Top 20 Best Offline Games For Android 2017 #7

New best offline(play without internet connection no WiFi needed) android & iOS games 2017 l VinIsHere

Hey everyone I’m back with another offline list part 7, for the new one’s here I make offline list of new games on monthly basis now because of good response every games I have tested, 100% they can be played without internet hope you all find some good to play.

lets Stay connected on twitter I’ll notify about cool new games that get Released :-

Following are game names & Links:-

1)Soulless: Ray of Hope:-

2)Don’t Crash: Good addictive Endless game with ease controls take a look:-

3)ASSRT Beta:-

4)Behind The Door:-

5)Dragon Hills 2:-

6)Flying Slime:-

7)Monument Valley 2:-

8)Rally Racer Evo®:-

9)Batman: The Enemy Within:-

10)Mini World: Block Art:-

11)Zombie Combat Simulator:-

12)Flora & The Darkness:-

13)OPUS: Rocket of Whispers:-

14)Hypersensitive Bob:-

15)Parking Mania 2:-

16)Rima: The Story Begins- Beautiful adventure game, creatively made really cool graphics & Gameplay:-

17)Reflex Unit:-



20)Hero Hunters:-

Ingame Songs:-
1)Ikson- Utopia (0.13-2.59) (11.55-12.39):-
2)Ehrlin- Dance With Me (3.00-5.17):-
3)Cadmium- Melody(Feat Jon Becker) (5.18-8.50):-
4)Ikson- Dawn (8.51-11.54):-

Intro Song:-
Halvorsen- She Got Me Like

Top 17 Offline High Graphics Android/iOS Games 2017

New best HD high graphics offline games for android & iOS 2017 l VinIsHere

List contain new good graphic offline games released this year If you follow my channel closely you should probably know almost every of them hope you guys like the video.
Thanks for all the support! 😀

Following are game names and links:-

1)Survive: The Lost Lands:-


3)Forward Assault- It has offline bot mode now:-

4)Father & Son:-

5)Space Armor 2:-

6)Nimian Legends:-

7)Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao:-

8)Shadow Fight 3- Soft launched in Canada just require one time internet in between for verification:-

9)Kidu- A Relentless Quest:-

10)CarX Highway Racing:-

11)Cover Fire:-

12)Goat Simulator Payday:-

13)Noblemen: 1896:-

14)Shadow Of Kurgansk:-

15)Space Marshals 2:-

16)Subdivision Infinity:-

17)Radiation City:-

Ingame Songs:-
1)Ikson- Eclipse:-
2)DEAMN- Praise:-
3)Ehrling- Clouds:-
4)Abstract- Nobody( Feat YONAS & Roze):-

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Games That’ll Blow Everyone Away In 2018

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Please Note: Video game release dates and launch windows are subject to change.

Pre-planning is the name of the game in the entertainment industry. More often than not, video games get stamped with release dates long before they’re ready to hit the shelves, and 2018’s release calendar is already jam-packed with sensational new titles. Here are the games that will blow everyone away in 2018…

Far Cry 5 | 0:19
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | 1:04
Monster Hunter: World | 1:48
God of War | 2:49
System Shock | 4:22
Crackdown 3 | 5:10
Red Dead Redemption 2 | 6:18
Spider-Man | 6:58
Anthem | 8:15
Detroit: Become Human | 9:39
Kingdom Hearts 3 | 10:59
The Last Night | 11:40
Death Stranding | 12:33
Code Vein | 13:32

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27 Games That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2017

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10 Video Games That Make Fun Of You For Playing On Easy

Thinking of playing that game on EASY? Think again! These 10 Video Games Will Troll You For Playing On Easy. Did we miss any other games troll you for playing on easy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sometimes, we have to make a difficult decision when games get too hard to play. The developers definitely don’t make that decision any easier by trolling us for playing on “easy mode”. In this video we’ll be looking at games that enjoy torturing and taunting players who choose the easy way out. Sonic the Hedgehog actually made fun of its own players by rearranging levels and taking rings out of the game completely. Superman 64 takes the fun away from the player, quite literally by basically playing the game for you in “easy mode”. Valkyrie Profile did what no other game thought of doing and exchanged the “easy mode” for the “hard” one, confounding players all across the United States for a short time.

Devil May Cry has been one of our all-time favorite games, but we were definitely not fans of playing on easy mode because you could never escape it. Castlevania 64 only allowed you to play the first level in “easy mode”. After that, you had to make the tough decision to see if you were brave enough to handle the rest of the game. Streets of Rage 3 taught us there’s nothing quite as demeaning as a good taunt from Robot X. Twisted Metal 2 was a combat car game like we’ve never seen before, but if you wanted to play this game on “easy mode,” it wasn’t going to happen without being called a loser first. We hope you’ll join us as we take a look at 10 video games that troll you for playing on easy!

Script by: Jen Weddle

Voice Over by: Cody Flesher

Edited by: Jordan Biordi

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Top 10 OFFLINE Games for Android 2017 [GameZone]

In this video, we are going to take a look at top 10 offline android games 2017 HD. This list includes offline android games 2017, offline high graphics android games, offline HD android games, offline free android games, insane graphics android games, HD offline android games, offline games for android 2017, let us know about your favorite offline android game in the comment section below.
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Game List:-

10.Space Armor 2

9.BasketRoll 3D

8.King Of Dirt

7.Power Hover

6.Gun War: SWAT Terrorist Strike

5.Space Marshals 2

4.Ace Academy

3.Heroes Reborn: Enigma

2.SkillTwins Football

1.N.O.V.A. Legacy

Song: Icehunt – Hover (feat. Helen Tess) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Razihel – Love U [NCS Release]

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Top 10 Best OFFLINE HIGH GRAPHICS Android Games 2017

⚫⚫ Checkout this video for more OFFLINE & NEW Android games ⚫⚫

Game List :-
⚫ Epic Citadel :-

⚫ Traffic Tour :-

⚫ Implosion – Never Lose Hope :-

⚫ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 :-

⚫ N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition :-

⚫ Fetty Wap Nitro Nation Stories :-

⚫ Godfire: Rise of Prometheus :-

⚫ CSR Racing 2 :-

⚫ The Walking Dead: Season Three :-

⚫ Truck Evolution : WildWheels :-

Music :-
⚫ Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release] :-

⚫ Elektronomia – Energy [NCS Release] :-

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