Top 5 Android Themes 2017 | Customize Your Android #8

Here is a list of great new themes for your android device.

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Theme List :

1) Ocean ————————————
Quantam Dots Icon Pack ——
Mnml UI for Zooper —————
Trident 2 ——————————-

2) Explore ——————
Ijuk Icon Pack ———
Unity Widget ———-

3) Blocks —————————

4) Neon Amoled —————–
Atomic Icon Pack ———-
Mnml Widget —————-

5) A Whale ————————
iJuk Icon Pack ————

Theme Description
Looks pretty good in Galaxy S8 in edge screen.
The wallpaper is the main reason for this theme to be in this list, overall should look good in any phone

A one page theme in Nova launcher
The wallpaper here is start of the show. You can edit this theme and add any other widget instead of the music widget,

Its a KWLP theme and among one of the best,
It perfectly shows the functional aspect of the app
The main screen has 5 different categories of apps, with five app in each category.The next screen is a live music page with wave forms and the leftmost has additional information a bout phone status, battery, calendar

Neon Amoled
This one is for AMOLED screen users out there,
has most of the screen black and no widgets which reduces battery consumption. Atomic icon pack also matches the setup perfectly , you can add multiple pages with more dark elements to extend this theme

A whale
This theme again has a good mixture of icon pack and wallpaper.The icon pack and wallpaper both are from IJuk icon pack while the widget is from mnml widget fro zooper. The widget can be replaced by any other widget and this theme will still look good

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7 New Android Apps You Must Install 2017

Another list of apps 😀

App List:

0:30 1) Custom Navigation Bar —
1:36 2) Privacy Screen Gaurd —
2:36 3) Pocket Sense ———-
3:40 4) SoundCLoud ————
4:49 5) CastBox —————
5:23 6) GrammarPal ————
6:08 7) Learning Lock ———

Themes Used :

App Description

1) Custom Navigation Bar
Android O has this feature which will allow its users to customize navigation buttons and navigation bar, well this app bring that feature to current android devices.

2) GrammarPal
A great app to find out errors. This app works great, whenever you are typing, a small refresh icon will pop up, and after you are done typing, press it. it will analyze the text you have written and let you know what errors you made and give suggestions for replacements.

3) Privacy Screen Guard and Filter
Originally introduced in blackberry phones, privacy screen guard makes only certain part of the screen visible to protect it from anyone who is peeking on you.

4) SoundCloud
You might have heard about soundcloud, if you didn’t knew they got an android app too. and now they have added this new The Upload section, which shows you a playlist with new music personalized to match your taste so that you can discover new music on a daily basis.

5) CastBox
Castbox is all in one app for audio books, FM music, radio and podcasts . all for free.
If you are new to podcast, it will be a great new place to discover some podcast that you like, and for active listeners, here you might come across new ones you haven;t heard of.

6) Pocket Sense
Pocket sense is built to keep your phone safe from thieves.
There are 3 options,
pocket sense mode, charge sense mode, motion sense mode
with pocket sense mode enabled, if your phone is take out from your pocket and it is not unlocked within a set time interval, an alarm will start to ring.

7) Learning Lock
This is a unique app that tries to ehnace your security ,
So it tries to learn how you draw your unlock pattern. And the enter a pattern is different if any other person is to enter the same pattern. It tries to pick out those small minor differeces and then see if it was actually you or not.

A lot of good apps have releases recently and in this video I have brought 7 of those. These apps are useful as they provide great features.

App List:
0:40 1) Macrodroid ——
1:57 2) A-Z Camera —-
3:31 3) OGYoutube ——-
4:29 4) Round me ——–
5:07 5) Pulsar ———-
6:11 6) Vurb ————
7:02 7) Arrow Launcher —

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Best Android Games: May 2017

Our pick for the Best Android Games of this month::

Game List:

0:07 1) Nascar Heat —-
0:56 2) Jumping Joe —
1:24 3) Real Boxing —
2:07 4) Battle Bay —
3:02 5) Stickman Skate —
4:01 6) Father and Son —
5:06 7) Crash Club —
5:51 8) LightSeekers —

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Top Apps to Customize Your Android May 2017!

Top Apps to Customize Your Android May 2017 Featuring the Galaxy s8!

1. Screen lock & app lock!

This app by pin genie has two functions. It operates as a lock screen replacement that can be customized and it also allows you to lock individual apps that you don’t want other people accessing. It has what they call a genie pad which essentially is a different way of inputting a pass code. They also have a feature to catch intruders that will snap a selfie if someone enters the wrong pass code three times.

2. My Clipboard:
This is an app that i started using because copy history. It has features like unlimited automatic saving of history. You can add things to favorites, it has search and the ability to import and export data to files. This app also has no ads and will not collect any personal information.

3. Pixel navigation Bar:

This app is very simple and is really only for people who have a navigation bar. All it does is fill in the navigation buttons to get a google pixel look on your device! This app is intended for devices running lollipop and above and other than changing the nav bar apps it really doesnt do much.

4. Lookup

This lookup app is actually really nice. One of the great features from iphones is the ability to select a word and then look up its definition. This app brings this feature to android and it does a great job of it. There are different ways of searching words and the best part is that this dictionary works offline. Also this app comes with a dark mode which is always appreciated for those who dont like to get their eyes burned at night.

5. Frame – Wallpapers

For the fifth app we have frame wallpapers a very nice wallpaper app that is well designed and provides quality wallpapers. This app sources its photos from unsplash and has all its photos available in really high quality. I like the simplicity of the layout and how easy it is to pick a wallpaper and set it. Currently the wallpaper I am rocking comes from this app

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5 Unique Android Launchers You Should Try!

Top 5 android launchers you should try. They provide another level of customization without root. You can theme it the way you want. I have included a fairly new list of launchers that are unique.

DeadPool Wallpaper : (available in this app)

Launcher List:
1) Lens Launcher ——
2) TUI —————-
3) Arrow Launcher —–
4) Lucid Launcher —–
5) Peek Launcher ——

Music Used : (bonjr – TBH [Majestic Color])

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Top 3 Substratum Themes May 2017 – Part 2

You guys asked, and we listened, so here are the best free Substratum apps we could find for the month – enjoy!

✖ Outline (Paid, sorry! Was free while on special):

✖ Default Dark (Free):

✖ Streamlined (Free):

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