Testing Fortnite Android Beta with GameBench

*** Enabling Developer Options: *** https://developer.android.com/studio/debug/dev-options#enable


See how to use GameBench to test Fortnite on Android! Get around Epic Games’ USB Debugging check by following these steps:

**For the GameBench Desktop App:**

Disable USB Debugging
Connect your device to the host PC via USB
Launch Fortnite
After landing in the game, switch to Developer Options window and enable USB debugging
Switch back to the game
Select the device/app in the GameBench Desktop App and hit record


**For the GameBench Android App:**

Open the GameBench App
Connect your device to the host PC via USB
Go to the Dashboard (using the drawer in the top left)
Disable USB Debugging
Launch Fortnite
After landing in the game, switch to Developer Options window and enable USB debugging
Switch back to the game
Run the GameBench Service Launcher on the host PC
Switch to GameBench
“Launch” Fortnite from GameBench


Session duration: 15m 37s
Median FPS: 30
FPS Stability 100%
Average FPS Change (per second): ±0.7

Estimated Gameplay time: 2H 53M
Average Power Draw (per hour): 1010mA

Average CPU Usage: 14.28%
Average GPU Usage: 65.13%

Average Memory Usage: 1010MB
Peak Memory Usage: 1047MB

Total Data Downloaded: 3.62MB
Total Data Uploaded: 2.27MB

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