store and Apple App store

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Data Science: Reality vs Expectations ($100k+ Starting Salary 2018)

Skillshare might not like this. You can sign up for a 2 month trial for Skillshare, complete the data science course and then cancel your membership before being charged:

Skillshare is the Netflix of online courses. Subscribe for just $15 per month to get access to over 18,000+ courses (some better than others)

Check out Joma’s YouTube channel here:

The skillshare link is an affiliate link

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IND VS BAN FINAL T-20 MATCH 2018 HIGHLIGHT : DINESH KARTHIK – Last 2 Overs – 34 Runs in 12 Balls

IND VS BAN FINAL T-20 MATCH 2018 HIGHLIGHT : DINESH KARTHIK – Last 2 Overs – 34 Runs Needed in 12 Balls

IND VS BAN FINAL MATCH : Watch The Last 2 Overs With The Hero DINESH KARTHIK (Nidahas Trophy 2018) HIGHLIGHTS



Disclaimer: I just uploaded this video in the purpose of making news and spreading joy and happiness among all the Indian citizens. So please don’t take down the video and don’t give any kind of strike. Thank you.

Copyright Disclaimer Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976:
“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976,allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism , comment,news reporting,teaching,scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit,educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”

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Top 10 most unexpected and unusual incidents happened on cricket field during live match.


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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. NON commerical organizations, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.)

Wickets , bowling , cricket , 1 Over , Fast bowling , in cricket , BEST
Dismissals , Weird Dismissals , Weird Dismissals in Cricket , Weird Dismissals in Cricket History , Ever cricket , bats , Broken By Fast Bowlers , Broken Bat , Best Fast Bowling Virat Kohli Fight , Best Fight , Cricket Angry Moments , Best Fight Cricket Angry Moments | Virat Kohli Fight , Cricket Fights
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Worst Balls , insane , top 5 hat tricks , top 10 hat tricks , Sachin Tendulkar , Ricky Ponting , Rahul Dravid , Brian Lara ,
Jacques Kallis , Alan Border
Top 10 Insane Spin Balls in Cricket History
Ashwin wickets
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india vs new zealand live stream
Sunil narine bowling
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saeed ajmal bowling
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Obstructing the Field Compilation in Cricket
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Top 10 Best Slip Catches in Cricket History Ever
Best Slip Catches in Cricket
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Flying Catches in Cricket
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Top 10 Horrible Collision Between Players in Cricket History Ever
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Funny Crowd Moments
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Top 3 Best Stunning Comeback in Cricket History Ever
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Most Thrilling Last Over Finishes in Cricket
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Top 10 Funny Appeals in Cricket History
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Top 10 Nervous 90’s Dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar Ever in Cricket History
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Funny Celebrations in Cricket History Ever
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Top 10 Best Sledging Reply in Cricket History Ever
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Top 10 Best Yorkers in Cricket History Ever
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yorkers of zaheer khan
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Last Over Thrilling Finishes in Cricket
Best fielding in cricket
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Top 10 Most Thrilling Last Over Finishes in Cricket History Ever
Most Thrilling Last Over Finishes in Cricket
Last Over Finishes in Cricket
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Funny Dismissals in Cricket
funny cricket drop catches
top 10 funny cricket dismissals
funny cricket dismissals
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Last Over Thrilling Finishes in Cricket
best catches in cricket
best runouts in cricket

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Supa Strikas in Hindi Season 3 Episode 2 – Sky’s The Limit

From Toni Vern to Colonel Von Pushup, the Super League’s greatest minds are perplexed by team Orion’s mysterious new tactics. It seems they have all been trumped by Coach Black’s otherworldly brain power. Unfortunately, Supa Strikas’ own tactical genius, the Professor, has been fired! Can Shakes convince him to refocus on cracking the Orion Code?
Channel: Supa Strikas – India
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Duration: 21M23S
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10 ऐसी चीज़े जो केवल जापान में मौजूद हैं ! 10 PRODUCTS THAT EXIST ONLY IN JAPAN

10 ऐसी चीज़े जो केवल जापान में मौजूद हैं ! 10 PRODUCTS THAT EXIST ONLY IN JAPAN japan ki technology

Not only is Japan known for its amazing food, fashion and culture—it’s also pretty famous for being the home to a lot of…well, weird things. Among the weird things that only exist in Japan are world-renowned and bizarre game shows, the awe-inspiring fashion scene and the huge anime culture. Some things in Japan often shock us, confuse us, or just completely leave us mind-boggled.

