tinder hacks ebook – tinder hack for android – tinder hack v1.55

tinder hacks ebook – tinder hack for android – tinder hack v1.55

tinder plus hackWhen it comes to online dating, it’s vital you put your best foot—or photo—forward. Picking your best photo can be agonizing, but Tinder’s new Smart Photos feature will use data to do it for you.**As you swipe through people’s profiles and others swipe yours, Smart Photos constantly changes the order of your photos to find out which one gets the most response. Eventually it will put all your photos in order from best to, well, least best (you can see how it all works here). Tinder claims that test users saw up to a 12% increase in matches after enabling the feature. So don’t stress about which photo shows your good side, let Tinder pick for you.**Our friends at Gizmodo think the data collection aspect of the feature is a little creepy, but I think those fears are overblown. Collecting data and using that data to help you find more matches is what dating apps do, so this is just another step forward. To enable the feature for yourself, make sure you have the latest version of Tinder, go to edit your profile within the app, then toggle on Smart Photos.Here’s a bunch of interesting stats about online dating apps, via Pew Research:**The share of 18- to 24-year-old who use online dating has roughly tripled from 10% in 2013 to 27% today. Online dating use among 55- to 64-year-old has also risen substantially since the last Pew Research Center survey on the topic. Today, 12% of 55- to 64-year-old report ever using an online dating site or mobile dating app versus only 6% in 2013.*Two thirds of online daters—66%—tell us that they have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or dating app. That is a substantial increase from the 43% of online daters who had actually progressed to the date stage when we first asked this question in 2005*Even among Americans who have been with their spouse or partner for five years or less, fully 88% say that they met their partner offline–without the help of a dating site.**If the dating app Tinder created our swipe-left-or-swipe-right world, a new generation of competitors is piling on to perfect it: There’s Hinge, which offers a heightened level of curation—and less of the creepy randomness of Tinder—by linking you to your Facebook friends’ friends; Happen, which GPS-tracks your daily wanderings to see where you overlap with nearby girls; and Taste-buds, which raids your music collection to find women with similar musical tastes. (Those are just a few of the options out there.) And these apps aren’t just for hooking up: A whopping third of new marriages start out online or via apps, a number that’s expected to rise, according to a recent University of Chicago study.**With so much dating firepower at your fingertips, why aren’t you sharing sheets all the time? Well, you’re probably doing it wrong, dating experts say. Remember: You have only a split second to catch a girl’s attention. So use these surefire, scientifically proven tricks and you’ll never sleep alone again.“Like” a lot of pages on Facebook.**Tinder shows which Facebook pages you and your potential matches both like. So take online dating expert James Hawver’s advice and spend a little time on Facebook liking the pages of all the TV shows, movies, music, authors, books, companies, etc., that you’re a fan of.**This increases the odds of having things in common with your matches, and mutual interests can cause more women to swipe right on your profile.**But don’t start blindly liking pages en masse; it’s more useful if your likes are actually things you enjoy because chances are those topics will come up in her messages.**Use your photos to generate more right swipes.**Women don’t spend a lot of time deliberating over the direction they’ll swipe.**In fact, it’s literally a split second decision – women take about 1/10th of a second to form an opinion of you based on your photograph.**Including certain elements in your photos can shift the odds of a right swipe in your favor. Molly Fedick, founder of women’s interest blog The Eighty8, suggests holding a cute puppy if you want to experience a surge in matches. Shirtless mirror selfies, on the other hand, might lead to more left swipes.


WhatsApp Hack Funny – bust your friends in chats … English subtitles

Funny WhatsApp Trick / Hack !
Prank your chat friends with a nice trick.

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What To Say On Tinder

Knowing ‘what’ to say on Tinder is far less important than knowing HOW to set up your profile in a way that makes her feel comfortable with you… while also a little intrigued.

Go here to watch my $37 presentation for FREE on How to Get More Matches on Tinder.


