TKC 482 All-New Kindle App for iOS and Android

Kindle Creative Director Seth Micarelli, left, and Mike Torres, Kindle director of product management and design

Amazon announces all-new Kindle app (press release) – October 24, 2017

All-New Kindle Oasis

Kindle Select, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

Next Week’s Guest

David Ignatius, Washington Post columnist and author of The Quantum Spy: A Thriller, available for pre-order with delivery November 7, 2017.

Music for my podcast is from an original Thelonius Monk composition named “Well, You Needn’t.” This version is “Ra-Monk” by Eval Manigat on the “Variations in Time: A Jazz Perspective” CD by Public Transit Recording” CD.

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A 12-year-old app developer | Thomas Suarez

Most 12-year-olds love playing videogames — Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create them. After developing iPhone apps like “Bustin Jeiber,” a whack-a-mole game, he is now using his skills to help other kids become developers. (Filmed at TEDxManhattanBeach.)

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2399 元的新款 kindle oasis 到底值不值-zaker新闻

2399 元的新款 kindle oasis 到底值不值-zaker新闻
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Amazon’s Kindle app overhaul delivers easy reading and socializing| Daily Tips

Amazon launched a new Mobile Application which name is “Kindle App”. This Kindle app is most beneficial for us.Kindle app have provide a user friendly interface. You can communicate with others through this kindle App. For starters, there’s a new light theme that gives “pages” a bit of a parchment look with some ornate flourishes around the borders.This kindle app is available in Android and IOS platform.You can download it and get more benefit.

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Amazon’s Kindle app overhaul delivers easy reading and socializing| Daily Tips

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Amazon Kindle app finally gets much- deserved overhaul

Amazon has, after many years, given the Kindle app a complete overhaul. The app is designed to make your existing smartphone and tablet become an e-book reader, in case you haven’t bought, or for some reason aren’t carrying a dedicated Kindle e-reader with you. The new Kindle app is available for Android phones and tablets, the Apple iPhone and iPad, computing devices running Microsoft’s Windows and the Apple Mac line-up.

For starters, there is a complete design overhaul. Gone is the Kindle logo app icon and the splash screen, replaced with the silhouette of a child reading a book while sitting beneath a tree. This is a much flatter design to look at, and appears more modern. Get to your book library, and the improvements start to make a difference.

On an iOS device, in particular, the Kindle app finally feels more at home. And none more so than on an iPad, where the larger display real estate makes all the difference.
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Amazon is finally giving us the option to switch between a light and a dark theme. This not only brightens up the overall look, but is also a good option to have in case visibility was a bit of an issue for you on the darker theme thus far.

Read more: Review: Amazon Kindle Oasis

The Library tab, as before, is where the books are. However, it looks cleaner now with the search bar more profound on the top and the Discover tab option at the bottom of the page. To the right of the search bar is the sandwich menu, which allows you access

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Kindle Oasis (Newモデル) 防水、7インチのKindle誕生 予約開始!


Kindle Oasis (Newモデル) 8GB、Wi-Fi、キャンペーン情報つきモデル、電子書籍リーダー

Amazon Kindle Oasis (Newモデル)用ファブリックカバー チャーコール

Amazon Kindle Oasis (Newモデル)用レザーカバー ミッドナイト

Fire HD 10 タブレット (Newモデル) 32GB、ブラック

Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi 、ブラック、キャンペーン情報つき

Fire HD 8 タブレット (Newモデル) 16GB、ブラック

プライム会員なら読み放題 Prime reading:

月間980円の読み放題 Kindle unlimited:









LINE camera

iMovie(ios iPad)

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