Recording Mic
Recording System

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दुनिया के 10 अजीब स्कूल नियम आप मानोगे नहीं सच में मौजूद है

किसी दूसरे व्यक्ति की ये 10 चीजें भूल कर भी इस्तेमाल न करें

ये 10 संकेत बताते है की आप एक बुद्धिमान इंसान हो

भूल कर भी दुबारा नहीं खरीदोंगे यह 10 चीज़ें,अगर पता चल गया कैसे बनती है,

यह 10 चीज़े जो आप रोज़ गलत करते हो

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Vijay Raaz All Comedy Scenes Run Movie HD – Kauwa Biryani | Kidney Nikal liya be | Choti Ganga

All the Vijay Raaz comedy scenes from the movie Run starring Abhishek Bachchan and Bhumika Chawla. This video contains kauwa biryani, kidney nikal liya he be, choti ganga, bus stand, telephone booth and scenes with his father. Totally hilarious scenes that will make your day. Pls watch and share.
Channel: Timepass Masti
Published: 2017-01-02 04:10:28
Duration: 21M27S
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Women Techmakers panel: experiences developing on Android Things (Google I/O ’18)

A team of female Google software engineers developed two interactive demos using Android Things for the Women Techmakers event at the 2017 Grace Hopper Conference: Rosie the Robot – a fully controllable robot, that can take photos and wheel around to interact with participants; and Steve the Tree – a 20×20 foot installment that reacts to sensor input, displays light arrays, and is controlled using Firebase. This discussion panel will showcase lessons learned, how experts in software approached hardware development, and how Android Things enabled them to create the demos.

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Opportunities, challenges, and strategies to develop AI for everyone (Google I/O ’18)

In this session, research and product leaders from Google will discuss opportunities for AI to positively impact society, as well as responsibilities and challenges as the technology is developed. Panelists will discuss strategies for inclusive machine learning and emerging research on both human-centered AI systems and applications of AI into new fields.

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Channel: Google Developers
Published: 2018-05-10 22:42:35
Duration: 40M11S
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Keynote (Google I/O ’18)

Learn about the latest product and platform innovations at Google in a Keynote led by Sundar Pichai.

Google I/O 2018 All Sessions Playlist →
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Channel: Google Developers
Published: 2018-04-24 22:03:35
Duration: 1H46M32S
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Product design: how to build better products with Android Things (Google I/O ’18)

This talk is aimed at Android developers interested in hardware and makers interested in learning about prototyping using Android Things. Learn a design framework that ensures alignment with user goals and considers the multiple touchpoints required to create connected product experiences. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to apply design using Android Things to create better IoT products.

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Published: 2018-05-10 23:18:49
Duration: 38M10S
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Build effective OEM-level apps on Android Things (Google I/O ’18)

As an Android Things OEM, you are building system components that integrate with the platform at a deeper level than the typical mobile app and often without any user interaction. How should you structure your code? Should you use activities or services? Should the code be running in the foreground or the background? Do you package all the code into one APK, or split components up into modules? Find answers to all of these questions and more with best practices for building OEM-level apps.

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Published: 2018-05-10 00:58:22
Duration: 27M25S
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Electronic design for Android Things System on Modules (Google I/O ’18)

Android Things is based on a System on Module (SOM) concept, where developers can build their own custom electronics around them at low cost and then scale up to production quantities. Learn how to create your own SOM carrier boards, including creating the design from scratch, working with a fabrication company, assembly and testing, and taking it all the way to production.

Watch more Android sessions from I/O ’18 here →
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Channel: Android Developers
Published: 2018-05-10 02:30:46
Duration: 27M47S
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Android Application Development Workshop at VVIT, Purnia – Students Feedback

This is Belal Khan from Simplified Coding. I was here at Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology, from last 25 days, for teaching about how do we make apps for Android.

The students here are good, most of them caught the things easily which I was teaching to them.

Here are some anonymous feedbacks from the students

“En 25 din m maine bahuth kuch sikha or aapne aapko improve kiya or main aapke help se main kuch new app pe km kr sakta hun …..
Thank u belal bhaiya aap aay or aapne aapna 100% diya”

“This Android class was interesting.We got new ideas and information about app development. But my Java part is weak so I hve trouble in implementing app.Firstly I wll strong my Java part then I wll inter in this field.Otherwise you hve given 100% of your effort but we are lacking to pick that speed.
Have a good day ahead..”

“Awesome experience with Belal Sir in last 25 days of Android Workshop in VVIT Campus, Purnia.
Belal Sir have a great knowledge about Android.
Thank You to Belal Sir 😍 giving me the 25 days from your busy schedule.. 😊”

“You teaches very good but be a lil bit strict in class ….I mean there are some student who are just sitting and talking ….and due to them, student who wants to learn are getting disturbed…baaki to aapki dua hai….😉”

“From this workshop I learn new things which I don’t know previously
Thank u sir
For learning us a new thing”

Here is the link of a very small app that these student created during this workshop.