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Tinder Tips 7 – Dog Hack {#TinderTips with Blake Jamieson}

Want to improve your Tinder profile? Learn these Tinder tricks so you can get more matches today! Blake Jamieson {author of TinderHacks eBook and http://TinderHacks.com} delivers a few Tinder tips that will help you get more matches, more messages, more numbers, and more dates.

Connect with me here:


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tinder hacks ebook – tinder hack triple j – tinder hack see who likes you

tinder hack apk sdk“Moore started Tinder Live! two years ago because she wanted to ‘create an environment that could take this isolating, depressing as hell experience of trying to find someone amazing in a sea of cocky idiots and turn it into this room full of people who were all in it together.’ And that’s how it felt that night. As the profiles got weirder and weirder, suddenly all of the late nights we spent on these apps, lying alone in bed, trying to maintain a conversation with an apathetic stranger who “loves coffee and working out,” felt somehow validated. It wasn’t just us. We weren’t alone. We were all schlepping through this swamp of freaks together.” —Huffington Post

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.25.21 PM

“Lane Moore puts in the work, digging through the garbage that Tinder has to offer to provide you with a hilarious comedy show. Moore isn’t cynical about love, she’s just put in a lot of time in the trenches.” —New York Magazine

“Tinder Live captures all the magic of this truly ridiculous era in app-based dating in real time. You’ll relate to Moore’s live-swiping and laugh at her reactions and messages to would-be suitors.” —Vulture, who listed Tinder Live in their list of vital NYC comedy shows

tinder live lane moore new york times

“Dating in New York City is terrible. Which is why Lane Moore is a blessing. With clear eyes and a skeptical heart, Lane Moore delivers the gift that is Tinder Live!, which should help any of us who have submitted to using the app (or, as Moore calls it, “Where sadness goes to fuck”) feel immeasurably better about it.” — Brooklyn Magazine

“Moore’s interactive show ‘Tinder LIVE!’ tackles the hilarious and painful nature of modern romance. Together with a panel of other comedians, Moore flips through a series of Tinder profiles, offering pointed comments about potential matches. By involving her audience in the process of sorting through potential mates, Moore highlights the ridiculously transactional nature of dating apps, and also our own willingness to play the game.” — A Women’s Thing

“We love comedian Lane Moore’s show, Tinder Live, where she fires up her Tinder account and lets audience members help choose who to swipe right on and what to say to them—sometimes she even calls them and tries to get them to come to the theater! The show is always a hilarious time. Lane Moore is one of our favorites.” —Time Out New YorkHowever, to impersonate the secure web server, Fiddler needs a SSL certificate. Fiddler dynamically generates a SSL certificate for this purpose. However, since this certificate is not signed by a Trusted Root Certification Authority, it won’t be trusted by the client (the mobile app). If the mobile app does not trust the web server, it will not talk to it. This can be easily fixed by installing Fiddler’s cert on the mobile device. Fiddler’s cert can be exported by pulling up Fiddler Options from the Tools menu.

Now that we have installed Fiddler’s cert on the mobile device, we need to route all traffic from the mobile phone to Fiddler. There are multiple ways to do this. One easy way is to proxy the traffic to the computer running Fiddler. Fiddler’s proxy server listens on port 8888 by default.

Let’s assume the local IP address of the computer is (You can get your machine’s IP address by invoking ipconfig on Windows). On an Android device, proxy settings can be set along with the WiFi settings by checking “Show advanced options” as below.

Now that everything has been setup, it’s time to have some fun. Launch Tinder on your mobile device and watch the requests flow in real time!There’s nothing quite as pathetic as swiping right on every profile you come across on Tinder. It’s little more than the dating equivalent of throwing a giant bowl of questionably delicious spaghetti against a shit-covered wall. However, the lonely techies of Hacker News have optimized the catch-all process of seeing which poor souls come to them. And they’re sharing their secrets.

