Top 4 Best Widget Apps for Android (2017)

Top 4 Best Widget Apps for Android (2017)

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10 Android Apps you NEED in 2017.

Welcome to my top 10 MUST HAVE Android Apps (September – October 2017).
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On Second Thought:
Cheetah Keyboard:
Hex Shader:
Send Anywhere:
Vibrant Zooper:
Daily Blends:
Merrun Icons:

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How to customize Android Smartphone with KWGT and Nova Launcher

Learn how to customize your Android smartphone with Nova
Launcher and KWGT custom widget maker.

Jump to KWGT tutorial: 7:46

It is really easy and absolutely a delight once you learn how to use it. The more you play with it and try it out – the better you get at it.

Customizing Android in simple steps.
Learn how to use KWGT widgets and Nova launcher to customize your Android smartphone. Easily change the grid size, apply icon packs, enable/disable dock, change folder previews, add customizable gestures, customize app drawer, resize widgets and much more with Nova Launcher.

KWGT widgets gives you access to more than thousands of widgets. Time based widgets, location based widgets, social widgets, app based widgets, text based widgets, music based widgets, etc. are possible kind of widgets that you can create, customize and place on your homescreen.

Widgets can also be customize not just in appearance but also in their functionality. You can create hotspots on each widget and make every element perform a different action. All of this is explained in the video. So watch the entire video to learn to do that!

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Electra Jailbreak iOS 12.1.4 – How To Jailbreak iOS 12.1.4 – Cydia 12.1.4 (UNPACKED)

Electra Jailbreak iOS 12.1.4 – How To Jailbreak iOS 12.1.4 – Cydia 12.1.4 (UNPACKED)

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You know the days is becoming better when iOS 12.1.4 Jailbreak has been released. Not only does this mean that cydia appears on your screen, but you’ll also grasp How to ios 12.1.4 jailbreak. iOS 12.1.4 no computer is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models and Apple’s latest update comes with a short list of important security patches including one for widespread FaceTime issues. The change log is short which means the iOS 12.1.4 update requires a tiny download. Those moving from iOS 12.1.3 are looking at a 90MB file.

How to upgrade your iPhone or iPad device No Computer to iOS 12.1.4 Jailbreak?
The easiest way to update to iOS 12.1.4 on an iPhone or iPad is from the Software Update area of the iOS Settings app. Be sure to backup iPhone or iPad to iCloudor iTunes before starting any iOS update. The iPhone or iPad will install the iOS 12 Jailbreak No Computer update automatically and restart itself to complete the software update.

There are various jailbreak methods available to Jailbreak iOS 12.2 or earlier versions of iOS. Even for iOS versions which are not jailbreakable yet, you can use these solutions to achieve the same as jailbreaking. Jailbreak apps will work on iOS 12.2 or any other iOS version even without a jailbreak but to download and install jailbreak tweaks you may need to jailbreak your device.

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Top 20 Best Android Apps 2019

Giving away 100 promo codes and five $10 Google Play Gift Cards. Follow me on Twitter to enter the contest!

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➨ Top 20 Best Android Apps 2018:

➨ Top 20 Best Android Apps 2017:

➨ Top 20 Best Android Apps 2016:

➨ Top 20 Best Android Apps 2015:

≧◉◡◉≦ ▏ App Section ▏≧◔◡◔≦

▣ AmoledWalls (FREE/$1.99)

▣ WallHub (FREE/$1.99)

▣ MNML Screen Recorder (FREE)

▣ Lawnchair 2 (FREE)

▣ Hyperion Launcher (FREE)

▣ Fluid Navigation Gestures (FREE)

▣ PlayJ (FREE)

▣ Reachability Cursor (FREE)

▣ Bottom Quick Settings (FREE)

▣ Otter Voice Notes (FREE)

▣ Just A Line (FREE)

▣ Iconzy

▣ One + Gestures ($1.49)

▣ Spot Alarm Clock for YouTube (FREE)

▣ SpotOn – Sleep & Wake Timer for Spotify (FREE)

▣ 1lyrics (FREE)

▣ Bridge – Mirror Notifications (FREE)

▣ Assistant Shortcuts (FREE)

▣ Edge Screen S9 (FREE)

▣ Nacho Notch (FREE)

▣ Sip News (FREE)

▣ Thrive Away (FREE)

▣ Empty Folder Cleaner (FREE)
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PANGU iOS 12.1.4 Jailbreak – NEW iOS 12 Jailbreak with WORKING CYDIA! – TUTORIAL **UPDATED**

PANGU iOS 12.1.4 Jailbreak – NEW iOS 12 Jailbreak with WORKING CYDIA! – TUTORIAL **UPDATED** – iOS 12.1.4 Jailbreak – NEW iOS 12 Jailbreak with WORKING CYDIA! – TUTORIAL

Hello Everyone, I have a great news today for you all. The is 12.1.4 jailbreak has finally been launched and it is working perfectly on all the iDevices. You can even jailbreak ios 12 and any other below versions too! With this ios 12 jailbreak, you can install cydia which will help you to customize your iphone or ipad in every possible ways. So follow the steps below to jailbreak ios 12.1.4

This update is different because now you can use it without computer – this version of ios 12.1.4 jailbreak is web based! Also, previous versions had some bugs and users needed to try again and again to jailbreak their iphones but now those problems are solved, success rate is almost 100%! So, in this video I will show you how to jailbreak iOS 12 by using this web based version. You can use it also to jailbreak iOS 12 because iOS 12 is now supported.

iOS 12 brings several major new features, with Apple revamping the operating system from top to bottom to make iPhones and iPads, especially the older models, faster and more responsive. This tool originally planned to introduce just how to jailbreak iOS 12.1.4, but they found a way how to use it for ios 12.1.4 jailbreak as well and it will work on every future update of iOS 12.

Some great news for iOS 12 jailbreak compatibility, all devices that can run iOS 11 are also compatible with it. That includes everything from the iPhone 5s and newer, iPad mini 2/iPad Air and newer, and the 6th generation iPod touch. Before backing up your device, it’s a great time to clean up your iPhone or iPad, particularly with content like photos, videos, and messages that can take up a good amount of storage. It’s amazing how quickly data can pile up over a year’s time.

If you’d like to back up to your Mac or PC, plug-in your iPhone or iPad, click the iPhone/iPad symbol in the iTunes window near the top left corner. You may need to allow your device to trust your computer, then click Back Up Now and finally proceed to jailbreak ios 12.1.4

For any issue, post a comment below.

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