Taxi Sim 2016 #23 – CRAZY DRIVER! Taxi Game Android IOS gameplay

Taxi Sim 2016 #23 – CRAZY DRIVER! Taxi Game Android IOS gameplay
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Dnt be a Crazy Taxi driver…. Try the new simulation game: Taxi Sim 2016! Get behind the wheel of the most famous taxis and take people where they need to go.
Drive the yellow New York Taxi, experience the right hand side driving with London Cab, take the german cars for a ride! Many cities are also waiting to be explored: New York, Frankfurt, Moscow, London, etc…
Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode!
Become a real Taxi Driver, Play Taxi Sim 2016, the best cab driving simulator on mobile!

• Detailed maps
• Smooth and realistic car handling
• Lots of taxis from around the world
• Free Ride mode
• Multiplayer mode
• Detailed vehicle interiors
• Realistic damage system
• Improved manual transmission, with 6 Gears + Reverse
• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
• Slider Pedals, for a better control
• Online Leaderboards and Achievements
• Real engine sounds
• Realistic weather conditions
• Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!

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MOTOS Esportivas com HOMEM ARANHA e SUPER HERÓIS no Desafio na Rampa – IR GAMES

(GTA V MOD) Homem Aranha (Spiderman), Freddy Urso (Five Nights at Freddy’s), Homem de Ferro, Batman, Lanterna Verde, Wolverine, Capitão America com SUPER MOTOS no desafio na rampa SOBRE O FAROL.
Quem cair na agua perde… No final os campeões!

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MOD Personagens Usados:

Homem Aranha (Spiderman) by Quechus13

Toy Freddy by jr59

Iron Man Mark 47 (Homem de Ferro) by nsh3t & jr59

Lanterna Verde (Green Lantern New 52) by fakeplastic

Batman by fakeplastic

Capitão America by fakeplastic & friends

Wolverine by fakeplastic

MOD Grafico:
VisualV by _CP_ & robi29

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Smash Car Hit – Impossible Stunt “Red Sparrow” Speed Car Games – Android gameplay FHD #2

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Take control of amazing tuning cars and try to complete a mid-air track with 13 impossible checkpoints.
Drive fast on the top of a big 3D city, jump from the highest building to another one.
Perform extreme and illegal stunts and get the best time.

Complete the tricky racetrack and become the best professional driver of the world.
Currently, only 800 on 500,000 players have finished the race in one go (without respawn)
!Congratulations to them!
All the scores are archived in a leaderboard.


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