Web Designing Courses in Delhi

Professional Web designing courses, graphic designing courses in delhi with 100% Job Guarantee or money back since 1993.
Address: E 79, Second Floor, South Extension I, Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110049
Phone: 098117 46259

Channel: Naveen Kapur
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how to make a software(Software kaise banta hai sikhe)in hindi full Tutorial

दोस्तों आज के इस वीडियो में मैंने बताया है सॉफ्टवेयर क्या होता है सॉफ्टवेयर कितने प्रकार का होता है सॉफ्टवेयर कैसे बनाते हैं और सॉफ्टवेयर को बनाने के लिए आपके पास क्या क्या होना चाहिए अगर आप यह सब जानना चाहते हैं तो इस वीडियो को शुरू से लेकर एकदम अंत तक देखना इस वीडियो को देखने के बाद आपके मन में कभी भी यह सवाल नहीं आएगा कि सॉफ्टवेयर क्या होता है और कैसे बनाता है क्योंकि मैंने इसमें पूरा बता दिया है अगर आपको वीडियो अच्छा लगे तो प्लीज हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब कर लेना और अगर आपको आने वाले वीडियो देखने हैं तो हमारे चैनल को शेयर शेयर भी करना और सब्सक्राइब भी करना ।
mobile no . location track 100% Real must Watch

Topic Clear In Videos….
How to make Software in hindi
How to create software
What is Software
Full Tutorial in hindi …

Types of Software all is in videos…..
Must watch and share……

Hamare Bhut Se Friends Yeh Janna chahte hai ki How To Make A Own Software MatlabComputer Pc /Laptop Software kaise Banate hai / Kaise Banaye . Aapko bhi Yeh Hi Janna Hoga . Aaj Tak Aapne Bhut Saare Software Use Kiye Honge Example ke liye beatmaker , Karaoke , Kies , Dj Mix , Mobile App , backup software , Tracking , 360 Review , 2D Animation , CNC , Disk / Data Recovery , Aor Bhi Bhut Se .Lekin Inhe Banane Ka Tarika Aashan Nahi HAor Isse jure Hamare paas kuch sawaal hote hai ki Yeh Kaise Bante , inko kaise banana H , Chaye wo Game Ho Yaa Fir Hardware Ya Android Mobile App .LekinInhe Banane ke Liye Aapko Coding / Programming ka Knowledge Hona jaruri hai. internet par aapko Online ese tool , program , maker , Pro create , Mil jaynge jinko ham use kar sakte hain . lekin Yeh sab simple hote H Jo Hamare Jayada kaam ke nahi hote .
Software Kaise Banate Hai (Hindi Me)

Channel: Trend knowledge
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Duration: 4M51S
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A 12-year-old app developer | Thomas Suarez

Most 12-year-olds love playing videogames — Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create them. After developing iPhone apps like “Bustin Jeiber,” a whack-a-mole game, he is now using his skills to help other kids become developers. (Filmed at TEDxManhattanBeach.)

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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How to start a Speech or Presentation? : Public Speaking Skills – 5

Watch this video to know tips and techniques to start a presentation or a speech. This video will guide you through a step by step approach on how to start a speech. As a part of series on public speaking skills and presentation skills in hindi, this is the fifth episode which will train you on how to start your presentation. Either you want to give speech in school or college or a presentation in office, these tips will help you to get audience attentions. As it is said that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. So it is important to create an amazing first impression in the starting of your presentation. The first tip given about opening a speech is to avoid a false start or negative start. It spoils your first impression and lowers the expectations of audience. Since this is the start of your presentation, it should focus on you and not on things which are not important. Second tip on how to start your presentation is to grab audience attention. You can captivate your audience and win their interest by using interesting and creative opening lines with the help of a joke, couplet, story, shock statement, fact, quote, arousing question etc. In this video on how to start a speech in hindi, I have given an example of audience of engineering professionals and related my starting lines accordingly. You can also customize your presentation start for students, management graduates, senior citizens, medical professionals, law graduates, politicians, leaders etc. This kind of start not only grabs the attention of audience but will also help you to win debates, declamation contests etc. Third tip on how to start a presentation speech is to include a road map. Your speech opening shall guide your audience on why should they listen to you and what will be their benefit. The road map should also list down your expectations from audience and it shall be crisp and brief information about your speech. Hope you are liking my videos on presentation skills and public speaking skills training in hindi. You can visit my channel for motivational and inspirational videos along with personality development, positive thinking and relationship videos. You can ask questions in comments and watch more videos in hindi on my channel. Wish you all the BEST..!

