OPUS Simple Notes and Task Organizer

Basic Tutorial on how to use OPUS Android App

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Open Dental Webinar- Open Dental Basics Demo

Learn the basic features of Open Dental’s Practice Management Software.

In this video you will watch a sample patient be taken through a typical first visit.

Appointment Module (about 15 minutes)
Family Module (about 7 minutes, does not cover entering Insurance details)
Chart (about 7 minutes, light overview)
Treatment Plan (about 5 minutes)
Account Module (about 10 minutes)
Image Module (about 5 minutes)
Manage Module (about 5 minutes, light overview)

After this training, you should be able to:
-Select different Modules in Open Dental
-Know the main purpose of each module
-Know where to find Appointment Lists
-Select and Add New Patients
-Make, Break, Delete, and Set Complete Appointments
-Attach Procedures to appointment, remove procedures
-Edit Patient Information
-Add a new Insurance Plan and see where to enter Benefit Information
-Select an existing insurance plan for a new patient to avoid duplicating plans
-Understand very basic Charting
-Edit Procedure status
-Know that Default Procedure Notes, Quick Paste Notes, and Auto Notes exist
-Save and print Treatment Plans
-Find patient and family level balances in the Account module.
-Enter Patient Payments and Adjustments
-Print walk-out Statements

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Open Dental Webinar- Chart Module I Main Window

This webinar covers the layout and use of the Chart module, including how to enter medical history, change dentition, chart existing and proposed treatment, and filter views of the patient progress notes.

– Overview of Chart module layout
– Graphical Tooth Chart and text box
– Chart module tabs (Explain each tab briefly)
– Chart module tool bar
– Progress Notes panel
– Patient Info pane
– Review and update general patient information
– Pink Section/Medical History
– Problems
– Allergies
– Pre-Med checkbox
– Med Urgent text box
– Service Notes
– Medications
– Medical Notes text box
– Tooth Chart tabs: Each tab will be discussed in detail.
– Primary
– Missing Teeth
– Movements
– Draw
– Enter Treatment
– Show – learn to filter
– Planned Appts

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Opus: The Day We Found Earth Ending Gameplay Scene

Opus: The Day We Found Earth Ending Gameplay Scene

This video shows the end part of the game where we find earth.

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OPUS: The Day We Found Earth (Extra long due to Ending)

Oh my god this game has such a HUGE impact from such a short game. It has so much more potential.

Song used:

Sidewalk by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (“https://creativecommons.org/licenses”)
Artist: “http://audionautix.com/”

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Opus Domini – Schedule a Task & add an Event Planner

This video shows how to create an event from a daily task or schedule a task. It also shows how to add an Event Planner and what happens when you try to enter an event planner in portrait mode.

Finally it shows how to drag & drop an already scheduled event to another time.

Please note that this feature (Event Planner) is only available on the iPad. Neither of our iPhone versions have this feature.


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