In a post titled “Hacking Tinder for Fun and Profit,” former Microsoft developer Yuri de Souza details how he reverse engineered Tinder to mass-like every girl on the network. The reason for doing so? Sitting there manually expressing your approval for everything that walks took far too much time:

I played around with Tinder one lazy Sunday afternoon and recalled my friend telling me how he would spend hours swiping right on Tinder just to accumulate as may matches as possible. This had me thinking, why can’t I reverse engineer Tinder and automate the swipes? After all, I’m pretty darn good at taking things apart!
After de Souza’s hacking, he was able to furnish a simple script that can be run “as many times as you like in a loop” while you, the internet neckbeard, “watch the matches pour in.”

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tinder hack android – huffpost tinder hack – how to hack tindertinder hacks

tinder post it hackAlternate Method: To use Tinder Online using GenyMotion
As this App is available for the Android Smartphone’s, we will use the Android to PC emulator here. The most used emulator like GenyMotion will be creating a platform to run Tinder App on PC. Follow these steps and make sure you won’t skip any, which may cause further issues.


First step here is to download GenyMotion emulator from this website genymotion.com
Then move the downloaded file form Downloads folder to local drive
Click on the file, so that the installation will start when you agree the condition
Now download the Tinder Apk from Google store or from its official store
Same move the Apk file of Tinder Online to the local drive
Open up the emulator by selecting its icon from the home screen
Search for Tinder App and then click on it to install
The App will now install using the GenyMotion platform on PC
In quick time the App will installed by leaving its icon in My Apps of emulator
Finally you have got the Tinder Online App in your PC and can now use its online service to new dates. Also there is an Online Tinder website that allow you to use your account from anywhere around the world.

If you have got any queries regarding this Article, then ask them in by posting in below comment section.All it takes is a few steps and a bit of time. We’ve made the Tindhack as simple as it needs to be. If you know the user’s name you can enter it into the app, press “Hack Account” and you’ll be in control of it in a few minutes.

Our tool is so powerful it can hack Tinder profiles from Tinder itself. So if you find yourself swiping through potential matches and want to find out more about that person you can. Maybe it’s one of your friends and you want to take a peak at their messages to see who they’ve been matching up and flirting with.


Hack into anyone’s Tinder account from almost any smartphone or desktop computer, you don’t even have to be on the account holder’s device. TindHack can give you access to the Tinder account giving you full control; check who they matched with, access messages, and you can even reply back. Want to know who you could have potentially matched up with? Our hacker will show a list of people who swiped right on your profile. We’ve all accidently swiped left on a hottie by accident so we hacked Tinder Plus to give it to you for free! You can now undo that left swipe and pair up with that cutie! We will be adding much more features in the future!

The iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android versions 1.05 are available to the public for download. A Mac version has been developed and is currently in its Alpha phase while the Windows version has gone into Beta. We will be releasing the Windows Beta to more users to test for us to make the discovery of bugs a lot quicker. We’d love to release updates on all platforms at the same time and are working hard at keeping everything up to date.I never intended to be known as a “Tinder Expert,” but I’m certainly not mad because of it. My first Tinder experiment wasn’t written with the intention of going viral. But it did.

These days, I own it. I love it. After helping hundreds of guys improve their match rates, increase their message response rates, and get more dates from Tinder, I like to think I know a thing or two about improving your success on the wildly popular dating app.

After the original blog post went mainstream, I wrote an eBook called TinderHacks, which was an extension of my first experiment. I tested dozens of profile pictures to see which ones got the most matches. I optimized my bio to see what helped drive conversations. And I tested intro lines with my 4,000+ matches to see what women actually respond to.

The book has done great, and continues to sell each and every day. The problem is — many readers take it too literally. Guys are hung up on copying exactly what I did, word-for-word, rather than learning from the underlying strategies and principles.

The truth is, there isn’t one “magic opening line” that is going to get the best response rate for everyone. There are certainly good ones and bad ones, but the best one is unique based on your age, location, and the type of woman you’re trying to attract (check out Tinder Conversation Starters guide for ideas). The same goes for your bio, images, moments, and every little nuance Tinder lets you customize.

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