Stay Inspired,
Himeesh Madaan
Motivational Speaker in India

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Daily Routine of Successful People in Hindi | The Compound Effect | Motivational Video in Hindi

Buy this book from here –

HINDI Motivational Video on How to SCHEDULE YOUR DAY from THE COMPOUND EFFECT BY DARREN HARDY Summary Animated Book Review in HINDI.

No gimmicks. No Hyperbole. No Magic Bullet. The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny. Little, everyday decisions will either take you to the life you desire or to disaster by default. Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, presents The Compound Effect, a distillation of the fundamental principles that have guided the most phenomenal achievements in business, relationships and beyond. This easy-to-use, step-by-step operating system allows you to multiply your success, chart your progress and achieve any desire. If you’re serious about living an extraordinary life, use the power of The Compound Effect to create the success you want.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Task Killer On Android?

App killers and their proponents are the homeopathy and anti-vaxxers of the Android world: they don’t actually help and they can possibly make things worse.

There was a stretch of a few months back in, like, 2009 when app killers actually made Android run smoother. Then Android got a lot smarter about how it managed its resources, and all app killers do is suck up the resources they are claiming to protect. They became unnecessary before they even got popular.

Source: Android Authority


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20 Things Hilariously Fixed by Natural Born Engineers at No Cost

When something breaks or stops working, some of us call a professional to fix it; some prefer to throw broken things away and get new ones. And there’s one more group of people who can fix things themselves, even if it seems they have no resources for it.

Here’s a collection of some pictures of those creative people’s masterpieces that will probably inspire you to try “engineering” as well.


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Published: 2017-12-12 18:21:42
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When time seems to stop, blame your over prepared brains

Not every second is made the same—at least as far as our noggins are concerned.
Quickly glance at an analog clock. You might find that the second hand seems stuck at first. But if the precise machinery ensures every second is the same, why the pause?


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Published: 2017-12-10 09:16:22
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The Earth is making a weird noise, and researchers have no idea why

Thanks to humans, the Earth is a pretty noisy place. We’re loud creatures — certainly more so than any other animal ever to walk the planet — and we’re even louder when we get together with other humans. But the Earth isn’t totally silent, even without noisy animals all over its surface, and scientists are trying to figure out why that is. For the very first time, researchers have captured an underwater recording of a mysterious noise that Earth has apparently be producing for eons, and they still aren’t sure why.

The sound which the planet produces is a low, steady, unceasing hum. Scientists have been attempting to record and explain the odd noise as far back as the late 1950s, with little concrete data to suggest its source. Now, new research published in Geophysical Research Letters is attempting to explain why it happens, and scientists think it might have something to do with the ocean.


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Published: 2017-12-14 17:45:23
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8 Books That Famous CEOs Loved Reading

Jeff Bezos: “The Remains of the Day”: Buy it here –

Bill Gates: “The Catcher in the Rye”: Buy it here –

Steve Jobs: “The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business”: Buy it here –

Tim Cook: “Competing Against Time: How Time-Based Competition is Reshaping Global Markets”: Buy it here –

Mark Zuckerberg: “Portfolios of the Poor: How the World’s Poor Live on $2 a Day”: Buy it here –

James Gorman: “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: A George Smiley Novel”: Buy it here –

Melanie Whelan: “The Happiness Advantage”: Buy it here –

Richard Branson: “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”: Buy it here –

If the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or successful startup can pick up a book while spearheading projects, building new businesses, and managing an entire team, there’s no excuse for any of us not to read.


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Published: 2017-12-15 18:25:43
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7 Must Have Tech Accessories Under $10

Anker Ultra Slim 4-Port USB 3.0 Data Hub, $9.99, available at Amazon –

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger PowerDrive 2, $9.99, available at Amazon –

Tranesca USB Wall Charger, $9.99, available at Amazon –

JETech Apple iPhone 7/8 Case Shock-Absorption Bumper COVER, $6.99, available at Amazon –

iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Screen Protector Glass, $7.99, available at Amazon –

Arvok 13-14 Inch Laptop Sleeve, $8.99, available at Amazon –

Lamicall S1 iPhone Stand, $9.99, available at Amazon –

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning-to-USB Cable, $7.99, available at Amazon –

MEE Audio RX18 Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones with Enhanced Bass, $5.99, available at Amazon –

TeckNet 2.4G Nano Wireless Mouse, 5 Buttons, $7.99, available at Amazon –

Technology can get expensive, but even the most useful tech doesn’t have to cost that much.

Strip away a bunch of bells and whistles and you have products that can provide a tremendous amount of value without breaking the bank.

These 10 products will keep your devices charged and safe, while also keeping you entertained and free from clutter.


