The Flying Farm – New Game for Android

The Flying Farm – New Game for Android
The Flying Farm – an adventure game on android, where you will manage a flying farm. In this game, your task will be to look after the farm, grow a variety of cultures, and travel to the moon to return the parents of their baby. Go on a dangerous journey and fly through the boundless sky, make your way across the ocean floor and along the edge of a hot volcano before you reach the moon. The game features a large number of different levels and missions that you will perform. Cultivate the harvest, take care of pets and hire a dedicated robot named Marvil, who will help you in your affairs. The game will please players with an excellent storyline of the game, numerous characters and exciting missions.
Epic Journey to the moon, rescue the Baby Starling!

Travel the world and help Barney the farmer to bring back the lovely baby star to his parents in this captivating time management game. This won’t be an easy task, as you’ll travel in the sky, at the bottom of the ocean or on a blazing hot volcano before finally reaching the Moon!


Full story (40 levels) and challenge mode (6 levels) with 20 unique machines and 11 types of crop!
Intense multitasking action: cook recipes, tend animals, grow crops, and keep an eye on the Hazard Bar too!
Cheerful storyline with endearing characters and hilarious dialogues!
Special non-timed ‘Casual Mode’ for all the family to enjoy the game!
Travel through 6 wonderful stages with unique art styles and music themes!
19 unique achievements!
6 leaderboards to compete with friends!


You will experience an incredible adventure through Barney’s meadows to learn the basics of the Flying Farm, then fly to the skies in the level of the Flying Islets and then dive into the Ocean, discover the Great Volcano and land on the Moon!!


To help you manage Barney’s farm, Marvin the smart robot will be your most loyal ally, he never breaks down! Heather will also be there to take care of you if you’re in trouble.
Rescue the Baby starling, meet the Fishmen under the ocean, the Magmen of the Great Volcano and let yourself be guided by the Flying Farm to the Star King!
Many surprises await you…


Who has never dreamt of creating unique dishes? In “The Flying Farm”, thanks to Marvin, Barney and Heather, it’s possible!
Examples? Have you ever tasted Starmilk? Some Moltegg maybe? Let yourself be tempted by the Cloud candy or even the Volcanocakes! Or for the fearless, Explomatoes!!


The Flying Farm offers an ideal experience on your mobile or tablet, move Marvin with your finger to achieve goals and get to the end of this incredible adventure. And don’t forget: in case of emergency, 2 fingers on the screen will stop immediately what Marvin was doing, helpful isn’t it?

Fishing Rivals : Hook & Catch – New Game for Android

Fishing Rivals : Hook & Catch – New Game for Android
Fishing Rivals: Hook & Catch – take part in the World Championship in Fishing. In this game you will take in your own hands a fishing pole and will travel to beautiful and picturesque places, fishing in different reservoirs and lakes. Throw the hook with the bait in the water and wait until it starts pecking. Pull out a huge fish from the water and get valuable prizes for an excellent catch. Do not allow the fish to break off the hook, cutting it in time. Take part in various championships with players from around the world and show your catch for everyone to see. Rise higher in the leaderboard and replenish your aquarium with new types of fish.
Welcome to the most exciting Fishing World!
The best fishing game ‘Fishing Rivals : Hook & Catch’ is at Google Play Store NOW!

* Multi-language support!
한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, francais, Portugues, Español, Русский Supported and will be added soon.

■ Do not discuss the addictiveness of the fishing game in front of IT! – Thank you anonymous player!

● Get Rewards every day~ Rivals League system! PVP 1: 1 showdown!
You can collect powerful new equipments and upgrade existing ones.
● Realistic, High-quality 3D graphics!
● Hand trembling battle! Addictive fishing battle!
● Aquarium, Fish Album, Various Quests!

“Fishing Rivals : Set the hook!” We provide “the Rivals League” for the all players every day.
The Match from “Rivals league” that matches every day stimulates competition that was not seen in other fishing games. and We also convey the feeling of realistic fishing to the players and considered various contents and convenience.

High-quality 3D fishing game “Fishing Rivals : Set the hook!”
Let’s Get Fishing Time!

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service :

This game requires the following rights:

– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to store game data
– READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to load saved game data
– RECORD_AUDIO permission to sound recording when shooting in-game play video

This permission is not used for purposes other than to install, play, or analyze the game.

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3D Pool Ball online – New Game for Android

3D Pool Ball online – New Game for Android
3D Pool Ball – sports game on android, where you will play billiards. Take a cue, count the impact force and the flight trajectory of the ball and break the balls, rolling them into the pockets. Try to show all your accuracy and accuracy, rolling one after another balls into the pockets faster than your opponent. Train your playing skills in billiards, playing against the computer or challenging real players from around the world, competing with them for better results. Take part in the championship and win valuable prizes. In this game you can change the design of tables according to your preference, and also make custom cues. Become the best player in billiards and rise as high as possible in the leaderboard.
This is authentic 3D pool experience like you’ve never seen on mobile. Unlike other pool games, 3D Pool Ball offers playing pool (a.k.a pocket billiards) in 3D view as it should be played in real world.

