Tasks perform with android but not Ios||Android Vs Ios

This video shows the task that can be made with android OS, not with Ios OS.

Top 10 Note-Taking Apps for 2017


This video covers the best note-taking applications out on iOS and Android today, sharing some of the pros of the services to help you determine what note taking app is for you!

These are the best note-taking apps of 2017.

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▸ EVERNOTE: http://evernote.grsm.io/cl_fdalessio
▸ BEAR NOTES: bear-writer.com
▸ ONENOTE: onenote.com
▸ BOX NOTES: box.com/en-gb/notes
▸ QUIP: quip.com
▸ DROPBOX PAPER: paper.dropbox.com
▸ ZOHO NOTEBOOK: http://zoho.com/notebook
▸ DYNALIST: dynalist.io
▸ SIMPLENOTE: simplenote.com
▸ GOOGLE KEEP: keep.google.com

▸ MILANOTE: milanote.com


All footage has been used to document the note-taking app’s functions. This is a non-profit video to help share the best note-taking resources on the market today.

These are used for non-profit educational purposes, and this video will not be monetised. Here are the full links to authors and credit. All rights are reserved to their sites and content.

OneNote Web Tutorial:
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fppCJx1GqjI

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4LMBEr6nHo (Owned by Francesco D’Alessio)

Dropbox inc. Paper:
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5dHMB1eCmY

Box Notes by Box:
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A__2RIzkvUE

Zoho Notebook:
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyHPiBroUpI

Quip overview:
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4idr1aWo8s&t=25s (Owned by Francesco D’Alessio)

Again, this will be used a way to demo the core functions of the services. There is no intent to use for commercial purposes.


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My name is Francesco.

I’m a student based in the South West of the UK, I also work with FlashSticks and Newton Mail with their marketing teams. I’m mad about technology – especially apps and software.

I’ve been on YouTube since 2014. I’ve been making videos about how to use productivity tools and resources.

The mission has really been to create handy tools for anyone to use to understand and implement a tool, with some extra support thrown in. I don’t believe productivity tools can solve your organization problem, but equipping you with the right ones can put you one step further.

Drop me a tweet anytime, I’m pretty open to tech conversations: @francescod_ales

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Get Paid Google Apps for Free from Play Store in English||No Root

This video shows how to get paid apps for free from google play with no root.

GetApk Market: https://goo.gl/qRGEhe
Tamil Video: https://youtu.be/GC1jwRSBO30

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Send APK file Through Whatsapp||No additional apps

This video shows how to send apk and other files to another without any other extra app.
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TickTick Tasks App Review/Tutorial!

TickTick by Appest Inc. is a productivity Todo/Task List app for Android and iOS, and it is in my opinion, the best productivity app for Android. Also, it’s free! In this video, I go over how to use it and provide a full review! Like, Subscribe, and Thanks for Watching!

Link to download TickTick from Google Play Store(free) by Appest Inc.:

All rights for TickTick go to respective owner, Appest Inc. Copyrighted content use protected by Fair Use, since I was educating, commenting, and criticizing.

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No infringement done, protected under Fair Use.

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I Tried Android for the First Time

Our video editor, Andrew Evers, decided it was time to ditch his iPhone 6 Plus and take the Android-powered Nexus 6p for a spin.

Read more on TechnoBuffalo: http://bit.ly/2d4vqSL
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