Top 10 Best Apps for Android – Free Apps 2018 (November)

Top 10 Best Apps for Android – Free Apps 2018 (November)
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In this video we are going to show you Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for November 2018. Some of these apps are recent launches and some are there on Android Play Store for quite some time. We have Handpicked these apps on the basis of the functionality, uniqueness and usability.

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Assistant Shortcuts
Adaptive Brightness
Fluid Navigation Gestures
Wallpaper For Gamers
Status Bar
Reachability Cursor

Full App List & Links Visit :-

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So stay tuned for more and more new and unique apps for your android smartphone. Do share your favourite Android app in the comment section below. And we would love to feature them in our upcoming video as well.

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AUDI Electric Motor Engine FACTORY – HOW IT’S MADE | HYPNOTIC VIDEO. New era: Audi Hungaria starts series production of electric motors

#Audi #Cars #Production #Engine

A new era is starting at Audi Hungaria. On Tuesday, series production of electric motors officially started in Győr. In the context of the symbolic act, the production plant was put into operation by Peter Szijjarto, Minister for Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs, Peter Kossler, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics at AUDI AG, and Achim Heinfling, Managing Director of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. The electric motors are produced on floor space of 8,500 square meters with an innovative production concept: modular assembly. The company has invested a double digit million amount to set up the motor production facility. Approximately 100 people are employed in this new area at present.

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or the production of electric motors, Audi Hungaria installed the innovative production equipment and islands within just one year. The departments for the development of electric motors and for production planning cooperated closely with the prototype manufacturing/ production technology center in Győr to develop the required expertise. The current production capacity is for approximately 400 electric axle motors each day and can be gradually increased. At present, about 100 people are employed in this new area, to be increased to more than 130 by the end of the year. Production is with one‑shift operation, but will soon change to three shifts.

The electric motor from Győr offers numerous new features. With the stator – one of the core components of the motor – the aim is to insert as much of the thin enameled copper wire as possible into the casing: the tighter the winding, the more efficient the power delivery. A new winding and inserting center at Audi Hungaria makes it possible to wind the optimal amount of enameled copper wire particularly compactly and then insert it into the casing. The electric axle consists of other large components such as the power electronics, which are located in their own housing, the gearing and two shafts that transmit the power to the wheels. The employees produce two electric axle drive systems for each Audi e-tron, as both the front and rear axles are driven – in good quattro tradition. interior test drive assembly line audi a4 luxury

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13 Smartphone Gadgets that will Blow you away.

13 Gadgets that will completely change how you use your smartphone (Android or iPhone)! They can all be bought from Amazon:

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Today I tried out and tested some of the worst Instagram art hacks that I presumed wouldn’t work…some of them actually did?!?! Which art hacks do you use, and have you found any on Instagram that work?

artist reacts to instagram bad art hacks testing trying

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