Capture the spotlight in the pubs & pool halls and build you legacy in the most realistic pool game on the planet. Compete against other real players from all around the world or enter tournaments to win trophies against skilled pool players. How about a nice game of pool?

Game Features:
– Impressive visuals, great animations and double fun
– Play 1-on-1 and 8 player tournaments in online 8 ball and online 9 ball
– Play against computer AI in offline 8 ball and offline 9 ball
– Big bets. Big wins. Play like a pro.
– Realistic physics in 2D view and 3D view

Tips: The goal of eight ball, which is played with a full rack of fifteen balls and the cue ball, is to claim a suit, pocket all of them and then legally pocket the 8 ball.

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Guards 3D – New Game for Android

Guards 3D – New Game for Android
Guards 3D – A unique game where you have to manage just four characters. You need to defend yourself against the hordes of monsters by correctly planning your actions and improving the abilities of your heroes. The main feature of the game is the original turn-based combat system. Under your command there are 4 fighters, 3 of whom are fighting on the front line, and the 4th is restoring forces behind the backs of his comrades. When the healed hero goes to the front line, he uses a super-attack.

Unique turn-based combat system
Eight types of heroes with unique abilities and combat equipment
Additional skills and a variety of magic items
Additional levels of complexity that will become a real problem even for the most experienced strategist
Manage a team of 4 characters. Hold hordes of monsters, plan moves, improve abilities. Overcome opponents at all levels and enter into a deadly battle with the boss!

– Original turn-based battle system
– Eight heroes with unique abilities and fighting techniques
– Additional skills system, various magic items
– Freedom in choosing tactics for passing the game
– Additional levels of complexity, which will be a serious challenge even for experienced strategists

A key feature of the game is an unusual turn-based combat system. At your disposal is a detachment of 4 heroes, three of whom fight on the front line, and the latter regains his strength behind the backs of the Allies. To make a move, you need to change any two characters in some places. If the hero leaves the back line forward, then he applies superpower. For example, a knight shakes the ground, stunning all opponents on the line, and the hunter charges the bow with energy, releasing simultaneously arrows in all opponents.

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Ancient Bricks – New Game for Android

Ancient Bricks – New Game for Android
Arkanoid – one of the most popular arcades, which exists in the world for several decades and despite such a significant, by game standards, the age and to this day enjoys an enviable popularity. As a consequence, a huge number of developers release their versions and versions of this arcade and sometimes their options really deserve attention.
So the new variation of Arkanoid under the name Ancient Bricks is performed above all praise and let this variant lost the charm of the original, but it received a lot of interesting features. So you will have great graphics, a huge number of levels, realistic physics, a lot of various bonuses, prizes and other things.
You have an opportunity to journey through an ancient temple, collecting as many treasures as you can. You can either explore the temple’s chambers through 180 beautifully handcrafted levels or venture below into the mine where the deeper you get the more precious treasures you will find!

Are you ready for the this challenge?

*** Game Modes ***

Exploration: you can discover 6 different labyrinths containing 180 unique chambers. You must break all bricks in a chamber to complete the level. Use the paddle to collect the falling treasurers and power-ups. Be careful, though, as not all power-ups are handy!

Mine: lots of gold, crystals and ancient treasure are buried deep under the temple. You can use a huge mining machine to break even the strongest bricks but some special powerful balls can also be very useful for this work. How far can you get?

*** Main Features ***

– 180 handcrafted levels in Exploration Mode
– endless destruction in Mining Mode
– 7 unlockable ball types
– more than 30 unlockable upgrades
– real-time physics
– lots of power-ups, power-downs and collectable items
– daily, weekly missions and ad hoc challenges
– single touch and tilt controls
– fast-paced addictive gameplay

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The Hellish Hive – New Game for Android

The Hellish Hive – New Game for Android

The Hellish Hive is an enchanting android game where you will explore dark dungeons. In this game you will descend into the catacombs, which conceal many dangers and enemies. Move through the dungeons and collect along the way weapons and armor, which will help you to fight with the eerie and frightening creatures. As the game progresses, pump your hero, his weapons and abilities. The game will delight players with endless and diverse dungeons, numerous enemies and weapons. Play this game and achieve excellent results, pumping your hero to incredible rates.

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Published: 2017-03-16 18:20:25
Duration: 3M14S
Views: 40
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