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amazon hack android 2017 apk – amazon fire tv hardware hack

amazon hack android 2017 apk – amazon fire tv hardware hack

amazon hack generator no surveyOn March 31st, 2015, Amazon launched the Amazon Dash button in an attempt to change the paradigm by which we regularly purchase consumables.**August 10th, Ted Benson publishes details for a fairly involved Amazon button hack on**August 26th , A coworker brings one in to work, throws it on my desk, and I explode in excitement. Unaware of what it was, and the work done by Ted, I set foot on writing my own exploit.**September 1st, With a successful working exploit in my toolbox, I finished writing a pairing procedure for the button and host computer as well as implemented a rudimentary ability to handle multiple buttons with ease.**tldr;**Wanna use your Amazon Dash Button for things other than buying stuff? Check out this program that will change your world!**Update 7/16/2016*Daemon Version 4.0 is now up and running! As per the old update, this ible will not be updated to reflect the new features. Visit the GitHub for instructions on how to use the latest features!*Also, Windows Defender flags my program for some reason. False positive obviously. A report has already been submitted to Microsoft for review. If you don’t trust the EXE, review and run directly from the source;) that’s the beauty of open source software!**Update 7/3/2016:*GitHub files have been updated, program is now open source under the Creative Commons License, newer daemon and Discovery program available! A few things have changed and the program should work with all of the newer buttons, but I’ve decided not to update this ible yet. Gonna make some bigger changes and write a second ible for it!**Step 1: Requirements**What you will need:**An Amazon Dash Button (any product will do)*A Windows PC*Because I can’t be bothered to program anything else*An Android or iOS smartphone or computer with Wifi*Required to join the button to wireless*A home or work wireless network*Class C subnet or smaller (ignore this if you’re setting it up at home)*The desire to subvert Amazon*An app or file to open on said PC*A picture!*A program! (calc.exe lol)*A URL ( !)*Endless possibilities!, Inc., incorporated on May 28, 1996, offers a range of products and services through its Websites. The Company’s products include merchandise and content that it purchases for resale from vendors and those offered by third-party sellers. The Company has three segments: North America, International and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Company’s North America segment focuses on retail sales of consumer products from sellers and subscriptions, through its North America-focused Websites, such as, and Its North America segment also includes export sales from its North America-focused Websites.*The Company’s International segment focuses on retail sales of consumer products, including from sellers and subscriptions, through its internationally focused Websites, such as,,,,,,,,, and Its International segment includes export sales from its internationally focused Websites, including export sales from these sites to customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The Company’s AWS segment focuses on the sales of compute, storage, database and other AWS service offerings for start-ups, enterprises, government agencies and academic institutions.*The Company allows customers to access its Websites directly and through its mobile Websites and applications. The Company offers Amazon Prime, which is an annual membership program that includes shipping on a range of items, access to streaming of a range of movies and television (TV) episodes, and other benefits. It manufactures and sells electronic devices, including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire televisions and Echo. The Company offers programs that enable sellers to sell their products and fulfill orders through its Websites and the seller’s Websites. It serves developers and enterprises of various sizes through AWS, which offers a set of analytics, applications and deployment services. It serves authors and independent publishers with Kindle Direct Publishing, which is an online platform that allows independent authors and publishers to choose a royalty option and make their books available in the Kindle Store, along with its publishing arm, Amazon Publishing. It also offers programs that allow authors, musicians, filmmakers, application developers and others to publish and sell content.Mr. Sawaf started Subscribe and More Hack:


شرح الحصول على متابعين حقيقيين على الأنستقرام بستخدام موبايل أندرويد | Android

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رابط الأدوات

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This apk is available on playstore
If uh dont download in playstore then download here👇👇👇👇

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Amazon Fire HD 10 2017 Review

The new Fire HD 10 is Amazon’s new premiere tablet, but it’s not at a premium price. A 10 inch 1080p tablet with stereo speakers and solid specs starting at only $149.99 is unheard of. It’s fast, pretty and cheap, but with Fire OS at the software center of it’s tablet, is it still worth it? To help figure this out, we compare it to the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7. Yeah, actually it’s a fantastic tablet for the price. Huge bang for the buck. Even with the ad supported version it’s a fantastic experience well worth the cost at least if you actually want a tablet these days.

The links below are affiliate links you can use to get something you want and support the channel. I would much appreciate you using these if you want any of these products, but it’s cool if you’d prefer not to 🙂

Amazon Fire HD 10

Nest Thermostat (I have 1st generation version, these are great – this is the new one)

Cheaper Nest Thermostat

Sonos Play 1 (That’s the speaker I use, it’s great you might want the newer one coming out – I have it listed below)

Sonos One (Newer version – has Alexa Built in with Google Home and Siri coming later)

Arlo Q (My security camera, I really like it. Alexa support is suppose to come soon not sure if it will work with Tablet though)

How to remove ads from your Amazon Fire for $15

How to get Google Play for your Fire Tablet (Please do this at your own risk!)

