This 1000 Rs Gadget can Turn Your Tv into Android TV

This Cool Gadget can Turn Any TV into an Android TV or Smart TV which Costs near about RS 1000, From This Gadget, You Can cast Your Smartphone Screen into TV using Wireless DIsplay Features in Android or iOS devices on HDMI port of Your TV and It’s a Must Have Smartphone Gadget for Every Smart Tv or Android TV Lover.

Best Buy Link:-

Music By:- Instrumental produced by Chuki.

Hope This Cool Gadget for Smartphone Was Interesting…

5 Smartphone Gadgets on Amazon Under 150 Rupees!

These Smartphone Gadgets on Amazon are Worth Buying For Every Smartphone user or Gadgets Lover which Just Cost Only 150 Rupees and All The Smartphone Gadgets are Genuinely Picked By Me…

Best Buy Links:-


Headphone with Zipper system:-

3 in 1 USB Knife:-

Quirky Wrapster:-
Cheap Wrapster:-

Key Finder:-

Sound Booster:-
Music Credits:- Instrumental produced by Chuki.

I Hope This All Smartphone Gadgets on Amazon Were Interesting and Useful too…

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The useful device that should be in your home / Super electric magnet 2017

The useful device that should be in your home / Super electric magnet 2017

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3 Awesome Life Hacks with Smartphones

3 lifehack with smartphone
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5 Amazing Car Gadgets 2017

Five great new car gadgets and products. For more information follow the links below.

0:07 ➤ Chris digital co-driver –
2:59 ➤ ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor –
4:49 ➤ UltraDuo Z2 Dashcam –
7:09 ➤ TriboTEX Nanoparticle Engine Oil Additive –
9:43 ➤ Macchina –


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3 Life Hacks or Gadgets from China

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Making 3D Hologram From Bottle:

New i3DG Hologram for Smartphones and Tablets:

How To Make 3D Hologram Projector – No Glasses:

Turn Your TV Into a 3D Hologram Projector:

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