Top & Best 3 Black Market Android Apps – Everyday 3 Best Apps – Daily 3 New Apps *NO ROOT*

Top & Best 3 Black Market Android Apps – Everyday 3 Best Apps – Daily 3 New Apps * NO ROOT*:

I can’t provide links for these apps please google it. thank you.

1. Balck Mart
2. Aptoide
3. Mobilism

The first app is blackmart. Best app for downloading paid apps for free. google play store alternative app. no registration is required. download it now.

The second app is the Aptoide. Every app is available on the aptoide app store. best options for the user. free apps and paid are available. try it now.

The third app is the Mobilism. My favorite app. every day you get at least 1 best-paid app for free. more than 3 lakh android apps and 6 lakh of books are available. do check it out.

link this, everyday you get 3 best android apps. Daily I make a video of 3 new and best apps. Subscribe now to get latest updates.

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How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Messenger||This Message Was Deleted

read deleted whatsapp messages-read deleted messages on whatsapp messenger-recover deleted whatsapp message-this message was deleted.


This tutorial is about how to read deleted msg in whatsapp.

This 2018 trick almost works on following without root devices are samsung,redmi,lenovo,htc,moto,micromax and ios iphone also.

By using this best recovery app,you can see “this message was deleted whatsapp” error notification.

This method also works on pc online whatsapp web by without backup your chats and without app is used.

This video is also available in tamil,english,hindi,telugu,malayalam and kannada also.

This is the way you can recover deleted messages on whatsapp without uninstalling the apps in your android phone or tablet.


how to read deleted messages on whatsapp messenger :

1.First of all install the i mentioned application.

2.This app is available on google play store.

3.After the installation is completed,click to open it.

4.Also enable “Accessibility settings” and “Notification Access” in your android mobile.

5.After the settings are enabled,now you can recover deleted messages in your whatsapp.

6.This is the way you can easily read deleted messages in messenger.


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Top Android Apps! (July 2018)

This just might be my best list of Android apps of all time! Get your phone ready, and enjoy!

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Android P Rotation –

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Where I Got My Phone –


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15 Amazing Phone Functions You Had No Idea Existed

Here are 15 secret phone codes that will give you access to the hidden functions of your smartphone. Did you know that you can hide your number in every outgoing call you make? Find out more great phone tricks in our video!

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how to install incompatible apps from android market for unsupported devices(2018) | No Root

Android developers can restrict their apps to certain devices, countries, and minimum versions of Android. However, there are ways around these restrictions, allowing you to install apps marked as not compatible with your device. Note that these tricks are all unsupported by Google. These tricks require fooling Google Play, and many require root. Some of these tricks may not work properly, as Google doesn’t want us doing these things.

Why Are Apps Incompatible?

Link to root method for installing incompatible apps :-

Link to non root method for installing incompatible apps and pubg :-

Android developers can restrict their apps in a variety of ways:

Some apps are marked as only being compatible with certain phones or tablets. However, they may run just fine on unsupported devices.

Other apps are only allowed to be installed in certain countries. For example, you can’t install the Hulu Plus app outside the USA, and some online-banking apps are only available in the bank’s country.

All apps have a minimum version of Android they require. For example, Google’s Chrome browser requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Bear in mind that simply installing an incompatible app won’t necessarily make it work. Some apps may actually be incompatible with your device, while other apps (like Hulu) will only work when used within the US (or with a US VPN or DNS service like Tunlr.)

Note that you won’t see incompatible apps when searching via Google Play on your Android smartphone or tablet. They just won’t appear in the search results. You will see incompatible apps when searching on the Google Play website.

Bypass Device Restrictions

Android devices include a build.prop file that identifies the model of the device. if you have a rooted Android device, you can edit the build.prop file and make your device appear to be another device entirely. This will allow you to install apps that are marked as compatible with the other device.

This app isn’t available in Google Play, so you’ll have to grab it from the developer’s website and sideload it. Once it’s installed, open the app and you’ll be able to spoof a popular device like a Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Nexus 7. You can then install apps compatible with that device. After you’re done, you can restart your device and it will appear to be itself again.

Bear in mind that apps marked as incompatible may actually be incompatible with your device, so some apps may not work properly after you install them.

Apkpure app :-


Tricks for Installing Country-Restricted Apps

Some apps are only available in certain countries. If you have forgotten to install your bank’s app before travelling or you want to install a video or music-playing app that’s not available in your country, you may be able to fool Google into thinking your device is actually in another country.

We have used these tricks in the past to install US-only apps from outside the US. However, none of these tricks worked for us when we tried them while composing the article. It’s possible that Google is sure our account is outside the US because we have paid with a non-US payment method on Google Play. However, we have included these tips in the hopes that they may still work for some of you.

If you do manage to install a country-restricted app, it will become linked to your account, allowing you to install it on your other devices without requiring any tricks in the future.

Trick on install is by downloading device faker from playstore then give it root access and change the device model and apply changes.

Face unlock comparison oneplus 5t Vs redmi note 5 pro :-

redmi note 5 pro unboxing :-

Android p launcher in mi a1 :-

mi a1 fm radio activate without root :-

xposed for nougat :-

xposed for marshmallow :-

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