Stuff I used to make this video:

Camera: Canon T7i

Wide Angle Lens: Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

Prime Bohek Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

Recorder: Zoom H5

Microphone: Audio-Technica AT875R NEW!

Editting Software: Final Cut X

Sound Software: Audacity

This Music:

Take You Home by Silent Partner

One More by Silent Partner

Diamond Knight by Silent Partner

Pump by Gunnar Olsen

Detour by Gunnar Olsen

Sydney’s Skyline by ALBIS

Electro Cabello by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

TFB3 by Vibe Tracks

Roll The Top Down by Gunnar Olsen

Solar Flares By Silent Partner

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Published: 2017-10-20 12:26:14
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Apps to help you sell your stuff

Today we have five great apps to help you sell your stuff. It is time to explore your attic for that old copy of Detective Comics #27, dust off that rowing machine, and get ready to find your fortune.

Read more:

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Published: 2016-04-08 11:42:33
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Amazon Hack 2017- Free Stuff With Proof

I will unbox the products if I get 70 likes on this video. You need to subscribe to the channel if you want it to work. The secret can’t be revealed.
Channel: Tech Ranx
Published: 2017-03-18 06:06:14
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Things you should never do with your Android phone

Things you should never do with your Android phone or smartphone or mobile phone.
You should never do task clean on your Android phone. Don’t use any task cleaner. If you always do task cleaning then when you open the app again it will consume more battery. The battery drainage will be increase if you clear the apps. Don’t from now stop doing it.

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Easiest Way To Earn Money From Internet In Hindi || Captcha Typing Job || No Qualification Required

Easiest Way To Earn Money From Internet || Captcha Typing Job
By Typing Captcha You Can Easily Earn 50 to 100 Rupees Per Day.


Extra Tags:

best way to earn money

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Published: 2017-10-05 14:21:10
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6 things the iPhone can’t do that Android phones can

Collectively, Android phones are innovating much more rapidly than Apple’s iPhone. Here are 6 examples of how the iPhone is lagging behind.

Read more:


Channel: Tech Insider
Published: 2017-01-13 17:47:57
Duration: 2M12S
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5 Things you didn’t know Android can do

In this video I show you 5 ways you can use your Android Smartphone or Tablet in your everyday life. Things you probably didn’t know your Android device is capable of doing. Below is a list of all the products showed in the video plus more.

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||Transcend Card Reader||
US –
UK –

||iKross USB 3.0 & Dual Card Reader||

US –
UK –

||Generic OTG Cable||
US –
UK –

||Hittime 3-in-1 OTG Cable||
US –
UK –

US –
UK –

||White Gino Micro Ethernet to usb||

||Smays 5 pin Micro USB to Ethernet adapter||
US –
UK –






All Other products used in this video:

Patriot 8GB Flash Drive
US –
UK –

Panasonic GH4 4K Camera
US –
UK –

Lumix Vario 12-35mm f2.8 lens
(Not shown)
US –
UK –

Olympus 25mm f1.8 lens
US –
UK –

Canon Rebel t2i DSLR camera

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Autofocus lens
US –
UK –

2015 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina
US –
UK –

Gold Platinum Galaxy S6 Edge
US –
UK –

Devices with IR Blasters:

Htc One M7
htc one Max
htc one M8
HTC one M9
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S4 mini
Galaxy S5
Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Mega 6.3
Galaxy Note 8.0
Galaxy Note 10.1
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
Gear 2
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and 8.4
Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 & 8.0
LG G2 Mini (or Lite)
LG G Flex
LG G Pad
Sony XPERIA Z Japan version
Sony Xperia ZL
Sony XPERIA Z1 Japan Version
Sony XPERIA Z2 Tablet

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Top 5 MUST TO DO Things After Rooting Your Android

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How to ROOT Your Android Device
Without PC-
With Pc –

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How to ROOT ANY SAMSUNG Device ||Universal Samsung Rooting Guide –
The Easiest Way To Root Any Android Device Without A Computer (2016) –

How to Get PAID APPS For FREE Legally –

Installing Android v6 Marshmallow On My Phone –

How to Install A Custom ROM On Any Android Device-

How To Increase RAM On Your Android Phone (Upto 4 GB)-

How to Change From KingRoot to SuperSU-

The Android Guy Needs Your Help (Support The Android Guy) –

SORRY.The first half of the video was messed up during post production and is a bit faster than the rest of the video,You can always slow down the video from youtube player settings,its in the”gear” icon,it will make the video slower and will make me sound drunk.Thanks =D

Some Of My Other Videos (You May like them)

10 Hidden Android Features –

How to Kick People Off Your Wifi –

Save Upto 90% Data On Android – 5 Quick Tips –

TOP 10 Android Games That You Should be Playing NOW-

How to Get Playstore GiftCards For FREE Legally-

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7 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Your Android Phone

We think that we know everything about our android device but there are few things that we should stop doing on android. in this video , i will be showing 7 things that you should stop doing on your android phone. These are simple things which affects the performance of your device . So just follow these android tips to improve your phone speed and performance.

