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About this video : hey guys, I am Rajan and you are watching Tech For Nepal Youtube channel | earning app is important to earn very fast with admob, but limit task is very important for admob accout, so today i will show you in this video through the appybuilder how to set limit task in earning app, You can easily learn it on appybuilder so please watch full video and if you like then please subscribe my channel.

JEE/NEET preparation Tutorial 1 – How to increase speed?

This is an introductory video to my JEE/NEET preparatory series. This video focuses on various methods used by me and other toppers to achieve great ranks in any competitive examination. Do watch the upcoming videos of the series if you want to boost your preparation.

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Top 10 USES of OTG Cable that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

We will explore what you can connect to an android phone with otg cable? Hard drive , pendrive , LAN cable what’s more? Android can do so many things with #OTG (on the go).
OTG CABLE-http://amzn.to/1JW0Qru
Usb Mouse-http://amzn.to/1n75UyU
Usb Fan-http://amzn.to/1P22Ui2
Memory card reader-http://amzn.to/1PcXYca
Usb Gamepad-http://amzn.to/1nuIMuO
Usb Light-http://amzn.to/1ZJ1G26
LAN to usb-http://amzn.to/1PcXYJb
Hard drive-http://amzn.to/1nh4Id3
USB SOUND CARD-http://amzn.to/20aUUiF
DSLR DASHBOARD-http://dslrdashboard.info/downloads/
Note-All phones doesn’t support the LAN/Hard drive feature which is shown in this video.

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Intro to Siri Shortcuts Part 1: The New Workflow App

Siri Shortcut Tutorial and Walkthrough! I’m so excited about this one!!! Let’s take a look at Siri Shortcuts!

Shortcuts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shortcuts/id915249334?mt=8

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Introduction to Scrum – 7 Minutes

What is Agile Scrum? This video will get you started with the details to you need to start working with Scrum.

Visit http:–Uzility.com for scrum software.

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Oxygen OS 9.0 Stable Version based on Android Pie (9.0) for Oneplus 6!!!

This an an stable update of android 9 (pie) for oneplus 6 with Security patch of September 2018.
#OxygenOS9.0 #Oneplus6

Updated system to Android™ 9.0 Pie™
Brand new UI for Android Pie
New adaptive battery support
New Android Pie gesture navigation
Updated Android security patch to 2018.9
Other new features and system improvements
Do Not Disturb mode
New Do Not Disturb (DND) mode with adjustable settings
New Gaming mode 3.0
Added text notification mode
Added notification for 3rd party calls
Accent color
Supported accent color customization

Full Zip: https://otafsg.h2os.com/patch/amazone2/GLO/OnePlus6Oxygen/OnePlus6Oxygen_22.O.25_GLO_025_1809150101/OnePlus6Oxygen_22_OTA_025_all_1809150101_35981ba3cecc19e.zip

If you are running BETA than use this file to go back to stable and update to oxygen os 9.0
To rollback follow this guide :

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