TeamViewer: Remote Controlling Nvidia Shield TV with Full Android Nougat | APP SPOT

Note: It is recommended to disable TeamViewer Host on the Nvidia Shield TV after every use because it’s always running in the background and does not handle well memory, thus you might start getting “Application low on memory” toast notifications.
You can use Automate apps like tasker,etc to enable/disable TeamViewer Host with a push notification/message/email when needed.
This method still won’t require someone in front of the TV or Monitor to enable TeamViewer Host or accept remote control requests like TeamViewer QuickSupport does.

(The following trick is needed as of now to workaround a bug in recent versions of TeamViewer Host that ask for a non existent password when attempting to connect)

* Download and install the AOSP Addon and old TeamViewer Host v11.0.4376 .apk from here (md5sum is added to each app name):

* Login normally or register for a free account if you haven’t done it.
When Login for first time in the Host app, TeamViewer will send you an email for security purposes for you to confirm and add your Shield TV to trusted devices, once done you can go back to the Host app and re-try the login, this time it will login successfully.

* You can now attempt to remote control your Shield TV from another Android device or PC/Laptop

* If connection is successful and you can remote control your Shield TV, then you can go ahead and update TeamViewer Host app from Play Store in your Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV 2017, 4K HDR, ¿ Consola o dispositivo de Multiconexión?

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Analizamos la NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017, el sistema multimedia de entretenimiento, que dispone de tecnologia 4K HDR y nos permite jugar sin problemas.
La llegada de las televisiones inteligentes haria pensar a muchos que los dispositivos externos que se conectar a estas televisiones, como los media centers, ya no tienen el menor sentido, pero hay soluciones muy interesantes que realmente si lo son. El mas interesante es el NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017, un dispositivo media center para el salon de nuestra casa con capacidades multiples, entre ellas y mas destacada, el gaming mediante streaming en nuestro salon o jugar a juegos directamente en la television mediante este dispositivo, cosa que con otras soluciones no es posible.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 es una solucion que va mas alla de una plataforma multimedia tradicional, es una solucion multiple. Esta consola se basa en el SoC NVIDIA Tegra X1, el cual dispone de 256 CUDA Cores. Lo mas interesante son sus multiples funciones, como son la utilidad Google Assistant, NVIDIA GeForce Now o la salida de video 4K HDR. Esta NVIDIA Shield TV fue presentada durante el CES 2017 en la conferencia de NVIDIA y ahora llega a las tiendas y que compita con otras soluciones, menos completas.


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Add Sideloaded apps to your Home screen on the Nvidia Shield TV – Update

TV App Repo can add any Sideloaded application to your home screen on The Nvidia Shield TV download it at the Google Play Store.

Special thanks to Nick Felker the developer check out his other applications at the Google Play Store and

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[HOW-TO] Go Full Screen in Full Android Nougat to remove black/grey bars on System & Streaming Apps

### ROOT required ###
In this video i show you how to go full screen to hide status and navigation bars for a better experience on big screens, but also to completely remove soft navigation bar in order to playback videos properly in apps like Amazon Video and probably others on the Nvidia Shield TV with Full Android Nougat installed.

The apps used are Tile Root and BuildProp Editor, downloaded from the Play Store.

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So you are probably very confused which android TV box should I buy. Well look no further.

We got 2 Boxes in the same price range. We do the specs on all of them and see how they play out.

1. Beelink GT1 (Ultimate) –

2. MeCool BB2 Pro –

3. Nvidia Shield (not really in the same category but wanted to do a comparison) –

My honest opinion i love the shield but if your budget is not that high get the Beelink or Mecool!


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