Video Walkthrough :

1. Using Cleaning Apps
2. Clearing Apps From Multi Task Window
3. Untrusted Sites
4. Using Anti Virus Apps
5. Using Battery Savers
6. Using Cache Clearing Apps
7. Granting Permission Without Checking

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Background Music :

Alan Walker – Alone (We Rabbitz Remix) [No Copyright Music]

Outro Music :

Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You) by Chris Morrow 4

Channel: Mr Android FHD
Published: 2017-05-15 03:08:58
Duration: 4M11S
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7 things you have been doing wrong on your android

We have been using Android since a long long time now but there are a few things that we are still doing wrong on Android. In this video, we are showing you the 8 things that you might be doing wrong on your Android smartphone. These are simple things that affect the working of an Android device. So, follow these Android tips and improve your Android smartphone’s speed and performance.

Video Walkthrough:

1. Killing Apps Manually or Using Task Killers
2. Using Anti-virus Apps
3. Not Checking App Permissions
4. Using Cache Clearing Apps
5. Installing Apps from Unknown Sources
6. Using Battery Saver Apps
7. Not Shutting Down Your Devices

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8 Secret Phone Settings You Should Try (ANDROID)

Here are eight fascinating and secret features of Android. Setting #2 is out favorite – it will keep your phone’s battery going for longer!

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Published: 2017-08-24 13:51:12
Duration: 5M47S
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Top 10 Everyday Things You’re Consistently Doing Wrong

We all have bad everyday habits, some of these things are unique to us, and some of these are collective. Luckily, you have us to point out some of the everyday things you do wrong and the simple life hacks that will help to resolve these. Here are a few things most of us have been consistently doing wrong.
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SPOILER ALERT!!! A condensed list is below:
Featuring… Charging your phone – There are quite a few phone-charging myths doing the rounds. One of these is that you should let your battery get to the point of dying before you start to recharge it. Cutting a cake -Most of us cut our cakes in slices, which seems perfectly reasonable. How else would you cut a cake? Well, this cake hack will help. Holding your steering wheel – This driving hack is great for your safety. For years American driving instructors have been telling their students to keep their hands at the 10 and two o’clock positions on their steering wheels when driving. This was recommended in the past to compensate for cars without power steering. Going to the bathroom – This is one you probably thought you couldn’t get wrong, right? We’ve all been doing this fairly naturally since we left our diapers behind. Turns out practice has not made us perfect. Wearing earphones – There’s not a whole lot to wearing in-ear headphones, right? You just put them in your ears and wait for that Glee soundtrack to kick-in. Peeling a banana – This is an obvious example of humanity arrogantly ignoring Mother Nature. We all peel bananas by the stem. It’s unanimous. Using antiperspirant in the morning – This one might seem a little counter-intuitive at first, but stick with me: you shouldn’t be putting antiperspirant on in the morning. In fact, it’s most effective if you use it the night before. Washing your hair – Here’s one that could free up a little bit more time in your day: you probably shouldn’t be washing your hair on a daily basis. Applying moisturizer – When it comes to applying moisturizer most people go for the rubbing-the-cream-into-the-face method until the moisturizer has entirely disappeared. Pouring juice – the best way to pour juice will surprise you.
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Published: 2017-03-22 15:16:55
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Google Pixel 2 Launch Event 2017

At its October Pixel event, Google unveiled the long-rumored Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The phones have almost all the same features, with the XL having a slightly larger screen. The Pixel phones do not have headphone jacks.

