Top 5 BEST Apps for Android – October 2017 | Unique and Must Have Apps for Android

Here are Top 5 Best unique must have android apps. in this video i am going to tell you about top 5 app of the month october 2017.

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Siine Keyboard –
Umang –
All India Code Finder –
Venter –

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Top 5 BEST Apps for Android – October 2017

Top 5 Latest UNIQUE Android Apps | Best 5 Android APPS | September 2017

Hello friends in this video i will talk about Top 5 Latest Use full Android Application which are really usefull apps for android also these are Best 5 Use full APPS of August 2017 so install these 5 use full android application (APPS) and make your smartphone awesome !! These are really best android app of 2017


Unique Controls:-
Rounded Corners:-

Wish you enjoyed this Unique and Useful Applications

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Secret and Unique Apps for Android with Amazing Features not available on Google PlayStore

There are many android apps that are available on the play store. But some do not make it because of what they offer. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some Android Apps Not On The PlayStore.

secret apps for android Part 1 –
secret apps for android Part 2 –

Popcorn Time –
DNS66 –
Keepvid –
F Droid –

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Here’s our pick for Best Android Apps 2017.

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Wallpaper :

Top 20 Best Android Games 2017 :

Apps in this Video :

Brave browser:
Opera VPN:
Swiftly switch:
All-in-one toolbox:
Clipboard actions:
Wallpaper craft:
Parallel space:
Fingerprint gestures:
Nova launcher:


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Best Useful apps Oct’17 • #BSApps

Best Android apps for customize your Android phone, Subscribe us for more videos..! #BSApps

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Magic particles –
Hazy race –
Fast finder –
3D gallery –

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6 சிறந்த Apps in OCTOBER 2017 | 6 Best Apps for Android in OCTOBER 2017(Tamil)

6 சிறந்த Apps in OCTOBER 2017 | 6 Best Apps for Android in OCTOBER 2017(Tamil)

#6 APP :
#5 APP :
#4 APP :
#3 APP :
#2 APP :
#1 APP :

In this video we see about top 6 apps that really useful in October 2017,
6th app is called paricle lie wallpaper this wallpaper app that really response to Our touch and also not an battery drain app..
5th app is called button remap its very useful to create your own shortcut using home button volume button and earphone buttons
4rth app is called inkspace its very intresting app to write text animation like galaxy Note 8 and also share the gif animation to
facebook or whatsapp
3rd app is called in collage its really makes multiple photo one single collage image with awesome filters,text and emoji
2nd app is called keyboard 69 its very intresting keyboard app thats has lot of feature like swipe text, one hand keyboard,lot of emoji and calcaulator and has lots of themes
1st app is called file Pursuit its best app in the list its very useful to download paid computer apps free,Latest HD movies free and also paid app in the playstore is completely free…

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