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Channel: Android Tech Tweaks
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How to block ads on YouTube app 100% working with proof

Hi guys in this video I’m going to teach you how to block ads on your Android mobile especially on YouTube app so I hope you guys like this video please do share with your friends if you like this and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel

Download from here :

If the above app doest work please download this

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Duration: 3M13S
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iPhone X — Introducing iPhone X — Apple

With iPhone X, the device is the display. An all‑new 5.8‑inch Super Retina screen fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.
The display employs new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners.
The most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back. Surgical‑grade stainless steel. Wireless charging. Water and dust resistance

Credits & Source : Apple Inc

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tinder hacks ebook – tinder hack for android – tinder hack script

tinder hacks ebook – tinder hack for android – tinder hack script

tinder hack cydiaProduced and hosted by comedian Lane Moore (The Onion, HBO’s Girls,, McSweeney’s), Tinder Live! With Lane Moore is the only comedy show exploring the crazy world of Tinder, the hot new dating app that hooks up local singles based solely on physical attractiveness. The critically acclaimed show is an anything-can-happen interactive comedy showstopper with helpful and oftentimes ridiculous tips, tricks, and real-time swiping and messaging (and sometimes even real-time phone calls and texting with Tinder matches)! If you’ve ever been on an online dating site, you need to see this show. Brightest Young Things called it “the greatest show on earth“ and CBS called it one of the 5 Best Comedy Shows in NYC, saying, “Moore’s commentary will make you cry laughing as she randomly sends texts messages to those that peak her interest. It’s seriously funny.” New York Times Critic’s Pick, Village Voice, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, The Guardian, Fast Company, VICE, Vulture, Time Out New York, New York Post, Hello Giggles, Gothamist, Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung, Brooklyn Paper, Bustle, Metro UK, Paper Magazine, New York Observer, Flavorpill, Brokelyn, Brightest Young Things, Brooklyn Magazine, and Brooklyn Vegan critic’s pick!The Tinder screenshot, accompanied with a caption “stay classy ladies”, was posted by a guy called Chris, who didn’t know it was a song but found it pretty funny.**“I saw the picture on Tinder, thought it was sort of funny, posted it online as a joke – didn’t know the girl obviously. Didn’t mean any intent, it was just a bit of a laugh,” he told Hack last month.**Some of his friends responded – one helpfully pointed out the line comes from a Drake song, and called Olivia a “grubby bitch”. Another commented “this is why I worry about having a daughter”.**2. Olivia responds**Olivia then posted comments on her own Facebook page about it:**”S/O to boys posting your tinder profile on Facebook, I wasn’t aware I had to put my CV in my Tinder Bio apparently Drake lyrics aren’t okay? Shame on you Chris for your ignorance of Drake & good taste.”**3. Olivia and Paloma’s friends respond**Olivia, her friend Paloma, and their friends caught on to what was going down.**“What a f***ing piece of shit, let’s hope he is impotent so he never reproduces,” said one.**Another commented that she shouldn’t be surprised her profile would be lifted from her page.**“Whatever you meant by the sentence Olivia, it will be interpreted however people want. Also once you load something to the internet, any form of ownership is null there…if someone feels like doing something with a tinder pic they’re free to do so.”**Then it allegedly got really vile courtesy of a guy called Zane. He allegedly posted “I wouldn’t let these c***s taste their own s**t off my dick,” he said.**“The best things about feminists is they don’t get action so when you rape them it’s 100 times tighter.”The Swiper’s Challenge: Acquisition**Tinder users swipe with ferocity. With only a split-second, if that, to make an impression on someone on a swiping-spree, there’s no time for second chances. The question is, what can you bring to the table that’s going to make your potential suitor stop in their tracks?**If you’ve got a shirtless tattoo-laden image, drinking a beer whilst patting a sedated tiger in Bali (note: the overused Tinder stereotype for Australians, I’m positive each nation has their own), then questioning why your success rate isn’t what it should be, then it’s time to put your clothes back on and start promoting yourself like a champ.**Funniest Tinder Profiles*Some of Tinder’s funniest profiles*It becomes a game of greatness vs gimmicks. Do you present yourself as a breath of fresh air, or as a ‘one and the same’ kind of person? What kind of person do your intended swipers see you as?**This is the part we don’t know for sure. If you’re already dressing and acting the part of the type of significant other you’d like to attract, then you’re partially there, though the weight of your ‘compatibility’ is based on how you’re portrayed in the images you’re presenting, especially the first one.**This is kind of like display advertising on the internet and apps. We see so much of it, we’re desensitised. The only thing we’re going to pay attention to and perhaps even convert with, is something that appeals to our very personal foundations as a human on this planet. Falling short of that, you’re left-swiped in an instant.

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How To Read Anyone’s Facebook Messages

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Sex Apps: Best Apps For Hooking Up I The Feed

While applications showing sexual content are banned in the various app stores, applications allowing people to hook-up are not. The Feed’s Marc Fennell looks at the best apps for hooking up.

The Feed airs weeknights at 19:30 on SBS 2. You can also follow us on Twitter at @TheFeedSBS2, or ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

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Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Here’s one way to find out!

Track anyone, anywhere or locate your stolen vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle by using this handy little device for unintended uses! While this product is discontinued you can still find them. Search the web.
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Korb auf Lovoo wegen DIESEM TÖDLICHEN FEHLER? HolDirDieNummer #3

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